Heineken Beer Rebate: The Hunt Is On!

Thanks to Jeri at Coupon STL she has found another beer rebate.  Now, if you are not familiar with these beer rebates, they can be found on beer displays and usually require the purchase of that beer product (in this case it’s Heineken) as well as other products that we usually purchase all the time such as meat or produce.   The beauty of these rebates is that for certain states, like New Jersey, you do not have to purchase the beer, only the other items in the rebate.  I was a little skeptical at first but I tried it (previous rebates) and sure enough, I got my rebate.  A rebate for stuff I had to purchase anyway.  Free money!

But there is a catch. You need to have the rebate form (they are not always available online).  These rebates are found on beer displays.   I have yet to find one at any stores I’ve shopped at here in NJ.  So I thought we can make this a collective effort and keep our eyes open for them.  Here are the rebates that are currently available for Heineken.

Save $20 by mail with the purchase of $30 of Premium Meat and/or Seasonings. Or Save $10 my mail with the purchase of $20.

Save $5 by mail with the purchase of $15 worth of Fresh Produce

Save $5 by mail with the purchase of (1) 4-pack of any Energy Drink

  • No beer purchase required in Missouri, AL, AR, CT, HI, IN, KY, ME, NC, NJ, NY, OK, UT or WV.
  • Offer good 5/1/10 – 9/30/10
  • UPC code label for each qualifying product and original cash register receipt(s) required

Seriously, if you live in any of the No beer purchase states listed above, all you need to buy are the products on the rebate minus the beer.  So it’s like getting a free $20 because you purchased $30 in meat.  I kid you not.  Is that awesome?!?  So, let’s get out there as a team and find those rebates at our local stores.  Report back if you’ve found them and where you found them so others can pick them up as well.  Go team! 🙂

(Thanks Jeri!)

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  • Rachel

    I am SO glad you posted this – beer rebates are an area I have been wanting to learn more about. I have only done one before., but it worked! I live in NJ so beer is not usually required for rebate. But, I have a super ignorant question. I have not lived in NJ long – but are regular grocery stores not allowed to sell alcohol? I have only found alcohol in wine/liquor stores and have never seen any rebates in those stores. I would LOVE to find out where to find these rebates!

    • Cindy

      @Rachel, I don’t think it’s because they are not allowed because the A&P by my house sells liquor which is a rare find in NJ. I think it may have something to do with the number of liquor licenses that are allowed per town/state. Not 100% sure on that but you usually don’t see it it sold that much right in a grocery store in NJ.

      I’d love to find them too. The last few rebate forms I have gotten from someone in another state and I’m hoping if we are all on the look out then maybe we’ll find out where they are hiding.

      • Melissa B.

        @Cindy,Ebay does have them from a seller for $2.99. Although, this will be my last resort. Hmmm…. I’ll be on the lookout (maybe Joe Canals?) I’ll have to go look. I’ll let you know if I find them there.

  • Maria D.

    Wow what an awesome concept. I’ll keep my eyes peeled.

  • Now I am going to be on the lookout!!

  • sarah

    I just found the: “Get up to $5 by mail withe the purchase of $5.01 worth of any Energy Drink”

    at my ShopRite in New York…..so be on the lookout ladies!

    • Cindy

      @sarah, Woohoo! That’s awesome. Free Energy Drink for you!!

  • Maria D.

    I was at Shop Rite at Cortlandt Manor, NY (which by the way is the best supermarket I ever shopped in) and found the rebate. It is an eight page booklet with the three rebate offers that Cindy listed in the post and four ad/receipe for a gourmet buger. It was located under the display of the heinken beer in the cold storage area. It look like there were another four left after I took one. Im hope this was helpful.

  • Rachel

    does any one know what qualifies as premium meat? I broke down and ordered one off ebay ($1.99 shipped) so its still a great rebate

    • michelle

      @Rachel, I also bought the rebate cert from ebay and wants to know what is “premium meat”.

      • Cindy

        @michelle, I would guess that premium meat is just butcher cut meat. Just fresh chicken, beef, pork. Not like the prepackaged stuff.

        • michelle

          @Cindy, Good to know, If that’s the case i already have the receipt from Wholefoods. Yay!

          Thanks, Cindy.

  • Jo-Ellen

    I just submitted this rebate. Since I’m new to rebates, I had to call the # on it to ask “what is a premium meat?”. The woman that I spoke with said that’s it’s beef from the butcher department, not pre-packaged…and yes, I got her name 🙂

    My Stop & Shop was having a sale on London Broil Steak- buy 1 get 1 free…..I ended up with over $50 of meat (steaks, some chopped meat and one package of kebobs to hit the $30 mark without going too far over it) for $30 and then I submitted the rebate, so it should cost me a total of $10 for $50 of meat…now, that’s an awesome deal!

  • Anonymous

    How do you cut out UPC’s from a package of meat at the grocery store?? LOL

  • Paula

    @Maria would you send me one of those rebates?

  • Paula

    Us down in South Jersey dont seem to get ahold of these rebates would any of you from up North be willing to send me some forms down here?

  • susan

    One of the items mentioned on the receipt is that is has to be purchased in ONE receipt. I don’t usually buy that much on one receipt, since it’s just the two of us.