Extreme Couponing Tip: Don’t Compare

Extreme Couponing Tips

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If you have been watching the Extreme Couponing Series on TLC, you know that some of these shoppers walk away with a ton of groceries for next to nothing.  Lot’s of questions  pop up like, where do they get all their inserts, can you use that coupon on that product, etc.

This week’s tip is:

::Don’t Compare

Since the start of Extreme Couponing, there seems to be this frustration with some couponers that they feel as though they are not doing well enough.  One of the things I often hear is, “I am only saving 75%, how can I save 95%”.  Or asking how to buy 100 items of something for free.

Not Reality

Well, let me tell you something.  The shoppers on this show, are doing one big shopping haul.  If you have noticed, almost every single time, they have stated that this is the biggest trip they have ever done.  You don’t want to shop like that, you can’t shop like that and you shouldn’t shop like that.

Sure, you can pull off a 95% shopping trip every now and then.  Most of us can.  But can you do it on a regular basis…NOPE.  Why, becuase we have families we need to feed and they can not live off of 100 bottles of mustard or 100 boxes of cat food. Meat needs to be purchased, milk needs to be purchased, baby food and dog food need to be purchased. And so much more.

Be Happy With Your Savings

So, tell me, are you saving 50%, 60 % or 75%?  If you answered yes, you should be darn proud of yourself.  And you should not compare your shopping trips to the ones featured on the show because I will bet my blog that most of them do not shop like that every time.

Be happy with what you do.  Be happy with what you save.

Extreme Couponing 2nd Season

And, you will all be happy to know (or not) that a second season of Extreme Couponing will be coming.  And, you will be happy to know that I was once again asked to be on the show and I once again declined.

So, what are your thoughts on another season of Extreme Couponing?

If you are new to couponing, you may want to check out the Couponing for Beginners section where you will find a lot of answers to your questions.

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  • Becky

    I’m happy that the show is coming back – I feel like it energizes me to keep couponing. BUT, I get SO frustrated – I can’t get 100 or 1,000 inserts like they do! I’ve already contacted the circulation manager at my local paper and they won’t give me the extra inserts – and dumpster diving is illegal here. I only have so many friends and family who get the Sunday paper!! And I don’t want to buy 100 papers!! 🙁

    • Jen W

      The reason the paper said no to giving you more inserts is that it is illegal for them to do so…just like it is illegal for the corner store to do the same thing. The contracts regarding the advertising is that you need to “buy” a paper to get them

    • Anonymous

      It is because of the Extreme Couponing show that we can no longer get coupons easily. My local paper company with I worked for previously used to let the employees have the coupons out of the dumpster. But now since this show has air they are not allowing us to take even from the dumpster any longer. So it really effected me cause I had just started using the coupon stockpile to donate to the homeless shelters, School for the needy and the Domestic Violence shelters. But I don’t think that I can continue due to not getting my coupons. Yes I buy 6 papers a week now but it still isn’t enough. So I think this show hurt alot of people that used the coupons the right way.

    • Anonymous

      i no what you mean and i dont know of any stores that double on coupons and were i live we dont have a place that doubles. i already have a sort of big stock pile but i just dont have the space that is the only bad thing

      • Anonymous

        I completely agree, it seems the more peopole are teying to do the “extreme couponing thing” the more it is hurting people who have been doing this for a while. Not trying to sound like a selfish you know what, but I have always hoped it will kinda fad out, and it seems like it has, noone is really “on it” like they use to be in my town. which like i said before i dont want to sound like a selfish you know what but I am glad that things have kinda calmed down, it does however need to go a little bit more ….. I’m just sayin…lol

  • The other thing about that show is, if you notice, a lot of them do this at stores who have a group promotion, buy 10 get five dollars off. That’s a big deal, and pretty rare in my area.

    If they have ten one-dollar items in the promotion, and then ten one-dollar coupons, they get five dollars credited toward the rest of their order for things that aren’t free.

    • Kacie

      QFC is currently running the buy 10 get $5 back promo if you have one of those

  • Lisa

    Thank you Cindy! So glad you declined the show too! The show totally fustrates me because it isn’t reality like you said. Yes, they get a ton of free product but it is taking things to the extreme. Some of the couponers have done some good with their freebees and have donated them to charity. Unfortunately, what this show has accomplished is NEGATIVE…it has made many realtors cut back on coupons, has lowered coupon values, changed policies, etc. This has really effective the average consumer who is really trying to save money.

    I am currently not working (out of choice to raise my family) and coupons has and will be apart of our lives because it is a way I feel like I can contribute without an income. With the raising food prices and the poor job market (my husband has not got a raise in about 3-5yrs!) coupons is a great way to save money. I feel the show is goign to continue to have a negative impact and in the near future it is going to be even harder to save.

    Thank you again Cindy for a great website, money saving ideas and I applaud your ethics!

    • danielle

      the show is supossed to take things to the “extreme”…it is called EXTREME couponing
      and my husband hasn’t had a job in 4 years never mind a raise so i know what struggling is. i think this show is awesome for inspiring the general public to use their resources better
      you can still get great deals and savings even though there has been some backlash such as lower coupon values and changes in policies.

  • Sarah

    Also most of the stores they do this at allow overages when the coupon amount exceeds the purchase price. I’m not aware of any store in my area that does that. And most of the stores around here don’t allow more than 4 like coupons per transaction. I’d like to see them try splitting up their order into 25 transactions to get their 100 free bottles of mustard here. All in all I’m not a fan of the show. It gives couponers an unrealistic expectation to try to live up to, and with the way they’ve displayed coupon fraud and shelf-clearing tactics in the past, I’d much rather see less savings and more ethical behavior. Oh Cindy, if only you had your own show to balance theirs out.

    • Deb Howarth

      I think the one show where a lady and her husband went shopping and it was an insane amount of mustard, I think, and she was like take all the bottles was wrong on so many levels!. He told her he does not even like mustard so they were nice enough to save one bottle on the shelf…seriously??!!?? Bad image of couponers!!!

      • Connie

        Maybe she needed it to put on all the pasta she bought on a previous show….

      • Susie

        LOL!!! I was thinking the same thing! How many times did she have to re-apply her makeup in the grocery store??!! You can only have so much purple eye shadow 🙂 CRAZY!

        • elaine


    • Donna

      Agreed! I can’t find stuff in my Shoprite anymore because people are clearing shelves. The one woman buys 100s of one item, leaving none for anyone else, but how many could she possibly eat. Not only that, she certainly does not need 100 packs of candy!! I admire the people who do it for charity and I have the same feeling, I would get several of something for free, even if it was something I don’t use, to give to our local food bank, but the women on that show who do it for themselves and have enough stockpile for things that last them 40 years are just ridiculous. Give it to the food bank. They need toiletries too. Give it to a local shelter…be charitible, not greedy.

    • Kelly A.

      Um?? Walmart allows overages.

  • bobbi jo

    i am disappointed to hear the news that they have been renewed 🙁 i think the series shows couponers in such a negative way. i also think that the show has contributed to stores tightening their policies and scrutinizing the legitimate coupons that we are using.

