Extreme Couponing Tip: Use Your Coupons Correctly

Extreme Couponing Tips

If you have been watching the Extreme Couponing Series on TLC, you know that some of these shoppers walk away with a ton of groceries for next to nothing.  Lot’s of questions  pop up like, where do they get all their inserts, can you use that coupon on that product, etc.

Sometimes I watch and am sad to say that I’m disappointed to see couponing displayed so extreme.  And it upsets me that some of you may be picking up bad habits from things you see on the show.  So, each week I’m going to touch on one important tip you need to keep in mind in order to be a TRUE Extreme Couponer so that you will know how to coupon the right way.

This week’s tip is:


This tip is important because using coupons incorrectly is illegal and considered coupon fraud.  Now, before you get all upset because you used a coupon in error last week, do not worry.  If it’s one coupon and it’s a mistake, it’s fine.  We all make mistakes, me included.  However, using 25 coupons on an item incorrectly is not a good practice.

Here is what I’m referring to:

Manufacturers put out a coupon for a product in their line that is a higher price item.  The coupon will probably be a higher value coupon to make it worth your while to use it.  If you turn around and use it on an item in their product line that sells for less money and was not an item that the manufacturer intended it to be used on,  then the store will not get reimbursed for it.

Once the manufacturer matches up the coupons with the sales for that store and sees a discrepancy, they can refuse to pay the store for those coupons.  The store then takes the loss for those coupons.  Then, eventually, the store may take measures to protect themselves by limiting the amount of coupons they accept in a transaction or by the amount of “like” coupons they accept.

So, not only is it illegal to use coupons incorrectly, in the end, it hurts the whole couponing community.

Here is an example of what I mean:

Here is a coupon for $0.75 off on any 2 Starkist Products: Pouches, Gourmet Choice or StarKist Selects Can. This coupon CAN NOT be used on ANY StarKist product.  But, rather, you will need to use it on only the products listed on the coupon.

You can not use it on the regular StarKist Cans:

Here is what you can use the coupon on:

So be sure to read your coupons before you use them so we can all have a pleasant couponing experience.

And, make sure to check out Super Couponing 101 so that you can find out more info about how to be a True Extreme Couponer.

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  • Shaliece

    I saw that last night and cringed. That show makes me so upset. 🙁

    • Anonymous

      I just started couponing about 2 months ago. Watching the show, Extreme Couponing, gave me lots of hope. Now that I kinda know what I’m doing, and buying the CORRECT items, and folling the LIMIT of 4 per transaction, I’m frustrated at the show. It’s FALSE HOPE! It’s cheating the system and is going to ruin it for all of us! I was hoping to walk out of the store with 8 carts full of items one day for nearly nothing, THE RIGHT WAY! I don’t know if I can REALLY do that now! I will still be hooked on coupons and will try my best to save

      • Janet

        I can’t imagine 8 carts full of groceries! I love my little cart that the store offers AND I use coupons! Extreme hoarding & this show should be back to back…but I will watch both as I know that it’s not “really real”….

  • Lo

    LOL your example…think I saw it on the show last night 🙂 too funny!

  • msrossdaboss

    I am glad you brought this topic up? First of all what supermarket doesnt have a limit on how many coupons you can use in a single transaction. Hence, Pathmark, Shop Rite and Acme only allow 4 like coupons in one transcation.
    How could the first gentlemen from last night use 100 coupon for vitamin water in one transaction?

    • Kierstin

      Agreed! The stores must be “in on it” for the sake of the show. It’s so unrealistic & gives couponers a bad rep.

    • Michele

      hmm not all acme’s limit to 4

      • Amanda

        I was going to say this as well – my Acme does not limit me to the amount of like coupons I can use and all are doubled.


        • Stacey

          Acme doesn’t limit in my area, Delaware Cty PA outside of Philly.

  • Diane

    I am wondering how many people actually shop at a store where they can use 93 like coupons and they all double. I think every store around here limits they amount of like coupons you can use and none are even close to 93 (more like 12 or 16 and thats at face value only 4 of those will double).

  • tara

    I knew it!!! lol When I saw it last night – I thought here we go again showing all the manufacturers how dishonest people misuse their coupons – Going to ruin it for everyone!! HATE that show more and more!!!

  • Marti

    Thanks for teaching us newbies the correct way to coupon!

