King Kullen Coupon Policy

King KullenKing Kullen Coupon Policy

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Please present coupons to cashier at beginning of order. Cashier must review coupons for eligibility requirements.

A maximum of five [5] $1.00 off coupons per customer/per 24 hour period will be doubled.

  • Maximum of two of any identical $1.00 coupons will be doubled.
  • The first five [5] $1.00 off coupons scanned will double and the remaining $1.00 off coupons will be credited at face value.

All coupons valued at .99 cents or less will be doubled according to the following guidelines:

  1. Items must meet Purchase Requirements specified on coupon.
  2. Maximum of TWO coupons will be doubled on any individual coupon per day, per household. Limit of 2 on any identical Internet coupons per household per day (updated as of 10/29/13)
  3. Does not apply to free coupons or coupons marked“DO NOT DOUBLE”.
  4. Does not apply to coupon in excess of $1.00.
  5. Does not apply to other competitor’s store coupons.
  6. Does not apply to Catalina or King Kullen coupons.
  7. No substitutions.
  8. Does not apply to cigarettes, tax, beer or bottle deposit.
  9. The total may not exceed the price of the item. For example, if an item is priced at forty-five (.45) cents and a twenty-five (.25) cents coupon is presented, the item is free. No further discount will be given.

Internet Coupon Policy

King Kullen is pleased to accept coupons obtained on the Internet under the following guidelines:

  1. Limit of 2 on any identical Internet coupon [Example: no more than 2 Ragu Coupons but we will take 2 Ragu and 2 Mott’s and 2 Tropicana etc…]
  2. Internet printed coupons for “Free” product will not be accepted
  3. King Kullen’s Double Coupon policy will apply to Internet coupons
  4. Coupons must be printed legibly and be scannable