    • I can’t agree with this more. For the most part, cashiers are very helpful, and I’m very well organized, but when you find someone who doesn’t like it, check out turns into a ring of h***. I do find it motivating, though.

      • Leslee

        I have to agree. Wal-Mart changed their coupon policy, but now that couponing is the “thing” now it makes it really hard when you whip out your coupons you are using. Some cashiers huff and puff, throw the coupons down as they scan them, aggressively stab the keys as they push “enter”. The show is making it a pain my butt!!

        • Kelly A.

          To me, besides not doubling coupons, Walmart has the most lenient coupon policy. You know, after these past few months with the popularity of couponing, my Walmart hung a huge banner by the checkout lanes reading “We gladly accept coupons.” To me that’s really a slap in the face to those cashiers with a bad attitude. I, personally, have not had too many problems. I agree with Heather that organization is key to a smooth checkout.

          The only problem I ever have is when a store is offerring a certain promotion, I make sure to buy exactly the right product, right coupon, etc. and the promotion does not work (particularly bad at Meijer with MPerks, and once at Rite Aid when no UP Rewards printed FYI make sure they scan your UP Rewards Card first, then coupons. The cashier swore this didn’t matter, and that I must have came in earlier that week to purchase those same items. I had to call corporate, and they gladly sent me my rewards by mail. Yes, corporate said scan card first!)

          The cashiers get testy when you actually call something to their attention, or ask why a certain discount was not taken off. They usually have no answer.

    • Kierstin

      I agree! The show is somewhat motivating, however, I also feel that there are tons of people out there who want to do what these women do on the show & they don’t invest their time in learning the rules, policies & etiquette. Many people are jumping into it blindly & this is causing stores to take a step back & re-evaluate their coupon policies making it a bit tougher for the responsible shoppers. Like Cindy said, it’s not about getting as much free stuff as possible (that’s more like hoarding than couponing), it’s about saving your family some cash when the opportunity is there. I like the show but I think it is giving responsible couponers a really bad reputation.

  • Theresa McGinn

    I really wish Cindy would go on the show, to actually teach the stuff she shows us on here, but maybe they wouldn’t want to see how REAL people shop. I think showing this website and how you help us save money would serve a better purpose. I for one really appreciate everything you do on this site. Since I have been using your site and saving with coupons, I take the money that I have saved each week and put it directly towards my credit card bills. I am happy to report, I will be Credit card debt free by the end of the year!

    • Anonymous

      Teresa, I am proud to see someone putting their savings to such great use! You are an inspiration! Being debt free is one of our current goals also! Keep it up and let us know how it is going!

    • Amy

      I think they have made all their featured couponers look crazy and ONLY show the junk they buy. The cut and paste how the see fit. The could make anyone look like a crackpot! Keep turning them down, Cindy.

      • Amy

        lol I think my letter Y was sticking.

    • Dana


    • Beth

      I wonder how much of that would actually be shown. I think they edit in such a way as to make the shoppers look as crazy as possible.

    • Christine

      I agree with Theresa. I would love to see Cindy do a realistic episode! She could combine meat and vegetables along with a few stockpile items. It would give people information they could actually use and be a contrast to the piggishness.

  • Kim

    That you for the reassuring post. I was feeling a lot of pressure to try to match up to these extreme couponers but now I’m happy when I can buy $100 worth of stuff for $40. I also noticed that a lot of time they mostly buy health and beauty items and get the best deals. I do that too but still you gotta eat. What I love most about my grocery store is that for every $50 you spend you get 10 cents off every gallon of gas that you buy. And they run buy one get one free sales all the time, which is a good time to stock up. I usually save at least 50% between coupons, sales and the loyalty card. Not bad… I guess.

    • Kierstin

      My average ranges from 50%-75% also. That’s normal…we’re normal!! 🙂 The show is called “Extreme” for a reason. LoL

      • Carolyn

        Great point!!!

    • George

      I shop at that same store, they also have neat coupons a little before things are about to expire-I love this store.

  • I wish more of the folks on the show talked about donating to charity. It seems like very few do – the majority seem to be borderline hoarders.

  • Diane R.

    The guy on last night’s show, Scott from Long Island, was the first person profiled that I really enjoyed watching. He was very proud of the fact that he was an ethical couponer – that he would never use a coupon for the wrong item or for an item he didn’t buy. He stuck to his ShopRite’s rule of only 4 like coupons for an item, and his ShopRite didn’t double internet coupons so he had to work even harder for his savings (Although I did wonder why he didn’t just go to another nearby ShopRite that would double his internet coupons.) And it didn’t seem like he bought a bunch of crap items like all the other people on the show do. I do admit that I got nervous watching his wife walking the aisles with him. I thought she was gonna pop that baby out at any minute!

    • Lauren

      Scott (or Scotty B., as he’s known by) is the D.J. of a big local radio station around here, and I’ve been listening to him for years. It was great to see him in action, because I had no idea he was an extreme couponer. Everyone has their little secrets!

      • Pamela

        I don’t usually watch the show, but I watched because he was on. I thought he was great, and realistic. I can run up 400 something totals at shop rite easily and then drop it down..not as low as he did, but I can drop it down to 100ish or less, which I think is awesome, personally. 🙂

        I am wondering though if he meant they don’t double cellfire coupons, which is true at all shop rite’s and not the printable coupons, but I don’t think we get enough of those for it to matter THAT much, so I guess he did mean the printables. Odd. He should definitely go to another store then.

        • hanna

          I go to that SR and they do double internet coupon.
          It said their store policy as well, full double up to $0.99.
          I think he meant was that after 4 like coupons, from 5th it would not
          I didn’t know he was that radio DJ Scott.
          I thought this guy lived nice house , no wonder!

          • Jodi

            I shop at a LI Shoprite (Hauppage) and they do not double internet printable coupons. The Shoprites are owned individually and have different rules for different stores.

    • Anonymous

      I felt the same way. He was the most realistic, at least for this area. I even mentioned it to my husband this morning. I live in lower Orange County in NY and have some of the same issues as Scott does. Most of my stores do double internet coupons, but once when I went to the Shop-rite in Mahwah NJ they wouldn’t double them and they literally scrutinized every coupon I handed in. Not just the cashier, but a manager too had to be called over for the internet ones. It was the only episode I truly liked.

    • Karen B

      I felt the same way Diane, I even mentioned it to my husband this morning. Scott was the most realistic for my area. I live in Orange County NY and have run into the same issues as Scott. Most of the Shop-rites in my area do double internet coupons, and are usually very kind, even if I make an honest mistake, but the one time I shopped in the Mahwah, NJ store, they wouldn’t double them and they scrutinized each and every coupon. They also had to have a manager check every internet one. They were were unfriendly and rude about it, as if I was a criminal. I’ve not been back since, so they may have lightened up. Hope this isn’t a duplicate response, I forgot to add my name the first time and don’t think it posted.

    • Cindy Love

      Yes I must agree that he was the most realistic one yet!

