My Shopping Trip: ShopRite

My Shopping Trip: Shopite

I headed to ShopRite to do the Kimberly Clark and Unilever Dollar Days Deals and the Smart Balance Catalina Deal.  Every thing went smoothly except my $1 Unilever Dollar Days eCoupon did not come off.  Weird because the $1 Kimberly Clark did.  But, I went to customer service and they were great about it and gave me the $1.  Score one for Livingston ShopRite! 😉

I took my coupon partner with me (Mr. LRWC) so that he could do the 2nd transaction of the Smart Balance deal.

Here is what I scored:

Transaction #1:

  • 4 Kleenex Hand Towels $2.79 each
  • 1 Entenmann’s Mini Cakes $2.14
  • 1 Entenmann’s Muffin Tops $2.14
  • 6 Knorr Rice Sides Rice Pilaf $1.00 each
  • 1 ShopRite Fat Free Milk $4.19
  • 1 Tilapia 2 lb bag $5.88
  • 1 bag Lemons $1.99
  • 2 Smart Balance Oil $2.99 each
  • 1 Smart Balance Cooking Spray $2.49
  • 1 U by Kotex Liners $3.79

Coupons Used:

Paid out of pocket: $3.37
$5 Catalina (Kimberly Clark), $3 Catalina (Unilever), $3 Catalina (Smart Balance)

Transaction #2:

  • 3 Smart Balance Peanut Butter $2.99 each

Coupons Used:

  • -(3)$0.75/1 Smart Balance PB
  • -$3 Catalina from transaction #1

Paid: $1.47
$3 Catalina


Total Savings including sale prices and coupons: $68.50 which I will be adding to the LRWC Reader’s Grocery Savings Counter.  Be sure to add your savings so we can see how much we have all saved in 2012

Here is an update to my Grocery Budget:

If you’re interested in seeing how we set up our budget envelopes, make sure to check out, How To Set Up a Budget and Stick to It.

How are you doing on your grocery budget?

LRWC Reader Grocery Savings Counter: Be sure to add your weekly grocery savings to the the LRWC Reader Grocery Savings Counter below. You can check out the counter in the sidebar to see how much we have all saved so far in 2012!

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  • hannah holmes

    I went to bottom dollar today. Did not do as good as you. But i feel good about how much i saved. Went from $44.87 to $27.24. To me that is good. And i got a lot of stuff to.

  • Laurie Owens

    Great trips. Thanks for sharing! Can someone tell me where the SmartBalance coupons are from?

    • Laura D.

      Hi Laurie, I answered your question, but it didn’t pop up under your comment. Please read the comment I left below for you. Sorry.

  • Kuka

    Cindy–Do you know if the organic smart balance spread is part of the catalina deal? Thanks!

    • Cindy

      No I don’t.

  • Laura D.

    Did Mr. LRWC use his own PP card, or was the purchase made on the same PP card that you used? Thanks!

    • Cindy

      Same Price Plus Card. We only have one.

  • Laura D.

    Some are from Smart Source insert from 1/08/12. Others are printable. If you put your cursor on “Find my store” at the top of this page, then drag it onto “Shoprite weekly matchups” and click on that, the matchups will come up for Shoprite. Then click on the “Shoprite coupon matchups for 2/19/12”. Then scroll down the page until you see all the Smartbalance products. All the coupons for each product will be listed. You can click on the highlighted ones to get to the printable coupons. Hope that Helps!

    • Laurie Owens

      thanks Laura!

  • jeni

    i forgot to take a look at the deals today before i ran out for a couple more things on this month’s budget.. but glad to see i was spot on for the unilever dollar days deal and the tilapia! everything else was random pick up stuff. here’s to another 2-3 weeks of no grocery shopping!

  • Melissa

    My Unilever eCoupon didn’t come off either… I thought maybe because there was a cellfire .50/2 Knorr that came off (I heard some people say that one will cancel the other out). I’m surprised that CS gave you the dollar, since usually they are clueless about the eCoupon deals. What other recourse might I have?

