How Does Ibotta Work? | We’ll Show you!

Ibotta is one of the best rebate apps available to us! Users earn TONS of money daily!

The Ibotta App is a way to coupon without having to bring coupons to the store with you! Ibotta offers are a bunch of rebates that help you save on tons of everyday items!

How Does Ibotta Work?

After you download the Ibotta App they will ask you for your personal information! You will then be able to search for rebates! Ibotta Rebates can be redeemed AFTER you make your purchase! This means you have to add offers to your account before you go shopping.The offers will be automatically redeemed if your store card is linked or you can scan your receipt after you’re done shopping! You will get cash into your account and you can claim your money once your account hits $20 through paypal or venmo!

New Ibotta Offers Added Every Wednesday

Rebates change DAILY on Ibotta – but the bulk of the Rebates are added on Wednesdays! We keep up with this for you and the new rebates are added to our Coupon Database! Filter Ibotta to see the new rebates for the week!

Can Ibotta Rebates Stack with other offers

You can stack Ibotta Rebates with other rebate apps, manufacturer coupons and store coupons! This is where you get the biggest bang for your buck! You can do this in stores only! Some offers say you cannot stack ibotta with other offers – just keep an eye out for that on the ibotta offer page.

Ibotta Rebate Details

Some of the little details of Ibotta are important too!

  • Ibotta Rebates can be redeemed up to 5 times (you’ll see this on the offer page)
  • You can get cash back for shopping online
  • In app bonuses can save you extra money – Refer a friend, product bonuses and seasonal bonuses
  • Scan Products in store to see if there is an Ibotta offer for it!

Earn Rebates through Curbside Pick Up & Shopping In Store

Not only can you scan your receipt after you shop in store – but you can shop grocery pick up and still earn! Walmart is AMAZING at Ibotta for Curbside Orders! Target also does this – plus some local stores to you!

Earn Rebates with Grocery Delivery Services

Do you use Instacart, Shipt or even Walmart+. You can earn Ibotta Rebates and it’s super easy! Just link your grocery delivery account and add the offers you want! Shop like you normally would through the grocery deliver app and get your rebates into your ibotta account!

Newbie Ibotta Bonus

When you first sign up for Ibotta you will get a $5 welcome bonus if you redeem your first rebate in the first 7 days of registering!