How to Set Up Your Christmas Budget | Printable PDF

Christmas comes up quick! It’s important to be prepared for all of the extra spending your going to be doing over a short period of time! I wanted to give you some ideas so you were as prepared as you could be!

Budgeting for Christmas

It is SO important to set a budget for yourself for your Christmas Shopping! I think your budget depends on how many people you want to buy for AND how much you actually want to spend. You can easily make your budget much less and do a bunch of DIY gifts or a little higher and look for deals on specific items

Here is how I would determine my Christmas Gift Budget:

  1. Decide how many people I’m buying for and write them down
  2. Decide how much I want to spend on each person
  3. Add that amount up
  4. See how many months there are until Christmas
  5. Divide the total by the number of months until Christmas
  6. Save that much money each month just for Christmas!


Husband/Wife – $75
Kid 1 – $150
Kid 2 – $150
Parents – $50
Brother – $30
Grandparents – $50

Total: $505
4 Months until Christmas
Save $126.25/month

You can do this much earlier in the year so you don’t have to save as much every month!

Printable PDF: Christmas Budgeting Sheet

What is a good Christmas Gift Budget?

A good Christmas Gift Budget is what works with YOU and YOUR family! It doesn’t have to look like anyone elses! I think the way I told you to do your budget above will help you determine a budget that works for you!

We have hundreds of gift ideas with gift guides for every person in your life! Take a look!

If this is your first time setting any type of budget you might want to thinking about setting up a budget for every day! We can teach you how to set up a budget and stick to it!