    • Kris

      My unilever coupon didn’t come off nor did my cats print for Unilever or Sundown and I did them in 2 transactions. I went to customer service and they gave me $7 cash back, so my total went from $33.50 to (after coupons and $7 refund) $2.00 plus two recyclable bags! Yeah! Thanks Cindy!!

  • Jen

    Hi Cindy,

    There were some reports on the facebook page stating the catalina was not printing for the Knorr rice but was printing for the pasta. Did you have a problem with your knorr catalina printing? Also, do you have a problem with your cellfire coupons coming off your receipt? My Shoprite e-coupon came off (Kimberly Clark and General Mills, only 2 deals I purchased today) but my ecoupon for fun da middles did not come off. Very curious as to why this is happening. I don’t think this is the first time but just the first time I actually paid attention to my receipt.

    • Cindy

      No problem with the Knorr rice. But, I stuck with the ones that said Rice sides. There are Italian Sides, Asian Sides, Fiesta Sides, Cajun Sides. I stayed with the Rice Sides. The only eCoupon that did not come off was the $1 Unilever. The Knorr eCoupon came off and so did the $1 Kimberly Clark

      • Jen

        Thank you for the info. I will stick to the rice sides too. Love these for a great quick meal with some grilled chicken. Now I just have to find out why some of my ecoupons are not coming off my receipt.

        • Lesley

          I bought 6 of the pasta sides, two of which were Italian Sides and the catalina printed out for me.

        • Heather C

          I bought rice sides and the Catalina did not print. I had such a hard time with customer service that I left, I had done one transaction and was going to pick up my fruit and veggies and meat for the week after. I decided not to give them the business and went to Wegmans.

          I called Catalina and they would NOT verify for me that the Knorr was included, and customer service insisted it was only the top box of each category. It’s so frustrating that the staff is so poorly trained and clueless as to what is supposed to be included!

          • valerie

            I bought 6 of the rice sides today and the catalina did not print. CS was agreeable to printing one but the front end manager was giving me a hard time and said that it was only for the products in the circular that were above the line in the ad. I pointed out that each dollar days ad was showing all of the specific products and CS agreed. They made me wait a long time, but gave me the catalina eventually.

  • Anonymous

    Cindy,where can i find the knorr and nature valley cellfire coupon?is this already gone?

  • Nikki

    lol – I did almost the same transaction as you 🙂

  • Becky

    Cindy, what do you think the buy
    12 general mills get 10.00 deal? I had a whole bunch of totinos party pizza coupons l, a fun da middle coupon with cell fire and cake mix coupon which got me 20.00 in catalnas…I thought it was good but didn’t seperate out what I actually spent because I did 100.00 worth of other coupon shopping too..including 2 smart balance deals…thoughts on the general mills?

    • Cindy

      I think it’s a great deal. Especially if you use the cellfire coupons, etc. I didn’t do it because there is really nothing that we want/need from that category so I just skipped it.

      • Becky

        Thanks! I have 4 kids so I could always use pizzas and cupcake/cake mix because its cheaper to make cupcakes than buy stuff like little Debbie…I am also tryin.g get a stockpile going…started couponing less than a yr ago…with my husband laid off for a year, it was a slow process to build up…so since I’m a little stocked, I have to control my urge to get every great deal out there.;-)

  • cheryl manna

    My Splenda and Pompeian e-coupons did not come off and I had to go to customer service, but the Unilever DID come off. Customer service had no idea of how to credit me for the (2) $1 e-coupons, so I had to call Shop-Rite corporate. Now I am waiting for them to figure out what to do, 🙁 . In addition, the Splenda $3 did not print and customer service had to print that out for me. And,,, now I have to go back to the store because the cashier charged me twice for the fresh broccoli I bought. AGGHHHHH!!!!

  • Mommy Tool Belt

    Cindy I did the same deal and added 4 cans of dole pineapple, used 2 save 1.00/2 coupons and also did the saran wrap deal without using any coupons because I had no more plastic wrap left , buy 5 @ 2.oo each and get a 3.00 cat.

    ended up with .75 cat from dole and 3.00 cat from saran wrap, and 4 free bag coupons, in addition to all the others mentioned. Did you get your free bag cats? I dont see them?