    • Kathrine

      Scotty B was great. Much more realistic in terms of the products he purchased, and he even shopped within his store’s guidelines. If the new season continues like that, I’ll TiVo it 🙂
      Cindy, as many have pointed out, if they’d let you do one or two realistic and small shopping trips I think it would be a great learning opportunity for many newbie couponers. Thanks again for all your hard work!

  • Felicia

    I wish they would cancel that show! So many stores are getting uptight with rules and newbies are wiping out the shelves to get the “coupon rush”, and they don’t need 100 items. I’m all for putting in special orders and getting those items to donate. If you want to get an absurd amount, that’s how you should do it! I don’t mind other couponers, and I always share coupons with people in the store when I can and give others who are interest advice, but I really want to choke-slam some of the people I see who wipe out the stores entire stock on the first day of the sale. Plan ahead people!
    I think that show has given a lot of couponers the undeserved reputation of being hoarders. I get questioned about it all the time. Yes, I have a stock pile, but it does not consume my garage and house. A closet in the spare bedroom and a large wall cabinet in the garage are all I really need.
    I get a lot of positive response at the stores from a lot of people, but lately I’ve seen more people who are annoyed when they get behind me in line. I tell them, I might only have 10 items, but I have coupons, so it could take awhile. If you choose to stay in the line, don’t get mad at me, I gave you fair warning!
    I had a cashier actually get snotty with me and told me she doesn’t use coupons, it’s just a waste of time to save so little. The way she was talking made it seem like coupons were “beneath” her, and people who used them must be at poverty level. I was kind of pissed. I told her that the $1,500 I save every month sure looks great in the bank and walked off.

    • Kierstin

      AGREED! I had a cashier tell me once, “I’ll just give you the damn money if you need it so badly.” CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE IT?!

      • Felicia

        Those types of people kill me!! I’m still a “newbie” I think, I’ve been doing this 6 months, and I’ve already saved 4 grand. So many times I want to tell these people that I am a single mother of 2 who doesn’t receive any child support or use welfare, I have zero debt, and my bank account would probably make theirs look like a little kids piggy bank. Yes, I’m frugal and thrifty, and it doesn’t come at any cost to them, so why do they care!?! I see couponing as another way for me to help save for my families future, and that is about an extra 12,000 a year!

        • Kierstin

          Good for you!! That’s awesome that you are such a hard working mother. My mom also raised me on her own & I know how hard it was on her…KUDOS TO YOU!!!!! Keep doing what you’re doing & know there are people out there that support you & your couponing! 🙂 (Even if we have never met. LoL)

    • Deb Howarth

      That’s okay if she thinks coupons are beneath her because that leaves the program open for us! It is her loss and our gain that coupons will stay alive..we need more people like that so we can continue to save! Sorry you have had such bad times at the store!

    • Anonymous

      LOL, love this!

    • Arielle

      I love sharing coupons! I’d love to know if there was a group in my area that I can connect with for that purpose; usually, if I don’t plan to use a coupon I just leave it on the shelf right next to the product it’s for. I don’t know how effective this is, or if store employees pick them up and throw them out after I leave. I once even saw someone pick up the item I had just placed down a coupon for–and not take the coupon!

      • Angela E

        I just picked up 2 nesquik coupons today 75/1!!!!! I guess the person was looking for the $0.99 powder that they were out of. I took the coupons, this is something I use. It doesn’t expire until 7/12!!!! 🙂 I do the same thing though, put them on the shelf.

        The cashier I go to regularly has a son that is in the military overseas. I told her I’m going to start giving her an envelope of expired coupons every now and then to send to her son. She was very happy to hear that! 🙂 I did learn (from the show last night) that the coupons are still good 6 months after expiration date. So that’s what made me ask her about them today.

        • April S

          I heard about military coupons and I googled it to see where to send them. I had a huge envelope I was ready to send until I read you had to separate them into food/non food, label them with dollar values, and include a $5 donation with every envelope. I’m happy to collect and send, I’m even happy to send $5, but I just don’t have the time to sort through all my old expired coupons and, do the math and label them all, I don’t even have time to do that to my good coupons! (That’s why I come here, haha) And to top it off it says if you don’t, then they are going to just throw them away. Has anyone actually sent them to Coups for Troops or know more about it?

          • Michele

            I too like to share coupons. After I go through and clip the coupons I will be using I share with my Aunt. What the two of us don’t use I give to a neighbor, who is a senior citizen, who goes through them and what she doesn’t use she passes on to her family and friends so there is not a wasted coupon in the lot. Being single I do have a mini stockpile of things I will use but I definitely don’t need 100 of an item I will never ever use in my lifetime. What I have is an elegant sufficiency to last me for awhile.

          • angela

            Hi April,

            If you go to mylitter.com scroll down to see the link called “Got expired coupons send them to the troops”, they collect expired coupons. They ask that you sort them just to help speed up the process but you can just send them and they’ll do it. I’m like you I have no time to sit and sort out coupons (I barely have time to do my own, with 3 little ones running around). If you email the lady that is in charge and tell her that you have a ton of coupons but no time to sort them I’m sure she would except them. I mean its worth a try. It’s something that I would like to do myself but right now I don’t even have the time for that. I used to send them to a girl scout troop in Florida who sorted them out (the girls loved doing it) but they stopped taking the coupons for whatever reason (I don’t remember why). I havent found another girl scout troop who does this :o( Anyway hope I was able to help a little.

            • April S

              Hi Angela,
              Wow, I don’t know why I didn’t think of that!! I’m a GS Leader, I can have my girls sort them at meetings for community service time. Thanks!!

          • Brooke

            You do not have to sort them. Just put them in an envelope and send them off. Coups For Troups is on Facebook and you can get all of the information you need from there. If you don’t have a Facebook page Google it and you will find their webpage.

  • Carolyn

    I find the show motivating, but since the show aired it’s harder to find sale items in stock in my area. I’m all for sharing couponing skills and ideas, but not clearing shelves. And I also feel that couponers are being looked in a negative way. So too any of you who are new to couponing welcome and good luck but remember focus on what your family needs and use your coupons to provide.

  • nuri


    If you wouldnt mind sharing, can you tell us why you elected not to participate?
    Is it because they would force you to go for a big trip? Couldn’t you make it a point to say you would participate and show more normal results?

  • Lisa

    TLC is taping a show this Tues. where my son works. It is the first time they have taped in CA. We do not have double coupons anywhere where I live. My son said they are giving her them for the show. I think that is not right. He also said they would have to give everyone them one this day of taping. I will be there with my binder trying to some money:) Should be interesting!

    • Kendra

      I think that’s probably what’s happening in many of these stores – they are bending the rules that day for taping. Unbelievable.

    • Kierstin

      I’ve heard rumors that the TV network does contact the store ahead of time & “negotiates” the coupon rules. (ie: accepting or doubling more than 4 like coupons, increasing stock of certain items, etc.) I have no idea how true that is but it definitely makes me wonder.

      • Jeannette

        That is reality TV for you!

    • Leslie

      I often suspected the stores let those people get away with things they don’t ordinarily do, because it is good publicity for them.

