ShopRite Coupon Match Ups 1/29/12

ShopRite Deals for the week of 1/29/12

All coupons $.99 and under are doubled in these match ups. If your ShopRite doubles differently, please adjust the final price accordingly. Also keep in mind that these coupon match ups are based on insert coupons found in the NJ, NY area. Other areas may have additional or different value coupons. Only the best value price coupons have been listed here.

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  • Joe

    If anyone lives in Northeast Philly, there are a ton of super coupons this week including Pepsi 12 pack 4 for $8.88, Shoprite 18 pack eggs $1.98, Breyers $1.98, Baby Carrotts 2 for $1.98, Herr’s 2 for $3.98, Coke 2L 4 for $3.98, Dole Iceberg Salad Bags 2 for $1.98 as well as a bunch of seafood super coupons

    • Anonymous

      I live in Delaware County PA and I got them too! So many good deals, and I have Herrs coupons to stack! Yay!

    • MJ

      Great, thanks!

      • Nellie

        I’m in Delco too and got the ads for both DE and PA. The super coupons for DE include 4 lb bag of perdue wings $3.98, breyers $.99 and 3 lb. hatfield sausage $5.98. I usually go to the one in DE and they will take the super coupons for both PA and DE.

    • Nellie

      Does anyone know if the deal for the Pepsi where you buy 4 – 12 packs you get 2 doritos, tostitos or rold gold free will work with the super coupon?

      • Janice

        I would think the doritos/tostitos deal will work with the super coupon. It doesn’t say SPEND $X, just says MUST BUY ALL 6 TO GET COUPON. So 4 packs of pepsi and the 2 packs of chips. Going to try it tomorrow with the super coupon.

      • Michaela

        I did the deal today and I was able to get the free doritos with the super coupon. Also, FYI the Acme circular in my area had a manufacturers coupon for $3 off 4 Pepsi 12 packs, which also worked for the deal– scoring me 4 12 packs of Mountain Dew and 2 bags of doritos for a total of $5.88!

        • Anonymous

          My CVS had rold gold coupons 1.00 off 2.00 so i had a few left over.

    • H

      Hello Friends. On the Totino’s roll there is actually a better deal with a coupon from the 1/8/12 ss .35 cents that would double to .70 cents + cellfire. But if no cell fire could get each box for .30 cents. not bad at all. is the power to give is in your hands book.

      • H

        Is the GM book.

    • Marie


      you are really lucky to get those coupons. Here, in New Jersey, we NEVER see them!

      Godd Luck & enjoy!!!!

      • V

        I got them and I live in NJ. If you live in north NJ, you can get the NY Post: they usually have good coupons

    • michele

      Where did you find these? I live in the Poconos, do you know where i can get them here??

  • VA

    yaye. good deals this week – especially if you want to do a taco night for dinner…lol

  • frink

    Not seeing the land o lakes coupon at zip 60606…

    • Anonymous

      I cant find it either 🙁

    • Pene

      Me too! can’t find it 🙁

      • colleen

        I looked for it this a.m. and never found it either.

    • Karen


  • rachael

    the snapple coupon says a 6 pack will they still take it for the 12 pack?

    • Merry

      I am pretty certain they won’t except that but last night I found a 6 pack on manager’s special for $3.49 using the $1/1 6 pack snapple coupon I got it for $2.49 making them $.42 ea bottle.

      • Elaine

        What store? TIA

  • KT

    Can anyone tell me if they still see the Bumble Bee coupon on recyclebank. I was able to print one with my account but my BF checked his account and it says no longer available…

    • rachael

      kt i just went on and it says its no longer available

  • Ellen

    the coupon for the davidson eggs expired 12/31/11

    • bobbi

      i just printed mine and it expires 03/29/12

    • Annie

      I just printed one and it expires on 3/29. The Baileys Coffee Creamer is DND and starts with 9

    • Amy

      @Ellen: I printed out 2 from the Davidson’s Safest Eggs Facebook page yesterday that have an expiration date of 3/28. I used them this morning

  • Kristin

    Can anyone give me some suggestions about getting multiple coupons.

