Free Ground Beef for Life | New Butcher Box Customers!


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OFFER HAPPENING NOW: FREE GROUND BEEF FOR LIFE – Every box will have 2 lbs of ground beef in it for the life of your membership.

I love the idea of high quality meat being sent right my door. ButcherBox is this! I have to say it honestly does have a better taste to it than regular store bought meat!



What is Butcher Box?

Some major take always for signing up

  • 100% grass-fed beef, free-range organic chicken, heritage-breed pork and wild-caught seafood
  • High-Quality Cuts of meat (that you get to choose)
  • Shipping is free and they deliver right to your door
  • Cancel at anytime!

2lbs of Ground Beef, 3lbs+ Chicken & 3lbs of Pork Butt in First BUTCHER BOX FOR NEW MEMBERS!


Butcher Box Coupon Code – Special Offer

Get a 2lbs of Ground Beef for free in every box when you sign up for your first Butcher Box!

It’s a great time to try! Just claim the offer before you checkout!

This offer is valid through 5/8/22


How to Sign Up for ButcherBox

  • Head over to ButcherBox and Claim
  • Choose between 5 different types of boxes
    • Custom
    • Mixed (chicken, pork & beef)
    • Beef & Pork
    • Beef & Chicken
    • All Beef
  • Choose Your Monthly Size Box: Curated Box Starts at $159 and Custom Box Starts at $179 (varies based on meat)
  • Customize What they will send you
  • Pay!


You can stop your membership at anytime. Go to Box Settings and click stop subscription.