      • Melissa

        OMG what a HOAX! That is completely sending the wrong idea to people out there that just think these people just happened to walk in a random store and make some transactions

    • Jenifir

      This just happened here in AZ too. One of the episodes was filmed at a Fry’s just outside of Tucson. They let her have unlimited double coupons when the normal policy is a limit of 3 like coupons per transaction. I believe they also allowed her overage which, at the time of the recording, was not the policy. The backlash on FB to Fry’s from regular customers who saw the show was LOUD. Their initial response was to say that opting to participate in the show was part of a “promotion” meant to garner recognition for the Fry’s name and not necessarily meant to represent what might happen in each individual store.

      Then, a few days after that, Fry’s released a new policy of allowing overage (only if the overage is triggered by the face value of the coupon). But still no unlimited doubling.

      The bottom line is, they admitted to bending their coupon policy for the show. So definitely DON’T compare whatever success you’re having with coupons to what you see on the show. My guess is that all of the stores participating are “helping” the couponers achieve Extreme results.

      I do a lot of my shopping at Fry’s. On average, I save 50-75% overall. I generally get a few FREE items most weeks. I usually have 1-2 items each week that are in the 90-95% savings range. I’ve been doing this for about 2 months and I’ve built quite a stockpile. I feel much more confident in my ability to stick to my grocery budget than ever before (and my budget is now the lowest it’s been in a few years!). And I know that, thanks to my stockpile, my family is somewhat insulated from rising food costs or other interruptions in the food supply (natural disaster, unemployment, etc). This makes me feel GREAT!! I’m happy with my results – even though they’re generally not Extreme.

  • Kendra

    I always tell anyone that’s new to couponing that I am really happy if I am saving more than I am spending, even if it’s 51%…but ANY savings makes me really happy, especially because I am doing REALISTIC couponing/shopping for my family – which almost always includes milk, deli, produce, etc.

  • Deb Howarth

    I am not so sure I like the show and how it portrays couponers…the stories I do like to hear about are the ones that are helping the community or supporting the troops with their coupons. My husband was in the service for 24 years and it is so hard to get people to send the troops things they need overseas. Some shows lead people right into their other show Hoarders. I do think the show gives a bad taste in cashiers eyes. I have been referred to an extreme shopper when I show my coupons and save a good amount of money, I just thought that was smart shopping. I am very happy to walk away with a 50% savings, anything above that is a blessing! There have been some cashiers who try to shoot you down with your coupons even if you have followed all their rules, it is almost like they are mad you saved. I love that I have a small stockpile to get my family through these tough times. Thank you for your service to us and helping us get more bang for our buck! Happy Savings!

  • blanca

    I just wanted to say the show is extreme but it did get me to start couponing. I am not a huge fan of the show after I went on this site and learned the real way to coupon. I started this about 6 weeks ago so I consider myself still learning. The other day at my shoprite my bill was 42 prior to coupons then after all my mfg coupons it went down to 17 and the older woman behind me says well you did not save so much I see a show where people save hundreds blah blah. Her comment took me by surprise. Why be so negative I wondered? I did not say much and went about my business.

    • Kristi

      Hi – Kristi here- I wasn’t able to type in the name field.

      I am inspired by the show. However, I would be much for interested in seeing the process of how a mom (like me) goes from spending $1k to $300 a month. What is portrayed on the show is unrealistic in terms of quantity and everyday items. In our home we, NOW (thanks Cindy!) try for $60-$75 a week- $12 for lunchmeat, $10-$15 for produce and the rest is for necessary items (frequently not on sale and not items we can wait for) or meat or stockpile, or a combo of what we need vs. what’s on sale. We are really pleased with the changes we have made and how they have impacted our bottom line. But, it is work- for us, not 60-80 hours a week, like the show says. But we spend about 6-8 per week, plus shopping. What I find to be consuming is that you have to keep up daily, multiple times a day to get the coupons and if you don’t, you loose opportunities. So, for me, I would be much more interested in the average consumer making a measurable changes in their purchasing habits and the steps and tips etc that they use.

  • kc

    I was in shoprite this morning and a woman was on line behind me. She saw my total go down from $75 to $29 (lots of produce today) and asked me if I ever saw “that show” – i smiled – although I wanted to snap because I am tired of hearing about it- and said yes! It seems that every time I shop “that show” comes up! However, I happened to like Scott from Z100 last night (more realistic!)

    • Jil

      I get that alot too. Well honestly I get that question on every shopping trip now. I see the alot of negative things due to the show. The latest was a couple who saw my binder and said “oh a fellow couponer”. As we began to chit chat a little, I realized they were new (obvious products of the show) and they were basing their coupon shopping on unethical use of coupons. Let’s just say, I wasn’t very impressed.

  • Anonymous

    I find it entertaining, however it is very unrealistic. What they are not showing you is the manager aaproval to use more than a certain number of same coupons. maybe out west somwhere they do not have limits on coupons but here in Jersey all the stores I go to only allow 4 of the same coupon. They must need a manager to allow more than 4 coupons or whtever tehir limit is.
    they really just make it look too easy and it’s not.

  • colleen

    Cindy – I wish you would go on that show and show them how it is done correctly! Like maybe it’s not realistic to use more than 4 of the same coupon, or most stores will not pre-order sale items for you.

  • Lauren

    I do enjoy watching the show, although they all buy the same things (yakisoba noodles, mustard, deodorant…),but many of it isn’t realistic. You can’t use more than 4 of the same coupons. When there’s a good sale, stores limit the number of purchases. If there is a catalina for “buy 4…” you only get one catalina even if you buy 8. On the show, they were getting catalinas for EVERY 4 they purchased. They bend the rules for the show, so it isn’t realistic for the typical shopper. When people on the show pay nothing, you often show them handing over many catalinas from previous shopping trips. It might be $50 off their order, but we don’t know how much they spent on their last trip to earn those catalinas. AND…many of them order coupons from clipping services. They may be paying .10 or more per coupon, and if they have 400 coupons, that’s at least $40. So, their trip is never free. I have noticed many more couponers since the show. There was a sale on razors at Shop Rite that started yesterday. I went at 10 am, and the shelves were already cleared. Whenever there is a catalina deal, that area is ransacked. I know it’s a sign of the economy, but this show is making it so much worse. I often wonder if I’m watching “Extreme Couponing” or “Hoarders”.

    • Amen. Exactly what I’ve noticed. I try to get to Shoprite at 6 a.m. on Sunday, just so I have a shot at what’s on sal. Pathetic that I have to do that, or get in line for rain checks. Sometimes, a rain check won’t even help if you’re counting on a Catalina that will expire the same week (as was the case last week.) I was very happy when I was one of the few who used coupons. This show is not good for normal people.
      And I still save about 60-75%. Which is about the range that these “extreme” people probably really do, without cameras.

    • Sarah

      Sorry to hear about the shelf clearing. I remember what my Pathmark looked like at 3am on the first day of triple coupons. I went to Shoprite at 7am wednesday to get the razors and other stuff before they ran out, and was shocked to find they actually had a giant 3 foot bin of nothing but the razors! It gives me hope that they might actually start really stocking up before good sales so we can all have a chance to get in on the deals.