    • Deanna

      Hi Kristin! Depending on what the coupons are for the week I sometimes buy extra papers. You can buy coupons from sites such as; an extra computer lets you print out more than the 2 usually allowed and/or ask family/friends if they are not using them if you can have them. Hope this helps! : )

    • Jessica

      Check free local papers, usually found in boxes on the street (not the papers you have to pay for). These papers don’t come out on Sunday when the Sunday papers do, you may have to wail till mid week. You’d be surprised that they often contain coupon inserts. I usually pick up one of these free papers per each family member that lives in my house. This gives me all the coupons I need. Just be sure not to be greedy and clean out the box so there is nothing left for others, that would be stealing.

      Also, when shopping, look at all the items on the shelf. Sometimes identical items are not identical, many items are packaged with coupons from the manufacturer. Sometimes, it is smarter to buy the item that is a few pennies more or to buy multiple items (when you had only planned on buying one) if it contains coupons inside. Just be careful that the coupons inside are worth the investment.

      Also buy several newspapers on Sunday. Not all the same paper, but different ones because the coupon values and inserts are different in most Sunday papers. It is nice to have a variety.

      Ask friends and family to save their coupon inserts for you.

      I don’t have the motivation for this, but you can also check out recycle bins. I have heard of people having good luck there.

      Look for blinkies and tear pads in the store.

      Use more than one computer to print online coupons. You only get 2 prints per computer, but if you have a computer and a laptop, you double your prints to 4. If you have more computers, you get even more prints.

      Most importantly, ALWAYS keep your eyes open for coupons. You’d be surprised where they pop up.

  • Ramona

    The Classico pasta sauce coupon is for the larger 44 oz size jar only. I tried to use this one before but the cashier did notice.

    • Anonymous

      you shouldn’t be trying if you know there is a size restriction.

  • Lori

    is it just me or should the clairol natural instincts be 2.50 each after 5.00/2 coupon and the catalina?
    And shouldn’t the advil be2.99 after coupon and catalina?

    Maybe I am missing something? I haven’t seen advil on sale in a while so I am thinking it is a good deal for 2.99 considering I haven’t had a deal on it in a long time and am out.

    • Annie

      It’s a better deal at CVS this week @ $4.49 and buy 2, get $4.00 ECB.
      But if you decide to get it at SR anyway, be on the look out for peelies. I’ve spotted some $2 peelies on the boxes of Advil PM.

  • Lisa

    My SS this week has a .50c off any Colgate coupon ….that would make them free. Also the Palmolive coupon says ANY size! Woohoo!

    • loves coupons

      LUCKY! lol I have .35 on colgate which is a DND of course, and palmolive is .50 off the ultra palmolive.

    • V

      Where do you live? Wherever that is, I need to think about moving there because ya’ll are getting te good coupons! 😛

    • Beth

      My colgate was a DND as was my palmolive. .25/off DND 🙁

  • Jake

    The Classico coupon is for the 44 oz. Not the one that’s on sale.

  • Frosty

    Hey Joe in NE Philly, which ShopRite do u go to? I go to the one at Morrell. an’t wait to use those coupons!!

    • Joe

      Thats the one I always go to. The Knorr store is awful and the Blvd never has the deals in stock

      • Colleen S.

        That is where I go, too. 🙂

        • Sara

          me too!

  • Karen L

    For those out there with cats… Purina Whisker Lickin treats are 4 for $5 (must buy 4). There is a $1.50 off 2 from the SS 12/4/11. If you have two coupons, the treats would only be .50 each. (These work great if you have the Purina catalinas also).

  • The Classico Coupon for $1/1 is for the 45oz jars and the sale is on 15oz jars.

  • mel

    Good week thanks

  • M&M Pretzel Bag IS included in the sale!! Woohoo!!

  • Oh, wait a second…..the coupon is $1.00 off a bag of M&M Pretzel, 9.9oz or larger. The bag on sale at ShopRite this week is the 9oz bag. BUMMER.

    • Prudence

      The sale is for 9oz or larger so the coupon does work. I got a 12oz bag for 99 cents today!

