Today 5/21! Triple Star Day at Starbucks

Starbucks Deals and discounts are the best! We’ll keep this page updated for you so you always have it handy to save at your favorite coffee shop! Bookmark it!

Starbucks Offers

  •  May 21, Starbucks is offering Triple Star Day for Rewards Members. Activate this deal on the App.

Summer-appy Days is here! You’ll get new rewards weekly and every friday we get 50% off a handcrafted beverage!

What are Starbucks Stars?

The Starbucks reward program is based on stars you earn per Dollar Amount spent! You can earn as much as 2 stars per $1 spent depending on how you pay! You get rewards based on the stars you earn:

  • 25 Stars: Take some $$ off a customized drink
  • 100 Stars: Brewed hot or iced coffee or bakery/packaged snack
  • 200 Stars: Cold Brew, Latte (anything handcrafted)
  • 300 Stars: Sandwich, Protein Box
  • 400 Stars: Select Merch like a tumbler or a 420 Purchase

What is a Starbucks Reward Program

Sign Up for free! This is how you get all of these deals and earn stars! You also get a free drink on your birthday, rewards & Freebies!