5 Ways to Save Even More with Rainchecks!

rainchecksHow Rainchecks Can Help You Save Even More

Rainchecks are a great way to take advantage of deals when the products are no longer in stock.  This is a great way to take advantage of the sale at a later date.  And, sometimes, you may even be able to score a better deal then the one that was originally available.

1. Know your store’s Raincheck policy

Here are some things you should ask your store regarding rainchecks.

  1. Is there a limit on the amount of products you can purchase with the raincheck
  2. If the product was part of another deal, will you still be able to take advantage of that when you use your raincheck
  3. Do the rainchecks have an expiration date

2. CVS Rainchecks

If the product is no longer available at CVS and it was part of an Extra Care Bucks deal, they will honor the Extra Care Bucks at the time you make the purchase.  If the product is part of another Extra Care Bucks deal at the time you use your raincheck, you will not receive both ECBs.

3. Using Coupons with Rainchecks

You can use coupons with rainchecks.  Having a raincheck is no different then if you had been buying the product when it had been on sale originally.  So, if you didn’t have a coupon when the product went on sale and then a coupon or a better coupon becomes available, you can score a great deal using your raincheck.

4. Getting Rainchecks for a product in a Catalina Deal

Unfortunately rainchecks for items that were a part of a catalina deal will not produce the catalina when you use your raincheck at a later date.  You can certainly discuss the deal and the situation with your store’s customer service department to see if they will honor the catalina deal, however, once the catalina deals are over, the catalina machine will not recognize the purchase and therefore, will not give you a catalina coupon when you use your raincheck

5. Other Ways to Save with a Raincheck

A great way to take advantage of a raincheck is to use it when there is catalina, ECB or Register Reward deal, especially if the price of the raincheck is better then the price of the item in the deal for that week.

Do you have any great tips on using rainchecks?

If you are new to couponing, you may want to check out the Couponing for Beginners section where you will find a lot of answers to your questions.

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  • jen

    Just want to add something I learned recently at my Rite Aid. When the Tylenol Precise patch was on sale for $5 and the $ 5 coupon was out, they were out of it at my stores. I got a raincheck for 5 of them because of the info you provided about the following week’s Up reward ($25 purchase, get $10 UP) and the Precise was to be included. I figured on Sunday, the first day of the sale, but also the day the coupon was to expire, I’d go buy 5 Precise patches, use my rainchecks with my coupons to make them free and receive $10 UP. The manager said the UP will not print because you cannot combine rainchecks from last week’s sales with this week’s UP promotion. So it did not print. I never knew this though. Does anyone know if this is actually true or had ant experience using a raincheck from one week with an UP promotion the current week ? Would love to here other people’s experiences.

    • Tracey

      I did that same deal and it worked. Five Tylenol Precise at $5 each with raincheck along with five $5 off coupons produced the $10 “Weekend Warrior” UP. Aw yeah!

    • Chanel

      The manager wasn’t being honest. I’ve been purchasing Precise since the first week all the way up to this past Saturday (yes my manager did agree to honro the expired coupons). I received the $10+Up everytime. Also, when getting a raincheck, my managers have written it to reflec the lower price if they expect the reward to no print (usually smally rewards). For example,Scrubbing Bubbles 2/$4 +$1 up was written as 2/$3. They also make notations of the up rewards I should have received and honor them with either a credit, gift card, or wrap into the price to make the item free. Whatever is to my advantage.

      • Chanel

        Sorryy for all those typos. Ugh!

  • At Harris Teeter yesterday, I used a B1G1 rain check for Hormel Always Tenders (reg price 10.99) They are currently on sale for 6.99. I had (2) $1/1 coupons. So I paid $4.99 for (2) or $2.50 each! That is 77% off MEAT!