      • My ShopRite wouldn’t accept it, because the bag on sale was 9oz and the coupon stated 9.9oz or larger. I didn’t even realize it until the cashier returned it. =(

  • Janelle S

    There is a new coupon on for $0.70/1 Keebler Club Cracker making them $1.10

    • laura

      I found this coupon at zip at 14789. Can’t find the LoL butter thou..

      • Ted

        Is this one GS1 coding only… please?

        • Betty

          cant find it!Is it NLA?

  • Antonia

    There is also a Breyers coupon for $1.50/2. It was on the Walmart website a few months ago and it expires on 1/31. Just a reminder in case anyone still has it 🙂

  • Ted

    OMG – Getting really frustrated. Is it just me or, does it seem like almost every coupon I really want to use only has the GS1 barcoding. My SR is of course not updated to accept these and their policy is, if it won’t scan, they won’t take it. I hate wasting ink!

    • Stephanie

      What does GS1 barcoding mean? I didn’t know there was a difference or that certain coupons wouldn’t scan at stores.

      • V

        It is the new, long barcode that most coupons have now. My shoprite also hasn’t updated their scanners, but at least they take it if they think the coupon is legit. Of course, it always requires a manager to inspect, as they automatically assume coupon fraud if one doesn’t scan. Fun, fun! [sarcasm]

  • Patti M

    Was not able to find the Bic razors for 1.64 this AM. Didn’t see them in my circular…could it be regional? My Bic 10 ct was $3.29…still not bad w/ the BOGO Q. Since it expires on 2/5 I went and did it. PS…could not find the LOL Q either.

    • Betty

      patti it starts wednesday.its part of the 4 day price break!

  • cris

    Will SR take a manufacter’s coupon from the Acme ad? (it says use at Acme, but it is clearly a MC) If so, there is a $4 off 4 Pepsi products in the Acme ad that could be stacked with the SR Store coupon for 4/$8.88 and be an AWESOME deal!

    • Nellie

      In the ShopRite ad you also get 2 bags of Doritos, Tostitos or Rold Gold free when you buy 4 – 12 packs of Pepsi.

      • HainekyPaineky

        No. If its says use at Acme, then its only to be used at Acme…

    • V

      It is really a YMMV situation. If the Acme coupon says the price of the product, you can use it at Walmart

  • Pene

    I don’t have Old El Paso coupon in My this week’s SS 🙁 where do I get it?

    • Laurie M.

      Ugh, me either! Was so looking forward to that coupon. 🙁

  • Brandon Warnke

    My Palmolive coupon says do not double – I’m guessing if they just scan it it will?

    • rosanne

      if the barcode starts with number 5, it will double. it it starts with a 9, it wont.

  • Nik

    My SS this week had the Totino’s Pizza Rolls coupons for $0.35 off 1 making them $0.29ea. SWEET!!!

    • Nik

      and i was able to score some coupons on ebay for the digiorno pizzas. $3 off 2 making them $2.97ea. WOOHOO!!!

      • MARY

        Tons of these $3/2 Qs taped to the freezers @ Brooklawn SR.

  • Jennifer

    The Chex Mix printables are NLA.

  • christine

    yes chocolate chex is included in sale!!

    Egg coupon doesn’t scan and needs managers key, but they accepted it

    libby peaches are .69, use $1/2 and pay only .19 per can.

    • Ana

      thanks just ordered some libbys coupons off of ebay!!!

  • Michelle B

    The Bailey’s printable is a DND 9!!! So it won’t be .39 🙁 I have never seen a DND 9 printable before. Stinks that they are starting to do that.

    • Cindy

      oh bummer. Okay, thanks, I’ll update that.

  • The q for the Snapple is only redeemable at Walmart and is only good off the 6 pack. If there’s a q for the 12 pk I’d love to know about it. Thanks!

  • Christina


  • Amy

    Hi Cindy! At my Shoprite the Totinos Pizza Rolls are $1.69, not $0.99 🙁

    • Amy

      Nevermind…I just realized they will be .99 for the 4 day price break!