    After the manager pushed it through…the lady actually looked into the camera and said “You have to know your stores coupon policy” 😉 Thanks for pointing out the error in her ways

  • Melissa

    I saw that last night to and was like wait a minute but I did not have that coupon in front of me seeing that it has expired and thought something wasn’t right and sure enough. I remember I wanted to use that coupon myself and I could not find any of the starkist select cans just the regular can and was like all well it’s not going to work no go on that.

  • Shannon

    I don’t even watch the show anymore b/c I think it is all staged and makes us couponers look bad. The lady that bought the mustard on the first epidode had like 100 coupons for it in one transaction, not possible! I’m not going to give them the satisfaction of getting good ratings on a staged show, so I simply just do not watch it. They should highlight “real” couponing trips like we all do here, $100 orders for $20-30 sometimes even less.

    • Ashley

      The show is staged. One of the girls from last week’s episode who went dumpster diving. She said that she went in the dumpster, and the coupons that were in the dumpster, were HERS..they put them in there. It’s pretty sad they have to do all this just to get views..Ugh!

  • Wendy

    I think the show is making stores not like couponers. I have been treated hatefully when I have been couponing lately and I am definetly not an extreme couponer. I just use coupons on what I would buy normally.

  • CJ

    I just wish I had stores that allow double coupons, loyalty cards, unlimited amount of coupons and tons of stock on hand all at once. Cant hope for any of those at any of my grocery stores.

    • CJ, you’re not going to find many stores that fall into those categories. I have not experienced a single store with NO limits to the amount of coupons you can use. The show is staged. Not much of what they show is reality. 🙁

  • Callie

    LOL on your example from last night-even my 7 year old, said ‘wait mom, that isn’t right’ :).

    …..same example was needed for 2 weeks ago with the Purex. I know you can get that same small bottle of Purex for dirt cheap-I do it all the time (in quantities of 1 here, 2 there)…..but she was using a 3 dollar coupon that is to be used for a much higher fl oz bottle that ranges from 11-15 dollars, not 6.49, which is what she had in her cart….Not good….ugg

    I do still watch the show with my daughter as she is learning about money in school, so it helps us talk about lots of ‘real life’ math……she is learning about saving money on ‘stuff’ so she can use it to buy more horses when she grows up….lol 🙂

    Thanks for calling this one out!!!

  • Briana

    That whole transaction made my skin crawl. Why would you ever speak to a cashier that way?? She was totally in the wrong with that tuna coupon but the manager let her get away with it. I suppose appeasing her was better than her screaming.

  • J. Andrews

    Thanks for pointing this out. Now I think back on it and I’m annoyed that it made the checker seem stupid. She knew what the coupon said! And the computer knew too, which is why it didn’t ring through.

    The customer is not always right!

    • Ashley


  • Martha

    I saw the episode where she has 28 transactions on one receipt and came away with 28 cents! I’m sorry, but my Shop Rite won’t allow those shenanigans! I can only get about $70.00 off $200.00 worth of groceries.. that’s including non-couponed items such as meat and produce.

    • Jenna

      $75 has been my maximum savings off of about a $200 order at Shoprite…

      • Kathy

        LOL! I also have never gotten better than $75 off a $200.00 trip at shoprite. I consider that a good trip in south jersey!

        • IT CAN BE DONE! Just last week, my mom and i saved 156.00. our grandtotal: 206.00. It just takes dedication. And we aren’t even close to be a EXTREME COUPONER. Call us casual clippers. But you just have to have the time to devote to it, and not everyone has the time. But still 75.00 off is still huge.

      • I paid $180 at my combined trip at ShopRite, CVS and Food Lion this week and saved $127 using coupons (the right way), store loyalty cards, sales that I researched from the circulars etc. It took me a good 2 1/2 hours of planning the night before, but it was worth it and I felt good about myself….I didn’t cheat anyone. How can those people on that show sleep at night knowing how dishonest they are being?

        • Jen

          $127 for 2 1/2 hours work is a great hourly rate, don’t you think? I don’t usually do that well, but I did get a bunch of pratically free stuff at Walgreens today–razors, shampoo and conditioner and other hair stuff. I was happy with that. As far as the coupon issue, I do pay attention to the specific products that the coupon states it is for, but my thought was that if it goes through and doesn’t get flagged, then it must be okay even if it’s a different product. If they flag it and tell me it’s for a different product, then I just put the item back. I don’t argue with the cashier. But I thought that some of these coupons mention the higher end product, but are made by the manufacterer to be usable on the lower end things too. I try it and see.

