Super Saving Shopping: ShopRite, Pathmark, Target!



Okay guys, after a week of no shopping, I’m back.  And I made a bunch of trips to different stores.  Starting with Pathmark where I tried out the GM Catalina.  Even though I did hit $30 on shelf prices, I did not get the $8.00 catalina.  And honestly I think it has something to do with the Fruit Snacks because others have had it work on shelf price.   But I did get a $3.50 catalina for buying the 4 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks so that was a plus.  I wound of spending more then I normally would thinking I was getting an $8.00 and a $3.50 but that did not happen.  So my OOP was $11.26 plus I now have a $3.50 catalina.  I will be calling Catalina Marketing tomorrow to see if they can determine what happened.

ShopRite Saturday

As of yesterday (Saturday) I had not purchased one thing toward the Kraft/GM/Unilever deal.  I just went in to get some items that were ending yesterday or that I had coupons that were expiring.  Here I spent $4.14 after coupons & $6.00 in catalinas.

ShopRite Sunday

And, todays trip to ShopRite included the start of my purchases toward the Kraft/GM/Unilever deal. I was going to use up all my Free coupons that I had received from Kraft First Taste and I had a plan in mind for everything else.  But, as I was walking down an aisle, there came a young man pushing a big cart of new Cheerios boxes and on them were little pink stickers with $1.00 coupons.  I almost wanted to hug him but I think he would have probably called security on me.

So, I quickly changed my deal and wound up buying these items to meet my first $40:
4 Cheerios $2.49 ($3.59 shelf) – $1.00 coupons
Ritz Crackerful $2.99 ($3.49) – Free coupon
Kraft Deluxe Mac & Cheese $2.99 ($2.99) – Free coupon
Oscar Mayer Franks $4.69 ($4.69) – Free coupon
2 Crystal Light $1.99 ($2.49) – $1.00 coupon
Kraft 100 Cal Cheese Bites $2.99 ($2.99) – Free coupon
Bullseye BBQ $1.69 ($1.69) – $1.00 coupon
Dentyne Gum $1.19 ($1.19) – $1.00 coupon
Kool Aid Fun Fiz $1.99 ($1.99) – Free coupon
Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Meat $3.50 ($3.69) – Free coupon
Kraft Cheese Slices $2.99 ($3.89) – $1.00 coupon (found in blinkie at store)

The rest of the items I bought to get my total up to $75 so I could use a $10 off $75 coupon I received in the mail. So, after coupons & a $1.50 catalina I paid $9.58 out of pocket and qualified for $5.00.

Farmers Market

Stopped at the Farmers Market and picked up fruit, veggies & 1 gallon of Milk.  Spent $23.86 which is more then I usually spend there but I had my daughter with me and things kept appearing in my cart 🙂

ShopRite Trip 2

Then I headed back to ShopRite because I just kept thinking about those pink $1.00 coupons on those Cheerios boxes.  Since the Kraft/GM/Unilever deal is working on shelf prices I figured all I need was 4 boxes of Cheerios & 4 packages of Kraft Sliced Cheese and all the coupons were right at the store.  How easy was that.  So, I used my $5.00 certificate that I had already qualified for, added these items with coupons, paid $8.92 and qualified for my $20.  It was worth the trip back.  Now I’m thinking I’ll wait it out and see if any good coupons appear that will work well to hit the $120 mark.


And last but not least, Target. I gathered up all my BOGO Sobe coupons, my gift cards and headed out.  Spent $4.17 out of pocket after coupons and gift cards and still have $10 more in gift cards.

So, all together I spent: $61.91 and I have a $3.50 catalina from Pathmark, $20 certificate from ShopRite & $10 Gift Card from Target.  And, I’m hoping to still get the $8.00 Catalina from Pathmark.

How did you do this weekend? If you did a Kraft/GM/Unilever deal, make sure to post it here for a chance to win a $25 ShopRite gift card

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  • Eden

    Hey! Was trying to use all my free coupons the other day, but couldn’t manage to find two of the items–the koolaid fizz & the homestyle mac & cheese. Was just curious to know where you found them! Thanks!!!

    • Cindy

      @Eden, I found them at the ShopRite in Livingston. They Koolaid fizz was no in the tea aisle with the other Koolaid but in the aisle with the fruit. I could not find the DiGiorno Pizza. They had every other DiGiorno pizza but that one. I’m hoping it will be there sometime this week.

      • Eden

        @Cindy, Will look there, thanks! I did find the pizza & found out that it was one of those single serving pizzas–not the regular sizes. I had a hard time finding it at first because of that, but its right there in the single serving pizza section.

        • Cindy

          @Eden, Okay thanks. I’ll look there.

  • monica b.

    Is the homestyle mac and cheese with the other mac products or is it refrigerated/frozen?? I couldn’t find it.

    • Eden

      @monica b., I wondered the same thing, however I couldn’t find it in the mac & cheese section or in the frozen section…

    • Cindy

      @monica b., With the other Mac & Cheese. There are 3 different varieties (I think) so it was a very small section compared to all the other mac & cheese. It’s in a bag not a box. In the picture it’s the bag behind the Bullseye BBQ sauce

  • Meghan

    Ok, Cindy, I’m pretty good at couponing, but you are freaking awesome! I’ve gotta ask you though, how many newspapers do you buy per week to stock your coupons? I think I might need to buy more but I’m trying to figure out the magic number. Thanks!

    • Cindy

      @Meghan, I only buy 4 newspaper each week. Plus all the printables. I have bought coupons from ebay but that doesn’t happen very often. Only if it’s a free product that we use a lot of. Like a while ago there was a $1.00 Bumble Bee coupon and they were free at ShopRite so I bought 20. But that doesn’t happen to often.

  • Rose

    Can I buy 20 bottles of SoBe Life Water with $10 Gift Cards back in one transaction?

    • Cindy

      @Rose, you can use your gift card from a previous transaction to pay for a new transaction but not the gift cards you are getting for this transaction.

  • Kathy

    Watch it with the SoBe deal at Target. I went to the one in South Plainfield with this deal in mind, only to find at checkout that the deal was limited to the 4 flavors shown in the flyer, and three flavors weren’t even on the shelves…but the signs advertising said deal were all over the shelves. They had the 4th flavor shown, but we don’t like that one. I let them have it through their guest survey, let’s see if that & posting here helps. (I bought them anyway, as we needed them.)

    • Cindy

      @Kathy, Hmm, I did buy 2 flavors that were not pictured and got the gift card.

      • Kathy

        @Cindy, I don’t know what to tell you-that is what the manager at the South Plainfield NJ store said. The cashier said that it should have come up on screen automatically, and called him in when she could not figure out why it didn’t pop up onscreen. He said that it was limited to the 4 flavors in the flyer-cherimoya punch, strawberry kiwi lemonade, syrah grape berry and acai fruit punch. Those last three weren’t even on the shelves. Even the cashier said, “Aha, another sneaky one.” If I weren’t 6 mos pregnant & tired, I would have voided the whole thing and told them I was going to WalMart, as they had it for the same price-$1.00/bottle (no giftcard back, though, but at least they wouldn’t try to cheat me as far as I know), but I was tired & still had to pick up my daughter from day care. But for the record, I DO NOT like “sneaky” deals!!!

        • Kathy

          Update: I heard back from Target Customer Service. They said that I should have gotten the $5 giftcard since none of the details specified by that manager were in the ad, so he will be hearing from them about it. Also, they are sending me that giftcard by mail, should get it in 5-7 days. : )

          • Cindy

            @Kathy, Way to go Kathy!