  • Britt

    when I just went, the motts and the unilever e-coupon did not came off, but I didn’t realize to take it to customer service. should I bother to go back another day to correct this?

  • Nicole

    I bought the smart balance milk and the butter which totaled 7.00. If i go back and get another smart balance item will the 3 dollar catalina print?

    • Jen

      Yes Nicole. I did 2 transactions today of the Smart Balance. I brought 4 milk and then purchased 2 oils and 1 peanut butter immediately after (along with some other dollar day deals). My cashier was so nice and actually told me to use the $3.00 cat on my next order to save more money. Wish we could all have cashiers like that when we use coupons! 🙂

  • I did the General Mills Deal & scored really nice…3 boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios (used three 50cent coupons), 2 chex bags (used one 40cent coupon off 2), 2 nature valley almond snacks (used 75cent/2), 2 ocean spray fruit snacks (used two 50 cent coupons), 3 boxes of Old El Paso tacos (used 60cents off 3). I also used two $10 catalinas from last week’s Sobe water and my final price out of pocket was $1.27. I then received $10 which I kept rolling over for my other deals!! Thank you so much for the great lesson plan you give on your website!

  • asurae

    I had a blast!! 5 separate transactions for the unilever and sunbeam vitamins. Got 19 sides, 2 wishbone dressings, 5 ragu, loreal shampooos .48 after coupons, 6dial lotion .48 after coupons, 2 bags o shrimp, 4 ARM n hammer laundry, 10 Pepsi, milk,cheese, 2 loaves bread, 2 panko bread crumbs, 3 bxs donuts, 2 breakfast bars, 2 8pk fruitables, bananas…oop $84 total savings $187.09!!!

  • Diana


    You did the smart balance deal twice, but in my circular it says one per household.
    i don`t understand.

    • Cindy

      I needed oil, cooking spray and peanut butter. So, I decided to buy the oil & cooking spray and use the $3 catalina I received from that to pay for the peanut butter. If it didn’t print, I was fine with that because I needed all of these items. But, I did the deal, as I had planned and it printed. Same price plus card. We only use and have one price plus card for our family. That was my plan and that is what the result was.

    • Aimee

      I spoke to my customer service rep at my shoprite and she told me there was no limit to the number of times that I could do these deals, as long as they are separate transactions. I did the General Mills deal and catalina did not print out so she was really nice about it and gave me my coupon.

  • KitKat

    Cindy, so the Smart Balance deal work on pre-sale prices? I.e. so I only need to purchase 3 smart balance oils, to get $3 CAT?

    • Cindy

      Yep, works on shelf price!

      • Anonymous

        But Not with the milk and eggs, the regular shelf price is 3.99 but the sale they are on, is different the the other sale that the rest of the smart balance on. One is price plus and one is just shoprites sale, right?

  • Anonymous

    wish we had a shop rite in my area

  • robi

    do you know if I did the General Mills deal today can I do it again later in the week and still receive another $10?

    • Cindy

      I’m not sure if you can do more then one yet. I haven’t had a chance to weed through all the comments. Maybe someone that tried it can comment on it for us.

      • Maria

        I did the general mills twice in Jackson NJ, with the same prices plus card with no problems.

  • sunnydae

    I just wish my Shoprite fully doubles!!! Can someone post the deals that they did when Qs don’t fully double? It just seems such a waste to use the .75/1 🙁 or the totinos .60/3.

  • Kathy

    Cindy- the unilever ecoupons is coming out in the receipt except it doesn’t say unilever. When I checked my ecoupons online, it was deducted.

  • Erika

    Can someone tell me if I can redeem the Dollar Days Catalina this week or if it has specific dates for which it can be redeemed? Thanks

    • Marjie

      My Kimberly Clark and General Mills catalinas only say that they expire 3/10/12, so I believe I can use it this week.

  • jen

    Can anyone tell me how the Smart Balance Peanut butter is? I bought their sour cream and it was so fishy (made w/fish oil) I had to throw my whole caserole away!