          • Anonymous

            You cant do this! A coupon clearly states what it is to be used on! Size,oz,product, ect…. Just because the register doesn’t beep, doesn’t make it right!!! In essence you are stealing, the store does not get that money back, because you “try and see” this is coupon fraud!!

            • Amy

              Jen, I fear you may have been learning some shaddy couponing techniques. What you are doing is wrong. Because of the system now in place in many stores, the coupon will scan and take the money off, but that doesn’t mean that is how the manufacturer intended for the coupon to be used. Whether or not you choose to continue to do this now that you have been informed is what decides what type of couponer you want to be. Honest or shaddy? Remember the manufacturer of my truck put in a speedometer that maxes out at 160mph. Just because my truck has the ability doesn’t mean it should be driven at that speed.

    • Angela E

      I paid 160.73 yesterday at ShopRite. “total savings today is $196.58” (on sale 69.16, PPC & Mfr Cpns 107.28, Multiplied cpns 13.30, PPC & Str Cpns 6.84). I used coupons the correct way though.

      I bought a lot of items without coupons.

      I’m buying my family what we need and will use. My daughters are in a mustard phase right now…it goes on a lot of stuff…chicken, french fries, hot dogs, bread, ham, etc.) But, you won’t see me buying more than 4 bottles at a time if it’s dirt cheap or free…BUT THAT’LL LAST ME MONTHS and I won’t have to buy it again til the next sale…maybe later than that. I’m not looking to make $30 by buying 100 bottles of mustard!

      I totally get stocking up when something is dirt cheap or free IF YOUR FAMILY IS GOING TO USE IT. OR IF YOU’RE GOING TO DONATE IT FOR A GOOD CAUSE. I can’t believe I used to buy coffee creamer for $3/bottle!!!!! OMG! This week, I spent $0.24 and next week I’ll get it free. I won’t have to buy it again for a LONG TIME thanks to this website. And hopefully I’ll be able to get the same deal (under $1 would be GREAT! FREE even better!) when I’m running low again!

      I’d like to see some realistic shopping trips!!! Cindy, how about a video contest? LOL

      • Wow, $107 in coupons alone? I am truly impressed. I used to be REALLY good at couponing and then I had a bonus baby (my kids are now 26, 23, 18 and…6. lol) and I’m just now finding the time and energy and the resources to do well. This past week was the first time I’ve used alot of printed coupons and tips from LRWC and I was especially pleased. Can’t wait til next week so I can try again! And by the way….where in the world would you store 100 bottles of mustard??????

        • Cindy–

          I hear ya. I just had a super surprise bonus baby last year. I have seven all together now. I kinda “checked out” of couponing in the height of the digital phase when ShopRite wouldn’t take printed coupons. I’m having to relearn some of this stuff and most importantly how to organize it.

      • Can you tell me about the creamer deals? I used to get some pretty decent deals but lately I’ve been paying more than $1 each even with coupons. Prices have gone up so high on the creamer! I did get the free one from Vocalpoint, but that’s the best deal I’ve had in a LONG time.

  • Kelly

    I am SO glad you clarified this. I have only been couponing for a few months now and I get very frustrated when I watch that show. I keep thinking that I must be doing something wrong. I check the fine print on everything and see my store has a limit on the number of same coupons you can use so I always wondered how they do it. It’s good to know that I’m not doing anything wrong…or illegal. Thanks, Cindy!

    By the way, I find it hysterical that your example of what not to do was done on the show last night. HA!

  • Becky

    Thanks for this post–your promoting a culture of honesty and ethical couponing makes me want to hang around your blog more!

    Also, I lived overseas where “the customer is always right” was a non-existent concept. Now I’m much more grateful for how accommodating many stores are–and more careful not to take advantage of that.

  • Nadine

    I saw that last night and noticed that it was wrong too! You don’t have to go by the picture, but by what the words say. And even the words said she couldn’t use it on a regular old can of tuna! I had that coupon and used it on pouches, which was fine. ARGH!

