5 Ways to Save Even More with Rainchecks!

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rainchecksHow Rainchecks Can Help You Save Even More

Rainchecks are a great way to take advantage of deals when the products are no longer in stock.  This is a great way to take advantage of the sale at a later date.  And, sometimes, you may even be able to score a better deal then the one that was originally available.

1. Know your store’s Raincheck policy

Here are some things you should ask your store regarding rainchecks.

  1. Is there a limit on the amount of products you can purchase with the raincheck
  2. If the product was part of another deal, will you still be able to take advantage of that when you use your raincheck
  3. Do the rainchecks have an expiration date

2. CVS Rainchecks

If the product is no longer available at CVS and it was part of an Extra Care Bucks deal, they will honor the Extra Care Bucks at the time you make the purchase.  If the product is part of another Extra Care Bucks deal at the time you use your raincheck, you will not receive both ECBs.

3. Using Coupons with Rainchecks

You can use coupons with rainchecks.  Having a raincheck is no different then if you had been buying the product when it had been on sale originally.  So, if you didn’t have a coupon when the product went on sale and then a coupon or a better coupon becomes available, you can score a great deal using your raincheck.

4. Getting Rainchecks for a product in a Catalina Deal

Unfortunately rainchecks for items that were a part of a catalina deal will not produce the catalina when you use your raincheck at a later date.  You can certainly discuss the deal and the situation with your store’s customer service department to see if they will honor the catalina deal, however, once the catalina deals are over, the catalina machine will not recognize the purchase and therefore, will not give you a catalina coupon when you use your raincheck

5. Other Ways to Save with a Raincheck

A great way to take advantage of a raincheck is to use it when there is catalina, ECB or Register Reward deal, especially if the price of the raincheck is better then the price of the item in the deal for that week.

Do you have any great tips on using rainchecks?

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