  • Lara

    Got the Friendship sour cream this morning, but the .55/1 coupon is DND-9 so it wasn’t quite as good of a deal as listed.

    • Betty

      bummer i just checked mine have a 9 too!:(

      • Susan


  • Lara

    The Friendship sour cream coupon for .55/1 is DND-9 so not quite as good of a deal as listed. Still not a bad price though!

  • Liz L.

    Shoprite friends — a bit of help for someone who forgot to use the $2.15 Finish coupon. Can I get a better deal than $1.54 for 12 powerball tabs at ShopRite? Anyone know of the price at Walmart, Target, WAGs, CVS, Rite-Aid, Acme or A&P?

  • gumy

    Just got 50/1 coupons on ebay for the lady speed stick, that makes it free.

  • Debbie

    I found a Lipton Soup coupon on my Redplum 1-29 today for .75 off 2 boxes. Shoprite has them on sale for .99 each. That makes them .24 each when you buy two! Not bad at all. My paper was the star ledger.

    • Dessa

      and there is a tearpad for $1.50 off Sourcream when you buy two (if you can find it)
      Nice stack 🙂

      • Michelle T.

        I tried to stack that sour cream coupon at Stop&Shop and they wouldn’t put it thru. 🙁 Now I’m afraid to try it at ShopRite LOL. Need to, though.

        • adriene

          did it beep or did they say no before theyy scanned it?

          • Michelle T.

            It beeped, and they told me that I already used a coupon on the Lipton soup, so I couldn’t use it. I tried to say it was $1.50 off the sour cream, but they wouldn’t do it. I just had them take off the sour cream. Win some, lose some 🙂

  • Karen

    Does anyone know if the UNILEVER Catalina is on shelf price? My mother has allergies and can only use Suave shampoo, so I thought I’d try the deal, but I don’t want to buy 8! If anyone tries it, please let me know. Thanks!

    • Antonia

      Karen- it is on shelf price. I did the deal yesterday and it worked 🙂

  • Michelle

    I still don’t of the totinos rolls in my shoprite ecoupons! whats wrong here

    • Beth G.

      The e coupon is a Cell Fire not a shoprite E coupon

      • Michelle

        My cellfire is only for totinos pizza stuffers

  • Diana

    I just got back from trying a unilever deal and it didn’t work off shelf price =(

    I bought 2 suave lotions and 2 vaseline intensive care lotions. It would have been $15.96 towards the deal using shelf price, but it didnt print. I have to contact cat mrktg.

  • Miriam

    @Joe- I live in NE Philly – I am looking for other couponers in the area. I would like to start a group- would you be interested?

    • lana

      my sister lives in the cotton area…

    • kristina

      I live in NE philly, I would be interested. Does the morrell store fully double coupons? I go to the one on oxford and levick and they are getting very stingy lately. Looking for a new store.

      • Amara

        Hi fellow couponers. I am in NE Philly as well. I used to go to the SR on Levick but they wouldn’t accept my Smart Source coupons. So I stopped going there immediately. I go to the SR on Knorr but it is very hit and miss with welcoming couponers. They don’t fully double either. I haven’t been able to find one nearby.

      • Colleen S.

        The Morrell one is where I shop, and they do not fully double. I can’t find one close that does either.

  • Stephanie

    Can someone help me I can not find anyyyyy of the fiber one coupons. I click on the link and it takes me to all the websites but the fiber one coupons are not there. Anyone else having this problem.

    • Anonymous

      found .50 off one box in today’s smart source. I believe the web-sites are ‘sold out’ so to speak.

  • Keena

    Thanks Cindy!!!

  • brittany

    did anyone end up finding the land o lakes coupon? Could you please tell me the zip you found it at

  • Andrea


    • ashley

      coupons are regional. we all don’t get the same ones. they even vary from paper to paper so check to make sure you are getting the best paper for your area

    • Jenn

      I live in Bucks county too and have found myself buying the Courier Times and Philly Inquirer because the smart source differs in both, plus the courier has the redplum q’s the inquirer does not. The Philly Inquirer had the B1G1 speedstick coupon.