  • Briana M

    Thanks for this post! I started couponing right before the show started, and I can’t imagine thinking any of that absurdity is “okay.” Saving money on groceries is fantastic. I’m routinely saving 65-80% on my food. (I don’t have children so I can be a little more flexible with not buying high-ticket items like diapers or formula, or going without milk for a few days if I can’t get a good deal.) However, it is very unfair to other customers and the stores to clear shelves and generally be a coupon menace. The store needs to protect its profits in order to keep running, and the more we try to take advantage of the stores the more stigma and tough policies we’ll face. Some of those couponers on the show do not seem to recognize that the stores are places of business, not charities. Splitting ten full shopping carts into 25 transactions is a burden on the store’s staff, massively inconvenient to other customers, taking advantage of the system, and straight-up greedy. I try to catch the show here and there to see if I can pick up a good tip or two, but it seems like it’s only making me frustrated.

  • Diane R

    When I watched this show last night, I knew that there was no way that coupon was good for the cheap 2 for a buck cans! But when she called the manager and said told her that the coupon was good “on any 2 Starkist products”, I thought well, maybe she actually did have a coupon that was good for them. Now that I see the coupon and see that it actually says “on any 2 OF THESE Starkist products”, my initial thought was confirmed! I just love how she conveniently left out the words “OF THESE” when she was saying what the coupon said! She basically stole those 20 cans of tuna. That show is making me cringe more and more. What I really can’t believe is how these cheaters go on TV and show the whole world how dishonest they are. They act so proud of themselves when they should be ashamed of themselves!

    • Joan

      It’s amazing how low people will go for their 15 min. of fame.

  • Brandi

    Thank you for posting the pic of the coupon. It was blured on the show.

  • elina

    I have yet to find a store in my area that doesn’t limit coupons. I’m starting to dislike this show because it is so unrealistic. Doesn’t it occur to anyone that if supermarkets allowed everyone to do what these “extreme” shoppers are doing the supermarket and manufacturer could be out of business?? The show should be called “Extreme Hoarders”. I’m happy with saving 40-50% off my shopping bill.

    • Wendy

      You are so right!!!!!! Most stores have a limit of 20 coupons. This show is very unrealistic.

  • Jane

    I remember this coupon because I read couple time and make sure that I can’t use this one for $2 regular can. The cashier was right. I was angry the store manager give in for the camera. Sad…

  • kevin

    That show is to couponing what Professional Wrestling is to Sports.

    • anonymous


    • Nina

      Great analogy Kevin! That hits it right on the nail!

  • Danette

    I totally agree with everyone! Taking that show off my DVR! :o) When I tell my family/friends that I started couponing the first thing they say is, “Have you seen that Extreme Couponing show??? Are you going to be on of those people??”. That show totally gives people the wrong idea about “the people carrying around those coupon binders”!! I am really worried that this show is going to encourage stores to change their coupon policies….YIKES!!

  • Eileen

    while I totally agree with this clarification, there is one thing the woman on the show was correct on, the coupon must be used for what the WORDING says not just the picture, although in this example she was wrong, sometimes it truely says ANY and the picture cant show every product, so the wording is more important

  • Alicia P

    ugh i cringed when i saw that too – i used that coupon and knew what it said. i can’t believe TLC is letting these people get away with fraud. It is making it hard to even modestly coupon – for example last weekend each and every coupon I had was scrutinized as never before. Of course, I was making legitimate deals so there were no problems – but you can definitely tell that these stores are telling their cashiers to be more involved. Totally annoying. The normal people just trying to save $20-$50 or so are being villianized because of these hoarders.

    • Wendy

      I totally agree. It’s like the cashier is acting like we are trying to pull one over on them. It’s harder to coupon since the show has aired.

  • anonymous

    There was so much wrong about that episode. I am so glad to see the close up of what we all believe was that q. At first I thought it was a good example of how some cashiers don’t interpret coupon language properly, but now we know the cashier was correct. If I were the cashier I would be pissed at that manager for making me look stupid on national T.V.
    Then, when the couponer said “You have to know your stores coupon policy” I thought…that’s not a coupon policy issue!

    Best of all is the cheerful store managers and cashiers. Either they’re actors or real managers being helpful and cheerful for the store’s publicity. I’d like to see me try to use 100 like coupons, pay nothing, and have the cashier and manager practically give me a standing ovation as I walk out the store. Fairytales!

    • Yeh, usually the cashiers think you’re robbing them of a paycheck or something if you get too much for free. Oh well.

