Rite Aid Sharpie UP Reward Deal

You can get a great deal on Sharpie Markers at Rite Aid through tomorrow.  Sharpies are BOGO 50% off and you will also get a $5 UP Reward when you buy $15 of Sharpie Products.  And, the $8.99 Sharpie packs are producing a $4 UP.  Here is your deal:

Buy 2 Sharpie 8 pack $13.48 total
Buy 1 Sharpie Single $1.99

Pay: $15.47
Get a $5 UP (wyb $15 worth)
Get (2)$4 UP
$2.47 for all after UP Rewards

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(Thanks Lori & mavenofsavin!)

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  • Elaine Starkey

    if sharpies are BOGO…then wouldn’t the total only be $8.99 for 2, or am i missing something?

    • Cindy

      They are BOGO 50% off. So you buy one at $8.99 and the other at $4.49

  • Marianne

    What’s an “UP” Reward? Is that an instant reward or do you have to mail in a rebate?

    • megan

      It’s instant. It prints out on the bottom of you receipt to use on the next purchase.

  • Valarie Margretta

    I did this deal and so did my daughter…we only got 1 5ups and 1 4 ups 🙁
    better than nothing though 🙂

  • Purvi

    My store did not had the exact ones you showed in the pic so I bought other kind (ultra fine) thye are on sale also for 8.99 but did not get those two $4 in uprewards. I did get $5 in uprewards. I guess its only working on the one you have in pic.

    Does anyone know if I return the products, do I loose my +uprewards as well?

  • Evelyn

    i did it this afternoon, too, but bought one 8 pack of the reg. and one 8 pack of the fine point. I got the $5 UP and a $4 UP…if I bought 2 of the reg., I wonder if 2 $4s would’ve printed…

    FYI- Sally Hansen nail polish were 75% off (some of the colors)…with the $.50 coupon in flyers, the polish was only $.17! There were also lipsticks and other things 75% off…

  • Kim Stewart

    I bought 2 8 pack bonus packs( just like in the picture) and 1 ultra fine Sharpie. Total of 33 Sharpies. I was charged 8.99+4.49+1.89=15.37, paid with $14 of UPs and got back 2 $4UPs and 1 $5UPs. It seems that the bonus packs are generating 2 $4 UPs.

  • Stephanie

    As long as you get the regular size 8pk or bonus 8pk you will get the $4 ups. It’s the ultra fine markers that do not print the Ups.

    Returning something paid for with Up rewards varies by store. We have 5 where I live and some will give customers a gift card. Others won’t give anything back at all and that customer loses their Up rewards.

    Hope this helps clear things up. I know a lot about Rite Aid. It’s my #1 store and i talk with the managers all the time when things get confusing. Don’t worry…they are awesome 🙂

    • Stephanie,
      When you shop at RiteAid, does it matter HOW you give them your coupons? I mean, in which order? I guess, the question isn’t just for Rite Aid, but Safeway, Walgreens? It seems like when I go to do my deal, the cashier wants to ring everything up first, then do the coupons. It’s hard for me to keep track of what’s what that way. Am I doing it wrong or is there another way?

      • Stephanie

        Not really. As long as they don’t exceed the subtotal (without tax total) then you can give them in any order. Its not like Wags…I understand what you mean. They are suppose to ring up all your products first and then do your coupons. As far as what order the coupons go along with your Ups and store coupons…that doesn’t matter. If they say it does then they do not know what they are doing. I teach coupon classes where I live and I work with each store to make sure I do things correctly before teaching. Anyway, we have 5 Rite Aids and they all tell me how things go.
        The only thing you can’t do is have your coupons exceed the value, so if they do add something to your order like a cheap piece of candy.

  • Cathleen

    I also just did this deal today. Bought two 8 packs; but each pack came with a free one bundled together. Bought 2 single ultra fine markers for a total of 34.
    Used $16 in UP rewards; paid $1.45 out of pocket.
    Received a $5 UP reward and two $4 UP rewards.

  • Christa

    If you pay with UP rewards for a product you received the UP reward in the first place will it produce another UP reward? Sorry that sounds confusing. I went to Rite Aid this morning and bought 4 Stayfree and must have used a $2 UP reward from another Stayfree product, so that my order produced no other UP rewards.

    • Stephanie

      That would have nothing to do with it. Unlike Walgreens you can roll Rite Aid rewards. You might have bought the wrong Stayfree product. If you bought the correct one call 1800 Rite Aid and have your reciept ready. They will verify info and mail you the Up reward you should have. There is no limit on ups unless otherwise stated in the ad and they can be rolled. Hope this helps 🙂