• Melinda

    Shop Rite told me the other day that they don’t accept smart source coupons because there is no website listed on the coupon when you print it. Is anyone else having this problem at SR or other stores?

    • Anna

      I have the same problem in my Shop Rite in Monroe, NY.

      • SR will not take printed coupons unless the website prints on the cpn. It’s in their cpn policy. I use printed cpns from coupons.com with no problem at my Middletown NY SR so try getting your cpns from there. Hope that helps.

        • Lynne

          At ShopRite in Monticello, NY they told me they need to see a “watermark” in the background and insist that if I only print in black and white (as I do to save money) it will still be visible.

          • Roberta

            So far I haven’t had any trouble with Smart Source coupons at the Shoprite in Toms River, NJ. They have just been over riding the coupons that don’t scan as long as I have the product to match it.

            • amyv2473

              I found that the first register at my SR can scan smartsource printed coupons. The barcodes smartsource uses are different from the ones on coupons.com. There’s a handheld scanner they can use if the coupon will not scan like other coupons. I used the Vlasic pickle smartsource coupon on Sunday, and that’s what they did, and it worked fine.

            • Donna

              I don’t have problems with the Shoprite in Chester, ny

              • MisterBill

                The person who had the problem posted it 4 years ago, so presumably there have been changes since then.

          • I was told hte watermark has to be visible behind the date. Their coupon policy (this store)is so ridiculous now…it states they dont have to take any if they dont want to…

    • Tati

      Haven’t had any issues in Northern NJ ShopRites yet.

    • Tara

      yes, they won’t take them at the three SR near me

  • How do you stop it from printing the giant ad at the bottom of the page. It’s a real waste of paper and ink. I have a color printer and it defaults to print in color. Help. I don’t want to lose money by using all my ink to print these.

    • Larrina

      When I am printing only one and it has an ad at the end I hit the cancel print button and it only cancels that one document then goes to the next. Also I purchase my Ink through LD Products.com, they sell refurbished ink cartridges. They offer a discount if you order in bulk (3+ for my particular ink– $8 ea instead of $10) They also sometimes have promo codes, you can google LD Products coupon code, the one I used was on retailmenot.com. And finally I believe they offer free shipping if you order a certain dollar amount. This may not be helpful for eeryone but it has saved me tons of money on ink. HTH

      • Larrina

        Just looked at the site… Promo Code has free shipping plus 10% off— WINTERINK– expires 3/15/2011 @ 9am pst. (my order had to be $50 after the promo code to qualify for free shipping)


      • Marie

        Another option, if you have not already considered it, is to print in draft. I default my printer to draft mode to saveon ink. While the coupon is fainter, all the necessary info, including watermarks, print acceptably on my particular printer.

    • shelley s

      When I print out just one or two coupons, I save the rest of the sheet of paper to print onto with another small print job. So if I am going to just print one, I use one of my “scratch” sheets. Also, you can go into your printer setup page on the computer and choose advance options. Usually that is where you can choose to print only in “grayscale”. Saves the color for when you really need it. Be sure to click on “apply” after you make your changes.

    • Emily Chan

      I realize this is three years old but… I simply cut my paper into thirds. It will print the coupon at the top and the rest gets “skipped.”



    • Cindy

      Both of those coupons you mentioned are listed on the list of fraudulent coupons. You can go the Coupon Information Corp to see all the coupons on the list including the ones you have mentions.

      • glori martinez

        omg is good to know that thanks didn”t know there were a webside that will tell you which coupons are fraudulent. thanks.

  • Tricia

    I shopped today at a local Fred’s and was told that they do not take computer printed coupons?? Anyone else have this trouble??

  • Mary Jane

    my coupons.com prints great,, however
    any of mine from smart source are not printing the upc scan codes.
    I made sure I had the latest java.

    Does any one know why most of my coupons print correctly yet SS do not?
    Any help, suggestions or help link would be greatly appreciated!

    • Bonnie

      I’m having the same problem. I get no bar code or consumer info on all the printable coupons I try to print.

      • Dawn

        the coupons printing with one barcode is the new style coupon. I have watched the new ones go thru without any problems. (and I was ready w/ back up from another site if they didn’t work….they worked great!)

  • I notice on the Extreme Couponer show that their stores will double $1.00 coupons. I have never seen that happen in Texas. In the Houston, Tx area do you know of any grocery stores that double coupons this large.


    • Dawn

      on rare special occasions our Pathmark will triple and our KMart has double up to $1.98 (= $3.96!!) BUT they limit how many of each you can use (2-4), must have a membership card, and other specifics…


  • Jenny J

    Kroger stores in MI will double up to a 1.00

  • Robin

    Neither Smart Source nor Coupons.com will print for me… I’ve used both in the past so I’m not sure of the issue.

  • sheryl

    smtrsource coupons not printing either

  • Nanci

    After not being able to print SS coupons for nearly 6 months, I’ve finally fixed my problem.

