Please Never Forget 9/11!

When I thought of what to write today in memory of 9/11, I decided that my initial post a year ago was still perfect.  So, here is my repost on my family’s view and memory of 9/11.

The older I get the more my memory is failing me but the one thing I can not forget is September 11, 2001. It is as clear in my mind as what I did just five minutes ago.

My children were all in school and my husband and I were at work. A worker from the next building came in to say that the tower had just been hit by a plane. Our initial reaction was calm as we thought, like many other people, that it was just a small plane that had tragically gone off course. We connected to the internet to find that was not the case. Why, how, would a jet plane run into the tower. It was not until minutes later when the second jet hit that panic came over us.

Panic such as where are my kids, where is my husband. We live so close to New York City, at only a 20 minute car ride away that i worried, were they safe at school?  Should I get them?  Should we leave town?  Where would we go? People in my town worked at the towers. My customers worked there. What was happening? So many questions, so much fear. Then the worst, the collapse of those beautiful towers that have graced our view of the city for all of my life. The people that were in there. The fear that my brother, who is a rescue worker in New Jersey, would be headed there to help. The fear that friends, neighbors would not make it out. The fear for my family on what may still come.

Then we watched on TV like the rest of America.  Only here, where we live, we can actually see the smoke. We could see it, we could smell it. It stayed for days, weeks. Every time we walked out our door the smoke was present above the trees. Friends and neighbors were lost in 9/11. As a town, as in many towns close by, we prayed for them to be recovered, we prayed for the families. We watched as our beautiful skyline now had a void. Those beautiful towers were gone and with them were the Americans who lost their lives that day. We must never forget.

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  • Judy

    This is so beautiful. Sept. 11, 2001 will always be in my heart. I remember too like it was yesterday where I was. I was pregnant with my first child and taking a nap when a phone call came in from my inlaws telling me what happened. I immediately turned on the tv and just broke down crying. Crying for the familes of their loved ones, for the rescue workers, and especially for the poor souls who were in the towers at the time of the attack. It was such a heart breaking day. God Bless.

  • Dana N

    Thanks for posting this. I think you spoke perfectly for all New Yorkers. I too had family and friends who worked in NYC. We will always remember that day and those that gave their lives to help others.

  • Bree

    I still remember this day like it was yesterday as I was only several miles from NYC. Let us never forget those we lost on this tragic day 9 years ago. God Bless America!

  • I still remember 9/11/2001 like it was yesterday. One of my oldest grade school friends had a good job that was located in the second of The Twin Towers. It was her sick child that saved her life. On 9/10, she had been up all night with her sick little boy. Being a divorced single parent she still felt that if he wasnt too sick she still had to try to take him to daycare so she wouldnt have to miss work and the vital income that sustained her and her child.(The childs father was behind on child support big time.) When she checked and he still had fever she knew that the daycare would not take a sick child esp one with fever so she had to call in sick. Her little boy always came first. That morning she and that little boy crashed out on their couch when the phone rang and woke her up. It was her Mother calling long distance to tell her about the explosion at The Twin Tower; hoping she had been elsewhere at the time. As she turned on the TV with the sound off(to as not to wake her child) she saw all the chaosis and distruction. She told me she just sat there and held her little boy and wept. She tells me during our weekly Dominoes game on Yahoo she still has ‘survivors guilt’.
    Yep, her little boy saved her life. Thanks for your patience;I didnt mean for this to be so long.