    • Lori

      Lol, I always think the same thing when I watch that show! I think that these people are just being a little greedy by buying out the whole store just to add to their stockpile. I love a great deal as much as the next person, not even a family of five or six will eat all of that food before it expires. Even mustard has an expiration date!

  • MichelleK

    Watching that show was what got me interested in trying to coupon, but I figured out very early on that it was NOT realistic and that it was NOT the norm. I no longer watch because I am following the correct and ethical path to couponing, and I don’t get any enjoyment out of people getting special treatment and rules just for entertainment. They need to retool the show, and show how couponing actually works. Then Cindy, I think you should be on that show, and show everyone how to do it correctly!!

  • Cherie L.

    I heard of the show, but never watched it until after I started couponing in earnest a couple of months ago. I get some great deals at my drug store, but don’t typically save all that much at the grocery store, unless I’m going to a store ONLY to get their matchup deals. I did save around 50% on one of those trips, between Rewards card savings and coupons. But the things I bought would NOT have fed my family for a week – things like kitty litter, lemonade, bags and bags of pasta, etc. I use my coupon/sale matchups to stock up on things that will last a while, then do my ‘real’ grocery shopping at whatever store gives the best overall prices, or has the best quality of the items I need to feed my family – meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, etc. The episodes of EC I’ve watched are a kick, but I found myself wondering how healthy some of those families are, if all they’re eating is Yakisoba noodles and mustard! And some of the ladies strike me as being unbalanced – like the one who said her stockpile was almost as beautiful as her family, or the one who took her husband to the store with her and barked at and insulted him the whole time. If that’s what extreme couponing does to a person, then give me moderation!

  • Billie

    I am NOT a fan of the show. My husband I have said that they are ruining it for those are doing it to survive. Stores are changing coupon polices, and also the Manufactures are changing the coupons. Do I think the Show is good. NO.. I go in my local store ( Bi-Lo) we used to call Bi-Hi until I learned to coupon.(lol) I can some times 75% of the time save around 50% – 80%. Depending what I am getting. Yes I buy coupons from clipping sites. But only on the things I know I will need. Ex: Chicken $1.50/1 our store usually sells these packs around $3.00 and that is alright to me and it freezes well. I also share from my stock to friends, family and anyone I know in need. I am NOT and Extreem couponer. LOL but funny… the people that come up to you wanting you to teach a class that they could learn. Charlie (my coupon binder) gets a lot of stares. And I love the times when the people in line, after you told them it may take a little while, look, smile & cheer you on..

  • Amy

    You guys remember Susan Powter? All I have to say is, “Stop the insanity!”

  • Amber

    I like the show, but it does bum me out when I save only 66%. I try not to compare my savings to theirs. I am going slowly and building my stockpile.
    When I get an awesome deal, I get such a high from it!

    Building a stockpile is exciting, but I still have to buy the basics every week. I love coups for chicken nuggets, lunchables, and kid cuisine. I have to buy those every week or the natives get restless. I’m outnumbered by wee ones.

    I find that my kids eat my stockpile goodies faster than I can build it because I have teens in the house too! Ugh, I will watch season 2. Hopefully, they will make it a bit more tasteful instead of all huge numbers and drama. I would like a couponing tips show rather than look how crazy I can get with a $10000 worth of groceries for $1.00. I love watching Youtube because its real people enjoying real savings. Okay, enough with the novel. Peace out.

  • Mary

    I have saved somewhat through the use of coupons. When I watch this show, I realized it isn’t “realistic” since what I am going to do with 100 mustard bottles. I never see coupons on meat which I need in order to feed my family. Meat, alone, is about 40% of my shopping bill. I also agree with lauren’s comment where there is a limitation of coupons you can use (in my case, it is only up to 4 coupons for the same item).

    • 0246

      there are coupons on meat all the time. right now i have coupons for sausage, turkey burgers, hot dogs, frozen meatballs, frozen fish, and all kinds of lunchmeat in my binder, and i had coupons for boneless skinless chicken breast but i used those a couple weeks back before they expired.

      i agree that there aren’t a ton of coupons for foods found on the perimeter of the grocery store, but don’t exaggerate.

      • April S

        I never noticed how large of a misconception that was until I started occasionally posting good deals on my FB page. People commenting that coupons were only for processed food or junk food. I told one person “my $.55 coupon off any two dozen eggs beggs to differ with you.”

        Is it easier to find coupons on cereal and junk food than it is on the good stuff? Yes. But the others are out there, that Driscoll coupon AMAZED me!

  • Karen Becker

    I actually record it, have to be in the right frame of mind to watch “garbage”. I do get energized, but then discouraged that I can’t find all those coupon ads. They have to do a better show next season that truly relates to us “ordinary couponers”

  • Amber

    Oh, I just thought of something for Extreme Couponing! Hows about challenges where they give 3 different couponers in different states the same amount of money, say $20 and see how far they can stretch it? Now that is something I would love to see!!

  • Eileen

    Cindy, imho, you SHOULD do the show, now granted I dont want to be pushy and I am sure you have your reasons, but, I think that #1 it would give you even more exposure (wear a shirt with your logo, put your logo on your binder etc…) and you could show people how its REALLY DONE!!! it would help so many people!
    I got started couponing because of the original TLC extreme couponing special, by looking up nathans website WUC, and I found out about you from there, someone in the Shoprite forums there listed your website as thier source for matchups, and I have been here EVERYDAY since…i think its good for your exposure and great for the world

  • allie

    Thank You Cindy for declining to go on the show. I love your site and check it several times a day, you have helped me save so much and our local Shelter gets really excited when they see me coming with lots of bags of goodies. We are all so Blessed to be able to do this Couponing for our families and those less fortunate.

    Let’s all stop watching the show – with no ratings no show!!!

    Instead lets pray for the folks who have gone on the show and worship their Stockpiles. Sunday mornings are for Worshiping the Lord not Coupons.

  • Dana

    I have never seen the show (do not have cable), but occassionally get comments about extreme couponing when I am in the checkout line. I shopped today and saved almost as much as I spent and I am happy about that!!! I bought produce, lunch meat, and milk – all of which my family eats on a daily basis.

    I think we all know that what we do is for our families and not for show. We need to be happy with who God made us to be! Thank you Cindy for all that you do for all of us. You are a great blessing to me and very many of my friends! God bless you!

  • Glad to hear you declined, they also asked me and I said NOPE- I am into teaching how to save money- not give unrealistic expectations to people. glad you feel the same way! I think that they make these couponers look greedy and fake!