  • “D”

    Since that show has showed up the shelves for all of the deals have been empty. If you hand a cashier a stack of coupons they ask if you’ve seen that show. One cashier said one of her customers bought 240 cans of Vienna sausage, she looked at me and ask what can you do with 240 cans of sausage? I said “get coronary artery disease”? I have 10 people to feed also but I never empty shelves, even when I could use more, I try to shop another day.

    • Alicia P

      haha some woman behind me in line at target saw how much i saved (it was about $30 on $100) and was like “oh wow you’re like those extreme couponers” – i turned to her and said “oh no, those people are hoarders” – haha

      • Wendy

        Hoarders is a good description -unless, of course, they are donating a good portion of it to a charity or foodbank.

  • Tonia

    I have only been couponing for a few weeks now. I’ve watched Extreme Couponing a few times but did not realize you could not use a $1 off coupon on a .97 cent product. I have used a $2 off coupon for ketchup and bought the largest bottle the store had at $1.97. In one of the shows with the twins they were talking about using coupons on travel size products. Most coupons I have give a specific size. The most I have saved so far using coupons is $55 on a $200 sale.

    • Jen

      You can use a coupon for more than face value at certain stores, and at others, at least in my area, the computer is programmed just to take the price of the product off. In other words, you can get $1.97 off your ketchup, but not those extra 3 cents.

  • Bree

    What my sister and I’ve been questioning all along … what store is going to let you use 100 like coupons in one transaction? I mean I love my SR but their policy is 4 like coupons and that’ll be the day they let me clear the Vitamin Water shelf or special order 100 bottles. Even my favorite cashiers would call over a manager if my bill is over $450 and I’m paying $0 OOP.

    What I think is the store makes special allowances for TLC; for example, the woman used the coupon on the wrong products. TLC and the grocery store probably knew that good and well. TLC probably figured the store would take a loss of $_____________ and offered them $_______________ to just push the coupons through. Now in this case, the store would not have lost money, problem solved. However, this is teaching other couponers that it’s OK to use a coupon on the wrong products – they then go to their supermarkets who will lose money. TLC, of course, can’t reimburse all of them now can they? I just wish the show was realistic because unless it’s a special “triple coupon event” or something like that, it’s pretty darn hard to save 90%+ on a single transaction/trip.

    • I can’t really see the theory of TLC staging this. Because i mean how do we explain the stockpiles that these people had before TLC came in. So that doesn’t really make sense. The only thing I can think of is how we see these people splitting up the transactions somehow so that they can use all of there coupons.

  • George

    The extreme couponing show is for the most parts a farse. It is an attempt at individuals 15 minutes of fame, stores violating their own coupon policies, an artificial hope for shoppers and a potential deformation of character to even the couponers that do it right. I watched the show once and it burned my bridges some of the things I saw for example a 50 cent mustard coupon doubled to a dollar so that a shopper gets a free mustard done 80 times in one transaction (which store allows for the doubling of up to 80 coupons in one transaction). And oh by the way amazingly the store had 80 jars of mustard on the shelf “lucky shopper”. That show is further from reality than anything I have seen.

  • Anonymous

    I think this show “paints” couponers in a very negative light.

    I’m just hoping that retailers don’t turn around one day and completely get rid of coupons altogether.

    TLC should not be broadcasting this rubbish.

    It will hurt all of us in the long run…….

  • Amy

    Thanks for mentioning that!! I knew that couldn’t have been right. They probably just took it because they were on tv. That is a shame because it only makes prices go up and, like you said, puts limits on quantities of coupons. Thanks for all your great(and ethical) advice!

  • Karen

    I don’t like how they stockpile just for the sake of collecting items. I like what one woman said on one of the shows, sales go in cycles, usually 3 mths, so if you have a 3 mth supply of laundry detergent (ok 4 or 5 mths just to be safe) you’re fine, but to have 2 yr supply is too extreme. If you’re talking about food, then you need to deal with it expiring or getting stale too.

  • christine

    When I use to live in Arizona there were no coupon limits.
    You could use 100 of the same coupon if you had them.
    Just because it’s not allowed here, doesn’t mean it’s not allowed everywhere.

  • Amy

    Last night will be the last night that I ever watch that show. I watched in the beginning because I thought it might teach me new things about couponing, and boy did it ever! It taught me that some people think it is ok to cheat/steal with coupons! Every good couponer knows there are ways to “cheat” the system, but we don’t. I continued to watch out of curiosity. Well, you know what they say, “curiosity killed the cat.” I will no longer support (by watching you support) a show that will kill couponing for honest couponers in the long run. TLC now stands for thieves, liars, and cheats…not The Learning Channel!

