5 Easy Ways To Cut Your Grocery Bill!

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Cut Your Grocery Bill

One of the most frequently asked questions is how do I get started using coupons and saving money.  When I talk to people about how to use coupons and save I usually get things like, oh, “they never have coupons for the stuff I buy”, “it takes too much time” or “it’s just too confusing”. I just shake my head and say no, no, no.  These are just excuses pure and simple.  Anyone can save even a little bit and it’s easier then you think.

5 Easy Ways To Cut Your Grocery Bill –

I compiled 5 ways for you to cut your grocery bill! Here are ways to get it going:

1. Have an open mind!

This is the most important part of saving money.  Without an open mind, it’s just not going to happen.  You must be open to trying new products and new brands.  Throw your brand loyalty out the window.  Trust me on this one.  Let yourself go for a couple of weeks to just try it.  It will work but only if you let it.

2. Change the Way You Shop

Throw out the thought of clipping your coupons from the Sunday insert and taking those newly clipped coupons to the store to shop.  You are just not going to save money that way.  You are  now going to shop the circular.  Look for the best sale prices on an item and match a coupon to score them at the lowest price. Once an item is available at a super low price, it’s time to stock up.  Buy 4 or 6 of the item so you have enough until the next time the price drops low.  This simple money saving technique is referred to as stockpiling and it is the key to saving money. Oh, and we do this for you!

3. Start Small: Don’t try to become the coupon queen or king overnight.

Taking on too much too soon can overwhelm you and burn you out very quickly.  Trying to master 3 drugstores, a grocery store and a bunch of catalina deals in a month is only going to have you seeing stars.  Don’t do it.  Start small with 1 drugstore first, learn how the deals work at that store and get the best deals there.  Then move onto another store.

The best place to start is CVS. It’s simple, easy and the deals are basic.  You can build up your stockpile of health and beauty aid products fairly quickly (and food too).  And, while you are doing it, you will be learning and gaining more confidence that will help you to conquer another store.

4. Gather Your Coupons, because without coupons,  none of this works.

The first few weeks as a new couponer, you will come across a few deals that you just don’t have the coupons for yet.  Maybe they were from an older insert or they were printable coupons that are not available any longer.  Don’t worry about missing out on some deals.  Know that there are plenty of them.  So, just concentrate on using the coupons you have and building up your coupons and organizing them.  In no time, you’ll have enough coupons to wallpaper your kitchen.

5. Use resources that have done all the work already.

Here on LRWC, all the “dirty work” is already done for you.  You don’t have to figure anything out.  Look for your store, look through the deals you want to take advantage of, clip your coupons, make your list and off you go to save a bundle.

What tips would you give to a new couponer?

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