    The problem was that only the item name or coupon amount would print, resulting in an incomplete coupon. Googling was no help at all, I found the question but not the solution until this morning when I was playing with theories.

    Go to Start – Settings – Printers (or Printers and Faxes) and click on it.
    Right click on your printer and click on Properties.
    Click on the Advanced tab at the top.
    At the bottom, there should be a box for Enable Advanced Printing Features. Make sure that this box is ticked off.
    Click apply and OK out of the Properties.

    The coupons should now print completely, albeit slowly.

  • Sandra

    How do I know when and for which product a catalina is coming out?

  • Sandra

    Is there any way to get SS from July?
    I’m trying to get the printer for SS but it keeps on coming back to this page when I hit the Print Now button. Any ideas on other way to get printer?

  • Katie

    I’m having trouble printing SS coupons. When I click on “Coupon Printer” to download the software, it just takes me back to the SS homepage. Can someone please help me?

  • every time i attempt to print anything i get a yellow bar that say” a problem with this webpage is causing the browser window to close. ” it reopens to the page and all coupons are un-marked. if i retry the same thing happens.

  • i had issues with coupons.com as well. it printed a couple of the coupons then frose up and when i tried to print it told me all of the coupons i had mark were printed to my limit. altho i only had a couple of coupons and they were singles. Im very frustrated . 🙁 sigh.

  • Shamine

    Does anyone know how to download the print application for smartsource coupons? I cant seem to get it together here! 🙁

  • Lisa

    This is too the jokers that are making up Fake coupons!! You are going to ruin it for the rest of us that are following the rules!! You watch and see what will happen?? It will start with us NOT being to be able to use ANY printed coupons from these awesome sites. THEN it will be that we are going to be limited to 1 or 2 of everything.. I am Just so UPSET with these people who think they can ALWAYS screw the system.Why don’t you people just do what us LEGITIMATE couponers are doing instead of looking for the shortcut and wrecking it for the rest of us!!?? Just my opinion!

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  • Vicki Reed

    I would like to win the Smart Source Coupon Book. I get them from the Columbus Dispatch out of Columbus, OH. Our small town doesn’t have a Sunday paper.

  • Jennifer

    I have not encountered that problem as of yet at Shoprite. They take all my coupons, no matter where they are from.

  • angie

    Love coupons, Thank you

  • I just spent the last half hour downloading all this riga-ma-role and have no coupons to show for it.What a waste of my time.Why does printing coupons have to be so difficult?I could cut them faster the old school way.You people who run these sites need to get your act together.

  • Pat

    Who or what is responsible for the huge color advertisements and recipes that sometimes print out with the coupons? Do the manufacturers request that to happen? If so I think we all should complain to these manufacturers. I clip coupons because I need to SAVE money, not waste it on expensive color ink!

    At the very least, where you clip the coupon to be printed, there should be some sort of indication that it will happen so you can ignore that coupon if you want to. If anyone knows the people at smart source, could that be arranged?

    • Cindy from L.I

      I am with you Pat. Not sure our little voices will do much tho.

    • Anonymous

      Try to pick three coupons u need then you won’t get the ad on the page.

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  • Be

    Cindy, these coupons above (I tried J&J and Reach Floss) print without the small UPC code on the left. As I mentioned in an earlier email to you, I couldn’t use any coupons without that small codes on the left of the coupons at ShopRite today (Muir Glen and Starkist), and that ShopRite says as of 1/1 they no longer accept coupons if they don’t scan (i.e., no longer manually entering coupons).

  • K

    I try and print coupons it gives me code 137673677 cannot find any answer to why I cannot print coupons

  • kristy

    Hi everyone,
    I’m trying to print out coupons from smart source. Is there a way to find the old coupon? Or you can only print out what’s current? Thanks.

  • Erin

    When I try to print the smart source coupons the only thing that prints is the “save 75 c” from the top of the coupon. No picture or anything else. Anybody know how to fix this? It happens from my laptop or desktop.

    • Nanci

      I posted this fix back on July, hope it works for you.

      After not being able to print SS coupons for nearly 6 months, I’ve finally fixed my problem.

      The problem was that only the item name or coupon amount would print, resulting in an incomplete coupon. Googling was no help at all, I found the question but not the solution until this morning when I was playing with theories.

      Go to Start – Settings – Printers (or Printers and Faxes) and click on it.
      Right click on your printer and click on Properties.
      Click on the Advanced tab at the top.
      At the bottom, there should be a box for Enable Advanced Printing Features. Make sure that this box is ticked off.
      Click apply and OK out of the Properties.

      The coupons should now print completely, albeit slowly.

  • karen

    Nabisco cracker coupon is not available. Maybe using another zip code would work. Any suggestions? Thx

  • Larry

    hihi — for three years i was able to print smart source coupons from my computer. now all of a sudden — it says i don’t have java. but i have java. what a revolting development this is!!!