  • Colleen

    Ever since the show has come out couponing is a craze in my area. So much so that people have resorted to stealing the coupons out of the Sunday papers. (Got burned two weeks in a row) and the stores in our area are starting to set limits and change their coupon policies. I was so upset a few weeks back when I wanted one loaf of the Wonder Smart Wheat bread for $0.34 and when I went to get the loaf the woman in front of me cleared the shelf off and she too had a handfull of coupons. Why do you need to clear the shelf or take all of something? We are all looking to save money and bread goes bad and tastes gross if you freeze it. I dont understand the thought process sometimes. Another woman cleared off the shelf of toothpaste I wanted. Shoprite had it on sale for $0.88 and I had a coupon for $1/1. The woman who took them said she doesnt even use that toothpaste and doesnt know what she is going to do with them but she is getting themm because she gets $0.12 back on each tube. Fine buy 4 or even 8 but the whole shelf?

  • Mame

    thanks! Here in California ralphs, vons only double up to a dollar so it’s impossible to save like on the show. They should mention that. Most coupons I got or for 2 products, usually specials on 2 for 6 so its $4 per product.

  • Stacey

    Why does it all have seem negative? Many more people will become interested in couponing, because of the show. They will learn quickly the difference between right and wrong.

    Coupon mistakes happen all if the time. Cindy, thanks for the clarification.
    There is nothing worst than being hyped up on a deal, then learn either your q is wrong for the product or vice versa!

  • Candice

    I was just going through some coupons and i have a bunch of coupons that are manufacturer coupons from shoprite that print out at the end of the order. I was wondering if they had to be used at shoprite? They don’t say it on there, but they do have the shoprite logo, and again are manufacturer not store coupons- –

    • Sadly, they do have to be used at the specific store. You used to be able to use them at other stores, really they are manufacturer coupons, but most stores (Shoprite, A&P, Stop & Shop) only take those from their store… Hope that helps.

  • Michele

    Hopefully the hype from this show will lead newbies to seek out bloggers like Cindy. It won’t take long for them to learn the proper way to coupon!

  • Jim

    Next week one of the women will be shopping at a Shoprite in Connecticut. Im very curious to see how she will get around the limit of 4. I think it was taped during Dollar Days so it will make her trip look better than it is. We’ll see.

    • Cindy

      You are probably right.

    • Ty

      I believe she didn’t understand the coupon. It happens to all of us now and again. I don’t think this woman is dishonest. lets give the real villains that title….

      • Cc

        Is it really reasonable to believe someone who calls herself an “extreme” couponer, with binders and organization, who gives instruction and tell you to “know you store’s coupon policy” got something like that wrong? And even so, once shown to her, should she not have acquiesced? This show is full of fraud, and that IS a problem. Because if the stores and manufactures feel this is the norm, or see this is a problem they don’t want to deal with, they will stop doing these things, and WE, the honest couponer, will suffer. I took my families monthly spending for groceries and diapers from $500+ a month, to around $200. That 300 a month means a lot to me, and I would hate to have to go back to “normal” because people don’t want to follow the rules.

  • I actually found this blog because of the show. On one of the first episodes they did a quick close up of a website the lady was using. I paused it and although it was blurry was able to read what website she was on. It wasn’t this one, but that site mentioned this blog and the rest is history. 🙂 It was a blessing. I’m very grateful.

  • I love the show, but would love for them to come to long island. All stores here have limits as to how many coupons you can use. The one positive is it got me into couponing and now I love it.

    • Wendy

      Yes, and they can come to the Hampton Roads area of Virginia too. Our grocery stores ALL have a limit of 20 coupons. There are still some good deals and freebies, but you are NOT going to walk out of there with $300 worth of groceries for $5, for ex.

