Walmart Coupon Match Ups 2/14

Walmart Deals for the week of 2/14

Make sure to print a copy of the Walmart Coupon Policy to bring with you to the store.  And remember, prices do vary so please check your prices at your store before purchasing.

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Need information about their coupon policy? Make sure to check out the Coupon Policy Page

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  • Courtney


    Which Walmart did you find the Yo Crunch yogurt price at?
    I checked the Walmart in Neptune NJ and they are .66 each.

    Thanks love your site.

  • i am unable to print the tucks coupon, it keeps telling me to download java, i did it about 6 times, and still nothing. anyone else having trouble??? please help

    • H

      Delete them all and re install. I was happening to me as well till i did that.

  • Meli

    im starting to like walmart latley all the christmas clearance with coupons are great!

  • Lez4671

    The KY coupon states “NOT redeemable on K-Y Jelly or Trial Sizes” so the deal listed above would not work. There were coupons from an insert (sorry, but not sure which one) for $3 off and you can use on K-Y Jelly.

    • abby

      Also, sign up at for more KY Jelly coupons with no restrictions. You can also print the 10 dollar off Glucose Meter and use it at CVS this week for free meters!

    • Cari

      the insert your looking for is SS 1/8 ( -3.00 off ANY ky brand ) 🙂

  • KG


    I was able to find Tylenol Precise (cream and both types of patches) at my Walmart (Salem, NH) for $5.47 each on Rollback, which comes out to $0.47 each (plus tax) with the $5/1 coupon in the 2/19 RP (ours come on Wednesdays)…this ends up being an even better deal than CVS!!! Yay!!!

    • Annie

      Or price match Walgreens – who has it for $5.00 to get it for free!

  • Carolina

    Tried to get the Schick razors with the $2 coupon which would make them free but for some reason they would not scan and after half an hour of me complaining to them that they were legit coupons and that they were supposed to work i got nowhere!!! Has anybody had this problem??

    • Annie

      never had a problem with the razor coupons. I’ve bought them several times… :-/ Sorry you had a problem. Hope it’s not a new thing since I have them on my shopping list for this afternoon…….

      • H

        Carolina the since the razor is less than the coupon they have to approved it that is why it says $2.00? and the cashier has to approved it. Must of the time they don’t know what they are doing. talk to the manager if not go with the coupon policy in hand. I never had a problem with those. Human error

  • Rose Marie

    I went to the Walmart on Rt 23 in Franklin, NJ, and had absolutely no problem using 13 coupons for the blades. The cashier told me I could use up to 40 (for the same item), yes 40, coupons at one time. At that point in the sale she would have to call a manager for approval and the same sale would continue. Things don’t have to be difficult, do they?

    • H

      Yeap, they would take cat’s now.. and other coupons like shoprite only cat’s … yeyyy

  • Liz

    fyi — Just printed the Save $.65 on any 4 YoCrunch Yogurgt and it says “VOID in CA, LA, NJ, NV, ND & TN”