Best Ways to Keep Your Kid’s Artwork without the Mess

Once your kids hit a certain age – I feel like all they do is bring home art! It hurts your hear to toss it – but when you keep it, it ends up pilling up! Here are 3 ways to keep Artwork without the mess

Large File Folder

These things are big, sturdy and can store SO much stuff. They are also so easy to store away! I love the idea of labeling each year the artwork was made!


This company is AWESOME. You send your kids art to them, they take professional pictures, put it in an 8x5x11 hardcover book and send the art back to you. Then you feel better tossing it because it’s saved beautifully in a book for you to store away! They will also put your art online in a safe place for you to send to family and view all the time!

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Binder Method

My last idea is the Binder! Get a large binder and some inserts and store your favorites there! This might not allow you to keep everything – but you’ll have your favorites handy!