  • cindy ok i used like 15 coupons not noticing the little print excluding travel the coupon scanned the cashier took have a nice day so how am i wrong when these stores dont want to update there scanners they obviously must not care becuse technology can do this now expired it should pick up too but u should go through your coupons and review for expired but who has time to go through each coupon bring up this point today you posted a ladys trip do different orders using a 1.00 off gilette shave gel that coupon is for 1.00 off gilette shave prep gel which is not the plain gilette travel size being that the case the lady had a great trip walgreens and target forget which store either way would prob both scan i know walgreens thats where mine scanned the lady used a coupon that said 1.00 off 1 gilette shave prep gel it scanned for gilette shave gel so i dont have time to go through every little coupon lookign for the wording you have the best site and matchup the best coupons hands down you are the best but is this lady wrong because the scanner scanned it and cashier took it this is a bad subject because people think when something scans thats right it the stores fault for not having the right scanners not the person giving the 1.00 off coupon for a travel item if it was illegal shouldnt the store get shut down for havving false scanners when i was called out the 1 store i used the coupon again not seeing the writing saying excluding travel items which u need a magnifyign glass to see the girl had great eyes i said oh i just used them and thye scanned she said that happens it doesnt make sense and she was right so whos more at fault the person using the starkist coupon or the store who could afford to update there system that i dont know if the lady knew about the starkist coupon and its illegal to do as you said would the store get shut down for having scanners that scan the coupon because i asked my friend at giant about this and there scanners stop it so if this lady with the starkist is doing something illegal the show should expose the stores scanners and maybe it will get stores to change there system so it cant be donw whos at fault sorry i always am on the fence like is said the lady on the site had a great trip but it wasnt for gilette shave gel it was gilette shave prep and im gonna use that coupon now am i wrong

    • Anonymous

      Ow. that made my head hurt to read.

      I think what you are saying is that it is the STORE’S fault that the scanner does not catch a coupon someone is trying to use incorrectly – be it a wrong coupon for a wrong item or an expired coupon – and the store should be held accountable for it?

      Um. No.

      Couponers should be the ones held accountable for doing the right thing with the coupons by READING the coupon and using it properly. I’m sick and tired of lazy couponers who won’t read the damn thing using them wrong making things hard for those of us who DO follow the rules.

      Scanning equipment costs MONEY. It isn’t free. And by using wrong coupons you cost the store money — money they could use to upgrade their systems. Viscious cycle, eh?

      KNOWINGLY using a coupon fraduently is just plain wrong, period. Just because you don’t get caught doesn’t make it OK. Ask yourself this: Would you steal something from a store knowing you would not get caught? I think this applies the same way.

    • Amy

      It would seem Jeff that you are well aware what items are meant to be bought with the coupons that you are using. To me it seems that you are trying to justify misusing coupons. Blaming the stores is a cop out for you to try an justify why people can steal and/or abuse the coupon system. Sorry, but to me that is like blaming the car manufacturer when you get a speeding ticket.

  • Dianne

    Sometimes the person keying in sales for he store’s computer doesn’t do an accurate job. My opinion is, just cuz I CAN do something, doesn’t mean I SHOULD, or even that it’s right.
    A couple weeks ago I tried stocking up on some sale items. I had maybe 4 coupons. My son told me that he didn’t need razors anymore (having just bought an electric one). So I gave the coupons to my friend. Turns out he meant he didn’t need any. So last week he asked me to buy some!!! Unfortunately now all my coupons are for that razor blade not the refills. I was able to get a great deal on it at Walgreens that made it $.89. That’s a great deal for only one refill cartridge. But I didnt buy more than the one. (ok I do still plan to go back) tonight at target I saw 2 of the 4-pk refills (normally $4-$4.50 per cartridge ) in clearance. $10.21 each. I pulled out my coupons, thinking I’d save another $4 on each. Lol, forgetting they were different coupons. I realized my error though, and chose not to even try to get the coupon to go through. Still, I got the cartridges for @ $2.50 each. And I can still hit up another store or two and get it for $.89 if they have any left.

  • David

    I haven’t watch the show because like most reality base show, it partially staged or scripped, instead sometimes to climps at it. The stores have to be aware and give permission to TLC to tape inside. If I went in there with a camcorder and started filming, I’m pretty sure the manager would be coming soon to ask me to stop. Knowing that they must stage the amount of stock on the shelves and employees in some way or another in order to make the transaction and taping run smoothly.

    I like the one a few weeks ago when the cuople had to call in friends to complete the order because the sale stated one per customer. Did anybody noticed that it was the same cashier who handled the order when the friends arrived? Either they were hiding in the background or the store allowed that line to be tied up while waiting for these people. I believe my local SR would ask me to step aside in order to let the cashier help out other customers…..you know what they say “time is money”. So they paid this cahier to wait around…wow!

