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Printable Coupons 2024 FAQ + Rebates

Problems Printing Coupons? Here is a troubleshooting guide for you!

Do I need to Download Printer Software?

If the site you are trying to print from requires it, then the answer is yes.   In most cases it’s a safe browser add-on that is necessary to enable your computer to build and print the coupons.  The software is required to print coupons with the security information that conform to manufacturer and retailer requirements for redemption.

Can I print from my mobile device?

Yes you can! allows easy printing from your mobile device.  You can head here to find out the details on mobile printing.

Do I need to Download the Printer Software Each Time I want to print?

No.  Once the software is installed, it will be available every time you print.

Why do my coupons print without a barcode?

Printable coupons 2019 need a barcode so that they can be scanned at the store.  If your coupon prints without a barcode, this is usually a sign that there is an issue with java on your computer.  Try to update java on your computer to see if that helps.

Why does the site say Print Limit Reached when I have not printed the coupon yet?

This message will appear when you have printed the coupon the amount of times allowed.  However, it will also appear when the total amount printed (this amount is usually set by the manufacturer) has been reached.  For example, a manufacturer may allow 50,000 printable coupons to be made.  Once it reaches 50,000, the coupon will no longer be available to print.

Why is the coupon not there when I click on the link to print it?

Coupons have a print limit that is set by the manufacturer. If you click on a link and it does not take you to the coupon, most likely the coupon is no longer available to print.

How many coupons can I print?

Most manufacturers or coupon sites allow you to print 2 coupon per device.  To print 2, you can go back to the original page and print again or just simply hit your back browser.  In some cases you may need to refresh the page to view the coupon again.

Can I make a copy of the coupon?

Absolutely not!  Making copies of coupons, printable or from the newspaper, is against the law.

Here are some basic tips to help you

  • Be sure to keep your printer drivers updated.  You can do this by going to the printer’s manufacturer website to see if there are updates available.
  • Try to switch browsers.  For example, if you are using Firefox browser, open up Internet Explorer, Chrome or Safari to see if that will help.  Sometimes there are setting in the browser that will prevent certain applications from running
  • Download the newest version of Java
  • Check your Firewall or Virus Protections.  Sometimes they are set high and block the coupon printing software from working.  Try disabling it and then be sure to enable it again once you are done.

New to Couponing?

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