SavingStar is Shutting Down on November 30, 2020

Looks like we have another couponing update for you! In addition to the app becoming a cash back app – SavingSar is shutting down!

On November 30, 2020 SavingStar is completely shutting down! With the new app – you will have a ton of cash back offers and rebates that are the same or better then SavingStar (which is why they are shutting down – or combining with app). Make sure you download the app here.

Pay out your SavingStar Balance

You’ll have to sign into your SavingStar account and follow the directions given. They will want you to download the app using a specific link and sign up and activate at least 1 offer, fill out the form and submit! Make sure you do this so you don’t look your money!

Your final balance will be paid on by 12/31/20.