  • Victoria

    I am actually not too happy that the show is coming back. I think, for the most part, it showcases couponers in a hording and negative light. I am more than sure that most of these people donate alot of what they get, but the show never highlights that part. I also think it so ridiculously unrealistic. I could just see the look on the workers faces at Shoprite if I asked them to go in the back and bring me out a palette of yogurt because I have 250 coupons to use……….I know every store has different policies and not everyone restricts to “4 like coupons” but really???? Without the cameras and hoopla surrounding these people coming in ( and the fact that I am more than sure these trips are set up) would these stores be even half as accommodating as they are when the cameras are on? I also don’t love being asked by cashiers “are you one of the extreme couponers?” to which I always answer, “no I am just an extreme saver, using some coupons”. Yes, we all have some incredible shopping trips here and there, but just saving money weekly is a blessing.

    Cindy, once again, I thank you for your blog and for being responsible in your teaching. I sincerely respect your guidance and trust that you never point us in the wrong direction. Your website is the best!!!!

  • Liz

    I enjoyed all the comments here. This show has gotten me interested in couponing as well. I have to buy food and goods, so might as well save whatever I can! I watched a few last night on demand-one woman had 5 computers at home, another spends thousands of dollars a year on newspaper subscriptions. How mich are they really????? Saving!
    I just noticed a very local little store by me gives you the Sunday paper for free when you buy 10 worth of groceries, which I often do on Sunday.

  • Arielle

    THANK YOU for this! It’s not that it’s difficult to get a 95% savings on a shopping trip–it’s near impossible. And when you’re done with that trip you have 100 bottles of mustard, 250 toothbrushes, and none of the staples that your family actually needs. I live alone so I only shop for myself (and occasionally non-perishables for my parents), so many RRs and catalina deals aren’t worth it for me. If I save more than 50% on a single trip I feel like I’ve done a really good job for the day. And then there are the days where I just take a deep breath, suck it up and buy the meats, produce, etc. that I really need, no matter what the cost. Those are the times I remind myself of the great savings I’ve had on previous trips and let myself live a little!

  • Lovingmynewhobby

    I agree with everyone that says its very frustrating for us newbies to try to do this for our families and friends who are suffering from hard times that we just want to lend a helping hand too. I, at first, found the show very motivating, but once I realized the reality of “real couponers”, this show just portrayed a very negative image of couponing. In a way, some ppl may feel like if they arent walking out of the store with a bunch of free stuff, they arent worthy of even making the attempt to help their families save money. I, personally, can do without the show but then again tv shows are just supposed to be for entertainment..so to each its own and enjoy! 🙂

  • Moira Duggan

    Cindy, why have you declined to go on the show? I think you should go on and show the public how to be a good, ethical couponer!

  • Susan Jones

    I am SOO glad that are so many of you who believe the show is crap! I have been using coupons for years… and ALOT more the last year… but now that the show has come out… its hard to even find items on the shelf! A few weeks ago Marsh tripled coupons for 3 days anything $1.00 or less.. well I did make 2 trips.. but only got what I would use… spent about $200 out of pocket and saved almost $1000! This past month I have only had to go buy milk, produce and meat! But, it RARELY ever happens that way and even with triple coupons I still paid out of pocket. The rules are bent for teh show.. there is no limit.. they commit coupon fraud – and its insane. I have noticed the look of disgust from cashiersnow when I pull out my coupons thanks to all of those trying to jump on the band wagon and stockpile things they dont even need.. very frustrating!! During the triple coupon promotion I had a guy completely come unglued in line behind me making a complete fool of himself because he had to wait the extra 10 minutes it took them to scan all of my coupons (which by the way were VERY organized and NOT one was rejected or had to be looked at because I didnt try to scam) I just smiled when I had completed my order and told him that listening to him behave like an idiot was worth the $498 I just saved on my grocery bill! 🙂

  • I’m sooooooooo happy there isn’t going to be another season of Extreme Couponing. I’ll admit I watch it but I have this fear that is going to cause the grocery stores to change their policies to negatively impact those people who use coupons for their regular grocery shopping. Plus that show would have been way more interesting and useful if it showed someone buying real groceries and how they saved a ton of money on that. Like you said, you need to buy meat, and milk, and produce. I’d love to see that instead. I am just getting started couponing and find it to be very difficult and time consuming. I would watch a show that showed me how to save money on my realistic purchases. Thanks for the post. Love your site.

    • Oops I thought your wrote that it wasn’t coming back. Anyway, I wish is wasn’t.

  • Wendy

    I agree…you should go on the show, but only if they allowed you to show how to coupon responsibly and within the guidelines of the store’s coupon policy. Like many others, the show did open my eyes to the benefits of coupons and I do believe I’m a responsible coupon shopper. I’m happy if I can save between 50% and 75% on a trip, only buy items that my family will use, and I never clear a shelf. I don’t buy or photocopy coupons. One of my favorite things to do while I wait in line to check out is to look in other people’s carriages and hand out coupons for things they have….I have never had anyone turn me down. It makes me feel good to help someone else out. But it is extremely maddening when I got a store on the first day of a sale and every sale item is wiped out. I had a cashier at CVS this week tell me that a woman had been there in the early, early hours of the morning and had wiped them out of everything on sale, but that it was okay because she donates most of it. Really?

    Keep being responsible…that show will run its course….


    I went to Shop Rite yesterday and I saved 75% in my shopping and I was so happy. If you have family is impossible buy 100 mustard and other things they show in TV. It’s not a good for us honest family moms need to save money. At WLB Shop Rite I can use 4 coupons for the same item; I think is enough.
    The cashier told me I have to go to the show and I said no; I am doing this because I really need to give food for my kids. Days ago I went to CVS to buy some items there and when I stop to pay the cashier saw my coupons she did not like and told me I was the second person in the same day with coupons. I did not like her attitude and next time I will go to another CVS close to my house. I love my coupons because help my family. Thank you Cindy for your help. Julia

  • Paula

    I personally STOPPED watching the show because I had to come to terms that these shopping trips aren’t realistic and I too found myself with a ton of questions that we unanswered. I don’t have 10 hours to devote before one of these trips and don’t have the sources to somehow get (100) coupons from (100) newspapers. Nor do I feel like making my spare room into a “storage room” with stuff that I will never use in a lifetime.

    I use my coupons, as needed each week at the grocery store and I’m content with what I save. I don’t need to have (100) bottles of mustard in order to be successful.

  • Lori

    If you have do use every spare space in your house for “storage” for your stockpile…you have too much stuff! Give some to those who need it more that yourself!

  • Jeannette

    I’m sure there is no way they would let Cindy, or any other honest person who coupons, show the world how its really done…it would be the end of their show! Even though its “reality” TV, its anything but real.

  • Devon

    This information helped me because i felt like i wasn’t doing good enough because im not getting everything for free. I actually just said that same to my husband last night, “they have stated that this is the biggest trip they have ever done” i just said that to him last night. Thanks for all you do! In just a few weeks since i started getting into this you have helped me save so much money!

  • Anita

    I was a coupon user before this show and I find it very frustrating to have some unrealistic show come on and ruin couponing for the rest of us. It gives all of us ‘real’ coupon users a bad rep. I have had many nasty stares from people while in line, coupons in hand. I have had one cashier tell me she HATES orders with coupons…I told her I dislike HATERS and I am walking away with 4 sacks of items and over 70% savings in my pocket…that shut her up. But then again I have had several cashiers that are friendly about it…asking how I do this and where I get all the coupons. I only buy what I will use…having tons of items just because they are free or cheap is greedy, however that seems to be the theme with many people these days…sad 🙁

  • Lisa

    What I want to see is a few recipes that include the Mentos, Power Ade, mustard and Asian noodles that they all bought. LOL! You cannot realistically feed a family on what they buy in these extreme shopping trips.