    • Laura D.

      The same thing happened to me, Larry. Uninstall the coupon printer from SS then reinstall. That worked for me anyway, good luck!

  • Marie H

    I am having the same issue just within the last few weeks. I have to drop my security level on my firewall and then keep trying. Eventually, after many tries, the coupon will print, but it is very frustrating.It appears that there may be something residual of an older install of Java, but I haven’t dug that deep yet, since the only computer I am having trouble on is an old “junker” that I use for coupons and Sesame Street for a toddler LOL!

  • angela

    I don’t what happen but I can get the smart source coupon and I have the last version of java all ready installed in my computer.

  • Kelli

    I have a cannon pixma and I mainly use my printer for coupons so I only buy black ink and leave the empty color cartridge in there (because you cant print with only one cartridge inside the printer.Also my computer settings allow me to print in only black so thats what I choose and Like someone else stated above..If I know how the coupons print out ie. TOP OF PAGE (some print in the middle)I just use scrap paper to print some coupons especially when im only printing one.

  • Couponer

    I printed off a sargento cheese coupon from smart source that this website provided me a link to, when it came out of the printer I noticed several things were different. So I go to a website where you can verify the validity of the coupon and typed in the code and said it was invalid. I will be shredding this coupon.
    Happy Couponing !

  • Jessica

    can send me the Weight Watchers coupons and the other ones that I checked off i reAlly like

  • Judy

    I can not even get the coupons to print. I need Java, how many different versions??

  • Lori

    Help! I know the posts on this thread are super old, but I’m at the end of my rope! I can’t print SmartSource coupons. I have no issue with Bricks, coupons.com, RedPlum, or Coupon Network. I’ve tried other browsers. I’ve installed Java countless times. I’ve tried the troubleshooting guide. The issue is on BOTH of my computers and I can’t fix it. I’m so super frustrated because there are some coupons for items that I use all the time that I can’t print and I’m really missing out on some great deals. Has ANYONE been able to solve this problem? I know there are others with this issue!

  • trish

    Make it stop! ahhhh !SSource keeps giving me errors on java when mine is perfectly updated per java – when SS is busy they give me a false msg saying i need java version 1.6.0 which is long outdated – we’re on 1.7.0_40 That’s how they tell me their lines are busy and they don’t have enough servers to handle the traffic. Why would they be using an outdated version of java for a new coupon? Does anyone else get this msg on this coupon? – or have this ongoing problem? How am I supposed to have 2 versions of java loaded – believe me I tried on java.com..help!

  • Bob

    I’ve had the same problem for at least 6 months, maybe more. Can print on 1 pc, not the other. When I try to update, always have java error or corruption. Same on my office PC. Uninstalling reinstalling java, doesn’t work even tried uninstalling older Java versions. I’m using Win XP on all these PC’s. Anyone have any solutions? SmartSource, are you reading this? (If you write them all you get is the same advise of what I already tried).

    • DianeG

      Same problems with Smart Source – also using Win XP – tired all the fixes – different browsers – etc – no luck – It’s really a pain.

  • Sandy

    So many of us complain about java. Some have completely given up! I get numerous error msgs and a half hour later it mysteriously fixes itself and prints. My mom had to uninstall and reinstall 7 times before it started working again. Google it and look for a fix but good luck with that! To this day my Mac prints them tiny 1 inch by 2 inches and nobody knows why a year later. I share your pain.

    • DianeG

      On Saturday, I updated to Java 7_45. My Operating System is Win XP; browsers: Firefox, Chrome, and IE You might want to try it and see if it works. The Smart Source coupons are now printing now with this message in a dialog box before printing:

      This application will be blocked in a future Java security update because the JAR file manifest does not contain the Permissions attribute. Please contact the Publisher for more information. More Information

      – From the HELP page, I’ve sent them a message with this information. Does anyone (maybe LRWC IT?) have any insight to this problem – or another way to get in touch with them? Thanks!

  • Hershey Catts

    Just in case you are still having the problem with printing. Try other browsers, Chrome is the most forgiving. Do you have antispyware. Smartsource may be blocked. Work computers are set up to block adware (coupons) since they install cookies in the computer. Good luck.

  • Candice

    I’m having the same problem with both my computers as well. Anyone find a solution to this issue?

  • Janet

    I printed two SEPARATE Birdseye Recipe Ready .75 coupons last week and went to the Shoprite to use them. The register rejected the second one and when the cashier examined them, the coupons had the same bar codes. They were identical. She then checked all of my coupons because I was now suspect. I will now be very suspicious when printing smart source coupons. This is ridiculous!

    • gr

      they are supposed to have the same barcodes. that is what scans and gives you the discount. there is an id number elsewhere on the coupon. that is what needs to be different.

  • M

    I’m having trouble with online coupons at Von’s/Pavillions and Walmart in Southern California. They won’t scan, but they did last week.