  • Maria

    Thank you very much for match-ups!
    I dont think i saw the activia yogurt listed, my ad in south nj said $2 and if we use the $1/1 coupon, its $1 final price. Not bad for yogurt i love

  • Meli

    great week

  • Sandra


  • Antonia

    If you buy $30 worth of unilever products in one transaction, will you receive 2 $5 Catalinas? Or can you only do the deal one time?

  • Leslie

    WATCH YOUR CASHIER! Another reminder to be vigilant when cashing out with your coupons: On yesterday’s trip to my fairly new SR store in Niskyuna (Upstate NY) I chose a register with a fairly young cashier. I saw her separating my over .50 coupons and manually entering them. She took a .60 or .85 coupon and the register tallied .50 and doubled the .50. I asked her why they were not being doubled at face value and she said because the limit is .99. I kid you not. We had to call over a supervisor to straighten her out. If I was not looking closely I never would have know. Jeesh.

    • 0246

      was it something she did though, or just a register error?

    • Sheila

      Yikes, that’s my store too! I guess I won’t pack and watch the cashier instead!

      • Dawn

        I NEVER pack while things are ringing. Our stores change policies faster than they change cashiers. you gotta be on your toes at all times.

        • Nick

          Hi, I use the Niskayuna store as well. I noticed that if the coupon exceeds the price of the item purchased you don’t get overage. Or are you supposed to? I think you and I got the same cashier because mine entered them manually also. I have two questions: I am new to ecoupons and twice I went to that store and bought things with ecoupons. Where do they appear on your receipt? How do I know they are being taken off? BTW. what is cellfire and how does that work? Thank you.

          • V

            Shoprite doesn’t do overage, but sometimes you get it by lucky accident. Ecoupons will appear on your receipt after the product it is for or at the end of all the ringups. It will says something like CFire and then the amount taken off. Cellfire is the same thing as Shoprite ecoupons. You can load them both onto your card, but only one will come off for the same product 9meaning that if you have a .75/1 product x cellfire and a .75/1 product x shoprite ecoupon, only .75 will be deducted, not 1.50$. Also, the e-coupons do not double.

  • sophia

    Hi everyone, I have 20 redplums, from 1/29/12, the front cover is of a little boy and a dog. I don’t have any pets and I would happily give these away to someone who needs them. There are coupons for fancy feast, puppy chow, tidy cats, whisker lickin’s, mighty dog, purina and chef michaels. All you have to do is pay for the shipping.

  • V

    Anyone get the totino rolls e-coupons? I don’t see any in my shoprite account

    • Beth G.

      It is a Cell Fire not a Shoprite E coupon.

      • Michelle

        The only one I have on both cellfire and shoprite account is for the totinoes stuffers =(

  • jenelle

    I live in ny (long Island) I went to shoprite will all my printable coupons n the women tells me they don’t double printables .. n they only take one of each item so . Forever done with shoprite .. who doesn’t double printables . And also only one of each coupon .. that’s the weirest thing I ever heard of. Again forever done with shoprite

    • V

      That is for sure not a Shoprite-wide policy, just that store’s. Try a different Shoprite.

    • Kathy

      Sadly it sounds like you either went to Patchogue or Hauppauge. Bayshore and Commack are much friendlier and allow for internets and they double them.

  • Hi there,
    i Live in the back mountain area of PA and I heard of a shop rite in Daleville and broadheadsville Pa…..does anyone from here shop there and do they double Q’s up to a $1 or just double up to and including $1? (ex. $.75 doubles to $1.50 or $1.00?) also are these the same store or two different stores? i am also looking for a shopping and couponing buddy if your local. please reply..thanks

    oh, one more thing, when i make a list, i did a few different stores, like target, cvs, shoprite, etc. and i had NO idea that all the lists would be combined when i printed them. i thought each store would print a separate list. is this a glitch or do i have to clear each list after i print it and start a new one. please advise.

    • Anonymous

      Brodheadsville, PA will double up to $1 and will allow four coupons per product. I shop there all the time. The name of the store is Kinsley’s ShopRite. Their new store will be ready in the Spring of this year.