    I’m all in favor of having a stockpile but even my son commented about the over-the-top piles of products that these shoppers have stored throughout their homes. You don’t need 100 bottles of mustard. I don’t care if they don’t expire. You don’t need that many!

    I would love to see them show a real couponer with a shopping list and matched up coupons showing something more than soda pop, deodorants and sports drinks. Come on TLC! Feature an extreme couponer who has a REAL shopping list and shops under normal conditions and rules!

    • Arielle

      LOL! This reminds me of a couponer on that show who said she was stocking up for a backyard party she was hosting. If she served all her guests the 20 packs of pepperoni slices and bottles of mustard she bought, that’d be one lousy party!

  • Rosanne

    I don’t watch the show too often. I have a two year old boy who is very energetic (that is code for ‘a terror’) and t.v. has fallen by the wayside. If I have an extra few minutes, I sleep. Frankly, I don’t find the show that interesting. The fake anxiety attacks at checkout, the dancing, other customers clapping. It is the same formula over and over. However, since I am nosy and sometimes downright rude, I have to ask. What kind of money did they offer? I need details!

  • Rosanne

    Oh, one more thing. Cindy, I think you should have your own show. Some small, local, public access thing. I would watch for sure!! You could do food coupons mostly- maybe a show on dining out with coupons- one on using coupons at the outlet mall- one that shows different freebies to get on your birthday- one on frugal outings for the kids-one on farmers markets-one on ethnic groceries-I could go on and on. Maybe I could be your producer?

  • Lody

    I, myself is new couponer and honestly it is the show EXTREME COUPONING by TLC that inspired me to do this. It didn’t take a lot of time before I realized how unrealistic the show is. So I searched for local couponer and websites and I found this site which is amazing and which is very useful for me because Cindy lives next town to me, :-)) therefore I get to copy almost all of the deals the she made, not to mention delicious recipes, lovely! Yes, 50% to 75% savings from things that I would normally buy at regular price because we run out of it (i.e. toothpaste, etc) is more than enough to pass on to buy fresh produce and proteins! BIG, BIG SAVINGS! Thank you Cindy.
    But as a newbie, I do get intimidated by some cashier and so I am learning how to profile them, the right time of the day to shop and where to shop. I do get nervous every time they are scanning my coupons. But it is comforting to read other’s experiences and gives me more inspiration to continue.
    I was in ShopRite two weeks ago and my total was $67.00 and paid $24.00 after coupons, the man behind me asked, “how did you do that?” Hahhaha, I felt great (and thanking Cindy under my breath and off course all the coupons)
    I agree about Scott B’s episode last night. He is so far the most realistic among them.
    Cindy, will you have any lecture schedule in West Orange?

    • Cindy

      Nothing in West Orange area yet.

  • CJ

    The show just isnt very realistic and gives viewers the impression that all couponers buy huge quantities and use a million coupons every time they shop, and that all stores allow it. They wouldnt be interested in people like me who is happy if I save 50% using a few coupons and a rebate. And even then I get asked by cashiers if I watch “that coupon show” and they spend 5 minutes interrogating me over my 7 coupons. I watched the first few episodes but the show just ends up frustrating me (no double coupons, no mega promotions, and too restrictive coupon policies at my stores) so I havent watched since.

  • Michelle

    I think they should do episodes where the shopping is not so extream. Every day people need to be able to relate.

  • Maria D.

    I don’t watch the program and the only information I have on it is through these comments and others that have been posted this season. When I go shopping and other people ask me if I am one of those extreme couponers, I say no, I am a real couponer and that what you see on the program is not reality and some things are mocked up for the shock value on tv. I tell them I do use coupons legally and that I do save what I consider enough. This site and coupons have helped me through a rough financial patch and I survived without losing my house. I give them Cindy’s site and if appropiate a coupon for a product they are buying. I know it’s tedious but I do feel if I educate one person at a time it may help.

  • Leslie

    I would never go on national TV and let them film me dumpster diving for coupons or stealing papers from foreclosed homes.

  • I think you should go on the show to make it more real. Let them see a New Jersey person who can’t get more than 4 of the same items, who isn’t a crazy hoarder, or who is a responsible couponer who doesn’t clear the shelves. You do such a great job on this site. I have only been doing this for six weeks. I have saved so much and I am educating others on the process….THANKS to YOU!
    Keep up the good work!

  • Debbi

    Comment from Debbie, Couldn’t get the name/etc to work.

    The show did re-kindle my interest in coupons and like many here I learned the correct way from this site. If any are interested in sending expired coupons to the military visit : ocpnet.org you can adopt a base from there.

  • EgyptLyn

    Hi..I watched Scott on the show too and YES he was one of the more realistic ones. It was good to see a guy doing the shopping also! My son is the shopper in his house and he uses coupons ALWAYS. I think on the whole, most of the Extreme Shoppers are a bit greedy. Just because you can wipe out all the shelves,doesn’t mean you SHOULD!! I can see donating, stocking up for your family, but c’mon, most of the stuff will expire before you even get to it no matter how much you rotate it!My favorite person was a retired Nurse who took her daughter with her to show her how to do it. She only bought what she said she would use and got her groceries for next to nothing. This is how it should be…I don’t feel bad about not walking out of the store with 3 carts full. I live in a small house and wouldn’t have a place for 100 bottles of mouthwash,etc. I DO try to ALWAYS save more than I spend with my coupons and maybe add a little to my pantry stockpile, but never wipe out the entire shelf…what about the next person. Nothing is more frustrating than out of stock items that you have to get a raincheck for, and hope they come in before the coupons expire! Thanks for letting me blow off steam and yes Cindy, you should do some kind of show to show the correct way to do it! I can’t imagine trying to feed my family healthy meals with all the “goodies” they get..WHERE’S THE BEEF???

  • bek

    Hello everyone!

    I must say as a “extreme” couponer and as a Shop-rite employee I can see the trend for extreme couponing becoming more of a problem everyday. I am not a cashier, I work in the POS department. I see people come in everyday with their binders and clean our shelves. They pass bad coupons, copy internet coupons and even try to copy manufacture coupons! It made us inforce our policies more so than we did before. So that now we seem like the “bad”guys and people that coupon honestly are left feeling like they are under a microscope. It really is a shame, and as a customer I feel awful. But, as an employee really we have no choice…I am just hoping like the pet rock that this to will fade away and the true couponers will stay!! Until then like everyone else I can only do 4 coupons at once…pain in the a**…But, my shop-rite does double fully 🙂

    • EgyptLyn

      Hi Bek..It’s good to hear from the employees point of view! I too hope this will fade away. I’ve been using coupons since long before they were in style..I started in the 1970s and used to do a lot of rebates to get back money. We don’t see as many rebates as before, so the coupons are instant savings! I used to put my coupon savings amount in a savings account and it would be my Christmas shopping money. Now I save so much I can’t afford to do this anymore. LOL

    • Michelle

      I absolutely love Shop-Rite, esp the one in Montague, NJ. I started couponing about 2 months ago and SR has become my favorite. It’s terrible that people resort to these terrible choices and ruin it for us all. I have a 10 yo son who is intrigued with couponing and how much I have saved. Just today as I made the comment that if I could print off more than 2 internet coupons for each item then I could really stock up, he asked me why I couldn’t just make copies of them!!! Way to use your mind little boy, but this did provoke a whole entire conversation on the correct and responsible way to use coupons!!! I love to save money, but I also like to feel proud of how I saved the money.

