Extreme Couponing Tip: Don’t Compare

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Extreme Couponing Tips

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If you have been watching the Extreme Couponing Series on TLC, you know that some of these shoppers walk away with a ton of groceries for next to nothing.  Lot’s of questions  pop up like, where do they get all their inserts, can you use that coupon on that product, etc.

This week’s tip is:

::Don’t Compare

Since the start of Extreme Couponing, there seems to be this frustration with some couponers that they feel as though they are not doing well enough.  One of the things I often hear is, “I am only saving 75%, how can I save 95%”.  Or asking how to buy 100 items of something for free.

Not Reality

Well, let me tell you something.  The shoppers on this show, are doing one big shopping haul.  If you have noticed, almost every single time, they have stated that this is the biggest trip they have ever done.  You don’t want to shop like that, you can’t shop like that and you shouldn’t shop like that.

Sure, you can pull off a 95% shopping trip every now and then.  Most of us can.  But can you do it on a regular basis…NOPE.  Why, becuase we have families we need to feed and they can not live off of 100 bottles of mustard or 100 boxes of cat food. Meat needs to be purchased, milk needs to be purchased, baby food and dog food need to be purchased. And so much more.

Be Happy With Your Savings

So, tell me, are you saving 50%, 60 % or 75%?  If you answered yes, you should be darn proud of yourself.  And you should not compare your shopping trips to the ones featured on the show because I will bet my blog that most of them do not shop like that every time.

Be happy with what you do.  Be happy with what you save.

Extreme Couponing 2nd Season

And, you will all be happy to know (or not) that a second season of Extreme Couponing will be coming.  And, you will be happy to know that I was once again asked to be on the show and I once again declined.

So, what are your thoughts on another season of Extreme Couponing?

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