Are Jimmy Choo Shoes A Frugal Purchase?

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Okay this may be the only time you see a picture of Jimmy Choo shoes on the Living Rich With Coupons site.  But, I thought it was appropriate for this post.

Have you ever grabbed a pair of your jeans, shirt, shoes and thought, “I’m so glad I bought this”?.  Sometimes you just find that perfect piece that works with everything, fits you perfect and is just your go to item in your wardrobe.  So, I thought it would be fun to see what you have as your go to piece in your wardrobe.  Is it as great pair of sweats?  A sweater you wear with everything, a pair of shoes that you just can’t live without?

Being a frugal shopper doesn’t always mean buying things for dirt cheap.  Say you found a pair of  shoes that were on clearance for only $5.00.  They really weren’t your first choice but they were only $5.00.  Then, you wear them once and realize that you really don’t like them or they hurt your feet or you have nothing to wear them with.  So even a pair of $5.00 shoes becomes a waste of money and totally not frugal.  But, if we spend $40 on a pair of shoes and we wear them all the time, well that is a much more frugal purchase.

So, I’d love to hear your best buys for summer time clothing and accessories.  Tell us what you bought as a bargain and can’t live without and tell us what you splurged on and are so glad you did.  I’ll go first.

My Bargain Summer piece: The Hanes Men’s V Neck Tshirts that I got for $1.67 each.  I wear them with everything, jeans, capris, sweats, yoga pants and even skirts.  They are so comfortable and I love them.

My Splurge Summer Piece: My all time favorite are my Twisted Heart Flip Flops. I wear them with sweats or a nice pair of linen pants.  I {heart} them.  I wear them so much that I am wearing them out.  And at $50 (gasp) a pair, they are not cheap.  So I’ve saved all my blow money and now I’m hunting down a sale.  But, these little buggers don’t go on sale too often.  I would be lost without them in my wardrobe.

So, you guys are next.  Tell us your best bargain and best splurge pieces in your summer clothing and accessories.  And, I’m hoping no one says a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes 🙂