  • Tina

    The show is interesting,but usually frustrating because I am seing and hearing all over ,the effects of people using coupons like they do on the show..I called my local paper to find out the earliest I could buy 5 papers (the weekend eddition) that has the coupons I need for a sale Friday…They are limitted to sell two papers to a person,and they have to send back ALL coupon inserts from the previous week(weeks) to the coupon company!She said it was due to a legal matter a few weeks ago!I totally agree with Cindy,coupons are meant to help people save on their expenses,and try new products at great prices..I hope we all will still be able to get a good buy on a few bottles of shampoo or some lunch meat (etc.)next year..If people are not careful,this good thing will be ruined .Lets all remember that 🙂 It can’t be a “Get ALL you can for nothing” thing.. God bless.

  • Maria

    Funny that ever since this show came out, my SR in P’burg has an announcement about the coupon policy. They state only 4 like coupons and they don’t allow overage. I laugh everytime I hear it.

  • Michelle

    I just did my shopping trip today for our family of 5. I spent $125 and saved $238 at 3 different stores..about 65%. I got all kinds of produce, meats, milk, other stuff, and cleaners (along with a $9 bottle of bug spray that I really wanted!!) (130 total items) to last my family a week or so and then some to add to my stock pile. As I was driving home, I kept thinking I didn’t save enough compared to how much I spent and felt terrible. I think I owe that mindset to this show. They show people paying next to nothing on their total bill. I have only been doing this for about two months now, so realistically after reading all these posts I should be proud of myself. So thanks everyone. I was pretty happy after I set everything out on my island and admired what $125 bought me!! And then hearing my kids say “look at all this food we have!” was the icing on the cake.

  • Kristy

    I’ve been couponing less than two months, and I do owe that to Extreme Couponing. The last time I looked at coupon inserts prior to the show, it was all for canned veggies (not much of a discount) and items that I would never use. Thanks to the show, I was introduced to the wide range of coupons that are out there. To be honest, though, I must say that even a newbie can recognize that these shopping trips are not based in reality. Sometimes I will save 75%, 80% or 90%, but those trips are in Walgreens or CVS with BOGO deals and using RR/ECB. When I go to the grocery or big box store, I usually save 30% to 40% because only one store doubles coupons, and it allows just 3 coupons to double. Added to that, the coupons are lower in value. (Apparently the coupon gods don’t realize that Reno has a California cost of living.) When I first started, I would get frustrated with myself because I didn’t save more money. Now I just relax and remind myself that any saving is a good saving – it doesn’t have to be huge.

    An added bonus to the money saved are the interesting reactions from the people in line behind you. I was checking out at Wal-Mart one day and there was a couple behind me. Both the husband and wife were impatiently shuffling around as the cashier scanned the coupons to reduce my $73 bill. When the cashier gave me the final total of $39, the wife whipped around to face her husband and said “SEE! Coupons really do work.”

  • Amanda

    I saw Extreme Couponing and at first it inspired me to start using coupons, but I soon found myself getting more and more discouraged because my savings were nowhere near that of the people on the show. But thanks to this site I’ve realized that couponing isn’t about getting everything for free; it’s about saving money realistically, whether it’s 50 cents or 5 dollars! I don’t need to hoard toothpaste or clear shelves at the grocery store (wouldn’t you hate if someone did that right before you went to grab the item?) I just need to use my brain (and coupons!) to try and save what I can on items I know we’ll actually use! Thanks again for this great website- it is a tremendous help! 🙂

  • John

    i hope all the extreme couponers like eatting toothpaste and mustard sandwiches for the next 20 years!!!

  • Anonymous

    That’s why they call it “EXTREME” At least it’s got people using coupons again like they did back in the day. I remember my mom buying tons of plastic wrap, foil and light bulbs and keeping them in a cabinet in the basement. I alway thought who needs 20 pkgs of lightbulbs? But they were there when she did need them. Anyway I agree that it’s obsession with some people and they even admit it. That’s TLC’s niche, the weird, the obsessed and the almost needs to be committed. My daughter works at the local grocery store and said they are really cracking down on coupon use. Once again making it hard to save money. Now if the show gave you real shopping tips then it would be worth my time.

  • cmsvmom

    I enjoy the show, but I think it is time for a competitor to come up with something new. Instead of two people on extreme trips in a half hour, why not a full show following someone around for a month? Yes the get up early to get to CVS go find the coupons, see whats in the mailbox today, printing stuff and then shopping at this store for this deal and at that store for that deal. And of course a stockpile and big savings. Also I think with an hour format they can show more detail.

    Maybe for drama an extreme couponer can blow the whistle on a newspaper thief or pad grabber!

  • Sherrie

    My husband and I were having a discussion about me and couponing. I told his I was stressing myself out. Although I am saving lots with the coupons, it just didn’t seem to be enough. The show motivated me, but it also stressed me. I wanted to save just like them $3000.00 for $45.00, something ridiculous like that. Then it dawned on me….it’s TV ratings!!!! The world I live in has a limit of 4 like coupons and a limit on rain check items!! I’ve watched a little more carefully and check out time just seems set up! They pre -order 100’s of items and have coupons for them…the store has to know. I think the store bends the rules for the shows sake…very frustrating.

    Side note…they all so seem to have coupons for the Asian Noodles and Vitamin Water!!! I haven’t seen a coupon for either item that I can remember!!! Strange!

  • Sheila

    The show has hurt consumers as coupon policies have been changed and even on coupon sites there are fewer coupons. Notice that people on the show are purchasing too many of items they cannot possibly use before the expiration date. Cake mixes, pancake mixes and such are very dangerous for your health once they expire. I see people purchasing too many unhealthy drinks and other items with no regard to nutrition.

    Our closest Walgreens complain that people come in and wipe them out the day their shipments arrive. People are not calling ahead for larger orders, so when the rest of us go in to buy something on sale it is not there. Very frustrating, as I live 45 miles away and do not get there often.

    Greed is not a good value for anyone to have in their character. Couponing can become an unhealthy addiction that takes you away from other important responsibilities, and life experiences that add more quality to living.

  • Ace Rich

    See this makes sense thank you for making this clear, it’s the Extreme Couponing that is the misconception it gives to people that this is a everyday shopping experience when it’s not. Love this post! ~ Anastacia “Ace”