  • April

    I used my Libby’s Peaches raincheck from last week at ShopRite ($.49 each) with my $1/2 coupons for free peaches this week. Now what to do with 8 cans of peaches…

    • JoAnn

      I would use them in a cake. I do this all the time. First, you drain off the juice, reserve it. Cut the peaches into bit size pieces. Take a yellow cake mix, make as directed, using the juice as your liquid (you may have a add a little water to equal the amount needed. Stir in the peaches and bake as directed. Or you can take the juice and make a glaze to pour over your cake. I use all kinds of fruit this way. It is loved by all.

  • Liz

    I am still a bit dense on something. Say I wanted to buy the Perdue Chix. on Sunday 6/5 (the day the coupon was expiring), and the store was out. I could get a raincheck to use at a later date, but when the chicken was back in stock on Tuesday, would I or wouldn’t I be able to hand over the coupon (that would have been 2 days expired)??? The question is — if you had a coupon that was valid for an item that was out of stock and you were within the right timeframe when you requested the raincheck, would the store honor the coupon when you went back to buy the item at a later date even if the coupon was “expired” by then?

    • Liz

      does anyone know this answer?

      • Chanel

        Accepting expired coupons is at the manager’s discretion because store policy is not to take them at all. I assume at a store like Shoprite they won’t take the expired coupon unless there was a seriously good reason to do so. I have found that drug stores are willing to accomodate, especially when I am bringing home a massive amount of product. I pick and chose when making such a request. This is not something that should be considered common practice. I’ve only made the request on three occassions. The product and sale really have to be worth it for me to push the envelope. Hope this helps.

  • Jen

    Uggh. I have a raincheck for Acme and coupons I traded for their subs. Now it looks like they don’t carry them. Has anyone seen the Oscar Meyer subs there?

  • Sandi

    I have had problems at my Shoprite getting certain rainchecks. They will give me one for something like ice cream, but not for razors. Everytime the razors are on sale, and a coupon makes them either cheap or free, they are all gone. I was told that they weren’t giving out rainchecks for the razors because they were coming in the next day. I emailed Shoprite and haven’t heard anything back yet.

    • Christina

      Hmmm…definitely make sure they respond. I thought they HAD to…otherwise, it’s false advertising. I am in CT and have had no issues getting a RC for razors.

    • I’ve always been able to get rainchecks at the ShopRite in my area. At times they’ve offered a substitution but if I didn’t want the substitute because I had coupons for the original item, they’d write the raincheck.

    • Yolanda

      If its a advertised deal in the paper they are supposed to give you a raincheck unless it says while supplies last.

  • John

    i was told that my local shoprite will only give a raincheck for 4 like items. so i just have my gf go up for the same RC. their are ways around it. also i was told that the same shoprite will not give rain checks for razors as the vendor is in everyday to stock them. i went back the next day and they were still empty. ugh.

    also i was told by walgreens that the reason my bucks didnt print was because i bought the same item the purchase before. i used another bucks coupon from another item but it just didnt print. and he would not refund the transaction saysing at a lot of couponers try to get over on them. i wasw pee ohhhed to say the least so i left and called corporate and got my $5 bucks in the mail. hahaha

    • Yolanda

      It should be for whatever is stated in the sale. So its usually 4 per variety.

  • Jenny

    I have a raincheck for Walgreens b1g1 snuggle. They are on sale $2/7. So I would pay $3.50 for two 80 ct boxes – 2 $1/1 qs. So they would turn out to be 75 cents a piece! However every time I go in for them they are outta stock!!! GRRRR

    • Chanel

      Speak to the manager and ask to have them ordered or put to the side when the next shipment arrives.

  • Dana C

    My CVS will honor expired coupons with their rainchecks. They told me “It’s not your fault we didn’t have the product in when you went to buy it. Besides having to wait until we get the product in, you shouldn’t also have to lose out on your coupon”. I love CVS!!!

  • TM

    My SR told me that ”the coupons are manufacturer coupons and don’t HAVE to be used in their store” ..so they will not honor expired coupons with the rain check in order to get the same deal i would’ve gotten had it been in stock

  • Yolanda

    My rite aid honors the up rewards. So they will subtract the cost of the up reward. So say something is $1 and you get a $1 up. On the raincheck it just says you get it for free since you can’t get the up reward.