Rite Aid: Free Toilet Paper Update

It seems that the Free Rite Ad Free Toilet Paper now has a limit of 1.  So, if you were planning on doing this deal, you can now only buy 1 to get the UP reward to print.

Buy 1 Rite Aid Bath Tissue $1.00
Get a $1 UP
free after UP

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(Thanks Jason & Christina!)

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  • Stacey

    You can only get one UP per household. Bought one and then went to a different Rite aid and tried it again but no UP 🙁

  • Stacey

    Not having a limit is probably why my rite aid had none. Do you have any idea if it’s a limit of 1 period? Or one per Wellness card? Or one per store?

    • Cindy

      I believe it’s one per wellness card.

  • Lynda

    I went today to get the tissues buy $10 get $3 up reward plus the $1 per box of tissues and only one $1 printed and the $3 printed. So the manager looked it up in the ad and gave me the other ups on a store card.

    • Brandi

      Can they really implement a limit if there is no limit in the ad?

      • I was wondering the same thing. Because that is pretty deceitful on Rite Aid’s part to say you can get something and then change it mid sale.

        Thank goodness I stocked up yesterday.

        • Brandi

          Exactly. I loaded up yesterday. Today I was going for a donation run…but oh well.

      • lisa

        yes,they can if they dont have a tons of the product.

  • Brandi

    I did the same thing. YEsterday, I bought about 70 packs of teh 4 roll, 40 boxes of tissue, and 20 single rolls. (We were COMPLETELY out of TP). I got all of my rewards, plus the $3 bonuses….PLUS I was over my $100 needed for my $20 bonus reward (at the bottom of the receipt)…So i got that…and SCORE….it accidentally printed double $20 bonuses. Today I bought 10 tissues, 10 single rolls and 8 4-packs and it only printed a $1 reward and a $3 reward. So the manager put the $27 on a gift card. So Total NET::$68!!!! PLus tons of tp and tissues….SCOREEEE!!!

    • Jennifer K.

      Haha! Not to be rude, but that is EXACTLY why they put the limit on it.

      • kim

        I agreed Jennifer, I did not get the tissues deal but I did TGI deal. Yesterday I bought 27 bags of TGI and donated to food bank 20 bags people think I am selfish:)

        • Mind if I ask what TGI is? [i may be making myself look like an idiot asking that.} lol

          • Jennifer K.

            I think she means TGIF – brand of snacks. On sale this week for .97, producing a $1 UPR.

          • kim

            Christina, TGI Friday’s Chips are price at .97 and those are printing a $1 +Up Reward back so make them free. I hope that help:)

          • Barbara A

            TGI is a brand of snacks (TGI Friday’s restaurant) They are located in the store near the combos and Burger King snacks. They have snacks made to taste like Mozzarella sticks, potato skins, etc.

        • Jennifer K.

          I never used the word “selfish”. And no, I don’t think you are selfish for buying 27 bags of chips and donating many of them to a food bank. But I do know that I would be disappointed if I went in for my four bags and the shelves were bare because someone else bought them all.

      • Brandi

        Well, just because something is popular…doesn’t really give them the right to put a limit on it. Lots of people have a stockpile of tp, and we had none. So my 70 packs is really nothing major. 🙂

        • Jennifer K.

          I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on this matter. I purchased five four-packs yesterday and am happy that it will last me for a while. I didn’t look at Rite Aid’s free toilet paper ad as my opportunity for a free lifetime supply of TP.

        • Jay

          70 FOUR-PACKS of toilet paper? Plus 20 single rolls and another 40 boxes of tissues?

          Then you went back the next day for more? If other people won’t call you selfish, I will. I have none. Because you and people like you cleared the shelves so you can have THREE HUNDRED ROLLS at your house.

      • lisa

        i agreed with you Jennifer,please do not clean up the shelves

    • Rachel

      I agree with Jennifer, not trying to be rude at all, but when people clear the shelves, it not only takes away from other people who are trying to supplement their family income by couponing, but it also gives couponers a bad name. Stores in turn make stricter rules making it more difficult for all of us.

      • Brandi

        I am a fulltime paramedic, full time student…and Pregnant. I go really hard on the deals for a week or two. Then stop for a month or so b/c I am so busy with school. I never “shelf cleared” There were TONS at both stores I went to.

        • Linda

          I don’t think Brandi’s the reason they changed the limit. Rite-Aid should have had the forethought before they put out an ad. They have the technology to do so, seeing as they’ve put limits on items before.

          If there was more at my store, I’d have done the same.
          +1 FOR BRANDI.
          -1 for Rite Aid

          • Brandi

            lol. Thanks Linda!!!

            • crystal

              Im sorry, I have to agree with Rachel and Jennifer. 70 is very excessive and because of this mindset I wont get the FOUR rolls I wanted for free.