    • Jennifer T.

      Hi Christine – I shop at the Daleville Shoprite when I’m up in that area and they only double up to $1 as well. Those are two different stores.

    • Sherry

      Christine, I live in Tobyhana, near the Mount Pocono ShopRite. I plan to go to Brodheadsville when they open their new store. I still return to northern NJ often and want to kiss the floors of all my favorite stores there as they are so much better stocked and less costly than here.

    • Marisa

      I shop at Mount Pocono too!

      • Sherry

        Marisa, if ever you want to go together to a different ShopRite, contact me and we can. Often, Mount Pocono has limited inventories such that offers are unavailable there because they are too small to carry all products.

        Contact me at Tapshoe@gmail com and anyone else, too…. I’d love to share gas and have a car full come with me to anywhere!

        I so miss Home Goods and would love to find a great source for good veggies in bulk for juicing. I haven’t found any co-op here since relocating from norther NJ three years ago and still return there to my favorite veggie store.

  • Jared

    Enfield Shop Rite had the Barilla Pasta sauce at 1.99 not 1.79 but I still had some .75 off/1 coupons left, so still good deal. Also, they wouldn’t accept the Olivia’s Coupon because of no expiration or website. I have used it before in that store but today they wouldn’t take it.
    Also had 3 of the .85/3 Uncle Bens Ready rice which were 1.25 each, instead of doubling, they only took 1.25 off, stopping at the value of 1 package. I questioned it and they had to manually enter 1.70 off for the 3 packages.
    No Herr’s Chips at all in that store either, which was too bad. Are they regional?

  • Marjie

    I received the P&G, Unilever and Alpo catalinas today at check-out! It is working on shelf prices. I bought 1 Aussie Mega Hairspray $2.99, 1 Nyquil $6.49($5.99) , 2 Crest Completes $2.88 each, and 2 CG lipsticks $4.89( $3.89) for the P&G offer and got $5 cat. I paid $17.02 after price plus discounts and coupons. I bought 4 Dove deodorants $2.79, 1 Suave styling mouse $2.69 and one Suave Shampoo $1.77 for the Unilever offer and got $5 cat. I paid $8.62 after coupons. I bought 13 cans of Purina Alpo and got $2 cat. After coupons I got $0.45 overage that applied towards other purchases.

  • nick

    military savings has kraft salad dressing bogo coupon so a real sweet deal with coupon

    • Victoria

      Isn’t that a commissary “only” coupon?

  • Beth

    What is with NJ coupons???? I got alot of DND and $1.00/2??? Where did all the .25 .50, .55, .60 and .75 coupons to double go????

    • Anonymous

      Get different papers! I got 6 papers; all different…. with different inserts.

      • Michelle T.

        I find the best coupons are usually in the Star Ledger for me. And they normally put a Red Plum insert in Thursday’s paper (the insert that should be in the Sunday paper 3 days from then 🙂 ) I’m in central Jersey.

        • jannine

          when i buy the star ledger on sunday i never get a red plum in it i only get the know i will have to look in thurs paper i guess

  • Colete

    Can somebody please tell me if the $0.55/1 Barilla Whole Grain Pasta, exp. 3/4/12 (SS 01/08/12) coupon is regional? I’ve gone through all 4 copies of both SS incerts that I have from 1/8/12 and can’t find this coupon!

    • Cindy

      Yes, this is a regional coupon.

  • I went to the Somerset ShopRite tonight, and there was an unadvertised deal with Trix yogurt. A 6pk of yogurt is $1.69, and I had coupons for 75¢/2 which brought the price down to .94¢ each!

    • Michelle

      There was also a cellfire coupon with trix yogurt as well!

  • DotMc

    I have 28, yes I said 28, inserts from the 1/1/12 (Nestle) SS which include $1.50 off 1 Johnsonville Chicken sausage (exp 4/1/12) and Gold bond STUFF (exp 3/31/12). Leave me your email, to contact you, and I will be happy to get these to you. I live in Rhode Island where the Johnsonville is not easy to get. I know 28 inserts sound extreme but I work with a gal who delivers newspapers before work and she gives me the extras that would only get thrown away. I give her free “gifts” in return. Fair trade as far as I’m concerned and she loves the food and gifts.