    Like many here have stated, I believe that these transactions are few and in between. TLC purposly uses stores they know they will get the most bang for their bucks as far as taping a succesful extreme shopping. It will if not already spoil it for those like us that use the system correctly.

    Personally, I haven’t gone shopping for my family of six in a few weeks or so because of the stockpile we have thanks to this site any the great sales in the months of February through March here at my local shoprites…..not to mention those Dollar Day sales. Today I have to go for the first time in a while with coupons and two boys in tow. As I’ve read from some of you above about the comments you have recently recieved from others in the store regarding the show, I’m looking forward to what someone may say to me today and what my response will be.

    Here’s an idea we should all do. Go to the TLC web page and post you comments under the shows site. Let them know what you really think about it. Maybe they get the message.

    I hope TLC calls me to be on the show. Then maybe after my fifteen minutes of fame I can then release line of perfume, sandles and designer diapers I’ve been dreaming about…..hmmmmmm……..I wonder, maybe a book deal also would be nice 🙂

  • Brian

    Isn’t it a bit odd that every trip shown is their “biggest grocery order ever”?

    • David

      Brian……today I went to SR and had $72 grocery bill reduced down to $29 with tons of frebies. THAT IS MY BIGGEST GROCERY ORDER EVER…………………..well, at least today 🙂 Who has TLC’s number?

      I’m beginning to think out days are numbered. 🙁

    • Wendy

      Yes!! So in a way it seems staged.

  • My parents, myself, my boyfriend, and my little sister just moved to New York from Iowa in March. Me and my mom began watching Extreme Couponing as something that would interesting to watch. As we watched it more and more, we were like DUH why didn’t we start couponing sooner. And yes, I agree that some people are completely outrageous. But then again, it’s like every episode I watch, you hear the story, we had debt, my husband lost his job, someone got sick. You can’t help but think this very thing could happen to me at any given moment. So i believe it’s all about security. And some people do it, like the family with seven children, how do you afford to save money for them for college when the economy is soo bad, prices of food are rising, gas prices on the rise. Couponing is a great way to save, and to give yourself that security if anything were to happen. Since my mom and I have started couponing, we have saved 500 dollars using couponing. We may not be extreme couponers yet. But in some aspects, some of these people are ridiculous, and I agree with that. But you can’t put everyone down as a whole, some of those people are doing great things, by donating to the food pantry, soliders overseas, and to the japan relief. So before we all judge these people for maybe being alittle TOO EXTREME, we all really need to think, how much do you save using coupons, and how much have we all donated to our local charities. I say give up for all of those couponers our there, casual clipping or extreme couponing, we are all teachers to those who have not yet learned the true way of couponing, small or big grocery trips.

  • Belinda Contague

    Those people are hoarders, pure and simple. How many bottles of ketchup can you use in your lifetime? Then factor in the time frame you HAVE to use it before it goes bad. I love the idiot people who spend a few dollars for hundreds of dollars of products–none of it was food. Oh boy, 11 years of laundry soap. Can you eat that this month? No? So where’s your grocery money? Gone, that’s where. Or the stupid woman hoarding water and bar b q sauce and ketchup so her family can move to Hawaii. Uh, you want to GUESS how much it’s going to cost to ship all that stuff? And dear, water is cheap out of the tap. Even in Hawaii.

  • John

    Limit one coupon per item, does that mean I can still use a manufacturer coupon too, just that the coupon is only good for one use, can’t use same coupon for several items?

    • Michelle T.

      John, limit one coupon per item means that if you buy 3 of the same item, you can use 3 coupons. The P&G coupons actually explain this nicely. They say “Limit one coupon per purchase of products and quantities stated. Limit of 4 like coupons per household per day”. This is why many of us buy more than one Sunday paper.

  • John Schilling

    TLC is a completely dishonest, bottom of the moral barrel, hyped, exploitative, lowest
    common denominator, trailer trash, garbage network. Take a plausible premise (to hook viewers), blow it out to insane and inane proportions (for drama), get ratings, sell commercials. What utter crapp! Low-information viewers, low-information voters, no-life lemmings like the bar guys in Groundhog Day. This is modern America, and it deserves to die…which it is, rapidly. And we wonder why aliens don’t come and visit more often? Really? Would you like to spend a week in Honey Boo-Boo’s home?

  • thecrud

    It makes no sense at all if the coupon and product dont match it would work.
    So lets use the peas coupon on corn.
    And if the people working at the store can tell the computer cant tell how the F can I.