      • steph

        i agree, actually i had extensive conversations with managers at shoprite and they confirmed that….shelf-clearer’s give couponers a bad name and they have tightened down on their coupon acceptance policy because of it.

  • Kayla

    I did this yesterday and when I went there I had ten in my cart. The manager told she cannot give me that many. I said there is no stated limit, and she said that corporate will not allow stores to post limits in ads, that they are under manager discretion. I went to different Rite Aids all day yesterday and have a stock pile of toilet paper now. But if UP+ aren’t printing, then corporate did something in the system as of today.

  • marisa

    By 11 am on Sunday both Riteaids by my house had nothing left of any of the paper products!

  • Lisanne

    Went and bought 3 today and only got one UP reward! Bummer!!

  • amber

    I didn’t bother trying to go out. I knew the shelves would be empty. I did call early in the morning to special order, and she said they were almost out of stock. She couldn’t guarentee they would come in but she was very nice and willing to do it. I hope since I placed this order before the new policy I’ll get my rewards.

    • Kayla

      If they don’t print all you should have to do is show them the add and they will put it on a giftcard for you.

      • Jennifer K.

        I don’t know about that. In my store, there were signs ALL. OVER. THE. PLACE. stating that the free toilet paper was a limit of one per household. I bought my TP last night and just went in this morning to peruse the Christmas clearance, so it didn’t really affect me. But anyone buying the TP or tissues today (in that store, at least) is VERY well aware of the new policy.

  • Jenny

    I think you have to be reasonable in whatever you get. I got 10 tp yesterday. I would feel guilty getting 40 and leaving none for someone else. I went to right aid today and a guy had 30 in his cart. They didnt print rewards. I had to laugh to myself. He said he bought 200 rolls yesterday. That is why a limit is needed. It is people who abuse the reasonable policy that force companies to put limits on it.

  • Theresa

    Does anyone know if there is a limit to the facial tissue as well? Is it still a moneymaker?

    • I bought 10 facial tissue today and received NO rewards. Hope that helps.

      • Theresa

        Thanks Christina!

    • Brandi

      I bought 10 as well, and It printed 1 $1 one and 1 $3 one.

  • diane

    I bought 10 tissues today and it printed 3 $1.00 rewards and 1 $3.00 reward so I told the cashier and she had to get the manager and he looked kind of stumped and then gave me $7.00 in cash!!

  • Here is my complaint, if they don’t want people to purchase 10 then they shouldn’t offer an additional UP reward for it. I agree buying 200 is rude, but a limit of 10 at least would be resonable.

  • Danae

    I bought 10 this morning before checking the internet, so I have 9 rolls of lousy TP that I’d like to return. Does anyone know if you can return to any Rite Aid, or should it be the same location I bought it at? Thanks.

    • Rachel

      you should be able to return to any riteaid

    • Jason

      You can return it anywhere. Having your receipt would surely make it easier. 🙂


    The limit at my ride aid in bristol CT is 3 rolls and 3 facial tissues.

  • Candice

    I bought 4 (4) packs and received 3 $1 up rewards. Thought it was weird, but Ill take it!! Thanks!

  • staceypunk

    Just have to add my .02 — buying 40-200 rolls of the “free” paper products is totally taking advantage of the situation in a bad way. It also is probably a trigger to corporate to look at the glitch when they see the same card do the same sale multiple times in a day and ultimately will result in stricter ads and coupon policies. I agree that limits can suck for the individual, but they are there for exactly this reason.

    • steph

      i agree

      • Lori

        How can anyone think that it is ok to get 40-200 rolls of TP for free at Rite Aid? That’s just Greed. 🙁

        • Larrina

          Agreed… it gives us all a bad name. That’s why people who shop with coupons get nasty looks and attitudes. Not nice 🙁

  • staceypunk

    And luckily I got the deal with all the UPR’s on Sunday. It was very hard not to turn right back around and go do the deal a second time, but my store only had about 30 more rolls on the shelf and I wanted to keep my karma in check. I have a card in my mom’s name so I use my judgement based on how stocked the store is when doing multiple deals. ANd I am quite happy with 10 free rolls of TT!

  • anonymous

    hi jason,

    just wanted to know whether the ups for tp are working…in stamford…??

  • Paulette

    I hope there’s some left at my store, but with all these people clearing the shelves out there who knows. Just because you’re donating it doesn’t make it okay. Yes, it’s a good cause, but there are many people who use coupons and shop the sales so that they don’t have to go to food banks and can be INDEPENDENT. I’m also disappointed that people are bragging about this when all of the coupon websites clearly advise against it.

    • steph

      again, i agree

  • irishsaver

    They were charging .99 not $1.00 for TP at my store during the week I didnt buy any as I need Septic TP and free or not I dont need it if its not going to work for me….. but they were limiting and that was on Tuesday Night..

    • staceypunk

      I got the Simplicity TT and it says septic safe on it. I haven’t opened one yet so I can’t really say, but it is listed on the package.