  • jenelle

    Never will I go back .. they don’t double internet coupons .. ?? And only one printable for each .. who only takes one ?? Neverrr will i go there stop n shop may be 50 cents more for some items but my coupon doubles . And i can use more

  • Brandon

    Does anyone know if the Entenmann’s mini-cakes are truly part of the donut sale? What did they ring up at?

    • V

      they weren’t at my shoprite

      • Ev

        I purchased the raspberry mini cakes and they rang up as $4.29!! Noticed that after I left the store. Register did not discount it 1/2 off.

  • Jennifer K.

    Is anyone else having issues with using coupons with the new barcodes at Shoprite? In the past, they have just pushed them through with a key-holder’s approval. But now they say they absolutely will not accept any coupons that don’t scan. It’s very frustrating because a good number of the printable coupons now don’t include the old bar codes. I tried to explain this new barcode vs. old barcode issue, but they just looked at me like I was a coupon pirate or something.

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  • Tricia

    Hey all…Don’t forget to check your Shop Rite Family Rewards…I had a choice of a free Totino’s Pizza Rolls, a free Suave kids body wash, or $$$ off my next Shop Rite order!!! So excited!!

  • Ana

    @ TRICIA—What is shop rite family rewards???

  • Michelle T.

    Anna, SR family rewards is on the SR website under online services. Sign up for it and it tracks online and on your receipt. Every 3 months you can redeem your rewards. I got $10 off my next order! Woohoo!

  • Ana

    Michelle T. Thanks just signed up was not aware of that program!!!

  • Ana

    MAMA ROSIE’S Cheese Ravioli is on sale for $1.49 (half price) there is a $1/2 any frozen product on the website::: just scroll down and you will see it on the right. (it is a smartsource coupon)

    Making each 13 oz package just .99 cents.!!!!!

    • Cindy

      Did you print it. It hasn’t been available.

      • chris

        just printed 2.

      • Ana

        Cindy, Yes I did Print it.

        • Cindy

          Yay! It’s back. Thanks 🙂

          • Anonymous

            Just got back from SR in new Rochelle, they have the mamarosies mini cheese ravioli on managers special for .57 cents making them .07 cents with coupon.. awesome deal!

  • Marlene

    No more multiple transactions with coupons for Glen Burnie MD store. You can have someone with you to do your second transaction but make sure the cashier does not see you talking to them or you are in trouble!!! ugh…

  • brittany

    If you buy 8 or 9 YoCrunch yogurts with (2) .65/4 found on coupon network, you will get a 1.00 catalina making them .15 each! If you buy 6 or 7 you get .75

    • frink

      That’s a great deal, thanks for the info!

      • frink

        FYI I tried tonight at SR, purchased 8 YoCrunch and did not get a cat.

        • brittany

          Frink- I would call catalina marketing or ask shoprite customer service. The info was printed with my receipt as follows:
          buy yocrunch granola, candy/cookie crunch or parfait between 1/23/12 and 2/19/12 and save up to 1.50 on a future order
          buy 6 or 7 get .75
          buy 8 or 9 get 1.00
          buy 10 or more get 1.50

        • Kabby

          I purchased 10 last night…no catalina …I have the slip of paper that states the deal that printed on a past transaction….I am going to try customer service first then catatlina if no good.

          • Phil

            i bought 12 and cat didnt print either. customer service knew nothing about it. anyone know where the info was?

  • yari

    Just returned from SR at New Rochelle location and they had a managers special on Mamarosies mini ravioli for .57 each, making them .07 cents each with coupon… great deal!

  • yari

    I also forgot to mention that I was able to use 2 of the 2.00 off pepsi coupons towards the 4 for $11.00 making them $7.00 or all four , plus the 2 free bags of doritos 🙂

  • k

    I just came back from SR in Paramus. Cashier said some coupons are no longer doubling. My palmolive coupon did not double 🙁

    • Cindy

      The Palmolive coupons never double. Those and the Colgate are usually a DND 9

      • ashley

        Cindy, if Palmolive have the DND on top how do you know if they will/won’t automatically double with the new bar code?

        • Cindy

          Well, that is the big question that we haven’t figured out yet. But, going by past coupons, the Palmolive and the Colgate have always been DND9 so we can only assume, at this point, that they will not double.

          • Lisa

            I have used a DND with the new data barcode and it does not double .

  • Annie C

    the Pro Glide fusion razors are a steal!!! there is a $5 coupon from p&g…making them $4.99…then a $4 catalina!!!!! I had 8 coupons b/c my neighbors all give me the extras!!! I was in heaven…used my last two tonight!

  • Delilah

    I’m curious if anyone would know of any Super Coupons you can get via online fliers. Someone had posted a newspaper link from North Jersey that inc. the Super Coupons which could be printed up a few months ago. This was a huge help, but I can’t find the link anymore. Anyone aware of what the link might be or any other newspaper links where you can get these online coupons? Thanks guys!

  • Susan

    My God, will the Herr’s Q EVER reset??? I think it’s been over 6 months now!!

    • RC

      i’ve been having the same problem with the old el paso!

  • gumy

    I have been trying to print the Solo coupon for weeks now, doesn’t seem they are on the website. Help!!

  • Denise

    Grab the $3/1 Natures Bounty Fish Oil coupons now! Starting 2/5/2012 they are on sale for $3.29

  • RC

    Would anyone be willing to trade/print out and mail me 8-10 of the .50/1 oikos yogurt 16 oz. coupons from the stoneyfield website? when the print screen pops up you just have to change the amount to 10 or however many more you want and it can be printed in grayscale. I usually put in only 5 sheets then flip them over and upside down to get 5 more prints on the same paper.
    i accidentally closed the print page not knowing i would lose the coupons even though i didn’t print yet 🙁
    I can send you any pet/meat product coupons or any other coupons i might have., i have 6 papers from this week, so that’s a good one to choose from.

    • Sherry

      I am happy to send you several. I don’t need anything from you in return. Send your name and address to me at

  • Sherry

    MY COMMENT IS AWAITING MODERATION? I have printed more than 10 for you and they are in an envelope awaiting your name and address. I don’t need anything in return. Enjoy.

    • Cindy

      I’m sorry Sherry, I had to have comments that had links go to moderation because I had some spam links being left on the site and I am afraid that readers might click on them before I get to remove them. Since your comment had an email address in it, it had to go into moderation first. It’s approved now 🙂

      • RC

        Thank you all! Sherry I’ve emailed you my info. That is so nice of you!

        • Sherry

          RC, I’m delighted to help. There are fifteen coupons in the mail to you already.

          Cindy, forgive my tone… I was rushing. I realized that moderation was probably necessitated by my having added my e-mail address. I wanted to print her coupons before they vanished but didn’t want to risk not being able to contact her. I apologize for my tone.

  • Kabby

    I received my neighborhood circular yesterday…there is a .58 cents off 2 coupon for YOCRUNCH products…they are on sale for .60 cents each this week at Shoprite…making the yogurts .02 cents. Yahoo!!!! This is not a misprint .58/2 coupon ..WEIRD AMOUNT, I KNOW.

    • Bree

      What SR Kabby?

      • Kabby

        Rereading what I sounds like I am talking about Shoprite circular…Sorry it was confusing…the coupon is in Smartsource 2/5…I received it in my community paper on Thursday as an insert. Hope that helps.

    • Lorraine

      Thanks Kabby, I just did my weekly shopping today and found the Yocrunch coupons. The coupons scanned $0.59 and doubled. So I was able to get each for $0.01.

  • Icini03

    Did anyone have any problems with the totinos coupons with the new barcode? I have the .35/1 coupons. Did they beep? Did they double?

    I usually shop at the Plainview stores but just last Saturday I shopped at the West Babylon store and used the $5/2 Nivea lotion coupons that had the new barcodes and had no problem. They scanned just find. So it’s a little confusing to know which ones will work and which won’t or at what stores.