Stop & Shop Coupon Match Ups 09/21 – 09/27

Stop & Shop Coupon Match Ups 09/21 – 09/27

Make sure you check out the Stop & Shop Coupon Policy. Note that these prices are based on circulars from Northern NJ. Some area may have slightly different prices so please check your circular.  Also, some areas have gas rewards instead of instant savings deals.

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NOTE: If your catalinas do not print, the best thing to do it to contact Catalina Marketing. Their info is: 1-888-826-8766 or via email

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  • Mark

    Thanks for the match-ups.

  • Leslie

    Cindy the brawny deal is buy 1 3pk and get 1 18ct trash bag in my flyer here in CT. You may want to check this

    Brawny 3pk Paper Towels – $4.89
    Buy 2 Brawny 3pks Get 1 S&S Medium Garbage Bags 8 gal. kitchen 18ct.
    $0.50/1 Brawny Paper Towels printable
    $0.75/1 Brawny Paper Towel printable
    $1/2 Brawny Paper Towels, exp. 10/16/12 (RP 09/16/12)
    $0.50/1 Brawny Paper Towels, exp. 10/16/12 (RP 09/16/12 R)
    Deal Idea:
    Buy 2 Brawny Paper Towels $9.78
    Buy 1 S&S Medium Garbage Bags $2.19
    -(2) $0.50/1 Brawny 2pk +
    – $2.19 free item
    Pay $7.78
    $2.59 each after coupons and free item

  • Leslie

    the flyer also has bonus coupons this week

    • LRWC

      I listed the coupons in my flyer there at the bottom of the list 🙂 and I’m fixing the brawny… I think I just got carried away with the combo deals and didn’t see the 1 LOL

      • Leslie

        Thanks you. Ur site is the best. It helps us save so much money.

  • barbara

    I cannot print the perdue coupon it says I printed it too many times. I never even printed it. This happens way too much for me does anyone know how to fix that problem?
    thanks in advance

  • tj

    I am trying to browse it from phone. Whenever I click display all button, I get blank window. Also in the past, I was able to select items to create. List, but can’t email it. Anyone else has that problem?

    • stephygugs

      I am having the same problem

  • neolla

    i have a question about the buy $__, save $__ instantly. it used to be that the price is calculated before Q but from what I am seeing above, specifically the Old El Paso and Kraft deals, it looks to me that Cindy has calculated the deal to come off at after-coupon price.

    i am quite confused because usually when I go to my “usual” SS store and the instant savings does not come off when I used Q, they give me cash instead, however, recently, when I went to another store they told me that the instant savings is calculated based on the total after-Q price.

    just asking because I got excited when I saw the Old El Paso deal, thanks 🙂

    • LRWC

      On the back at the bottom of my circular it reads “all minimum spend requirements must be met after all discounts and coupons have been subtracted from order” some stores it comes off with no issues, or they see management and get the cash back in return, for most the total is calculated after the coupons come off. Usually there are no issues when it’s a catalina deal, you can usually get it off sale price, and a lot of times off shelf price, but the instant savings causes the register to go wonky and put the instant savings back on after you use coupons when it’s a $ amount off. The add used to just state after all discounts, but they have added the and coupons have been subtracted.

  • Jenn

    Just wanted to add that if you go on http://www.stop& you can have coupons added to your card that will come off automatically at the checkout when you go under my stop & shop. I got .50 off 5 yoplait yogurt to add to the deal and .50 off poptarts to add to that deal as well.

    • LRWC

      I don’t typically post about those e-coupons since they seem to vary so much by individual. Occasionally I’ll put up a post to check your account that new coupons may be available.

  • Michelle T.

    Just found a couple of great deals today with some Glade coupons. The Glade regular spray is regular price 1.39, on sale for 1.00 (got Apple Cinnamon). I had a .75 off any fall collection coupon from a magazine, and it took off 1.39 after doubling. MM! And my store (Franklin Park) had the candles on sale for 2.50 and the Glade Expressions oil diffuser on sale for 7.05. So I used the “buy a candle get the oil diffuser free” coupon, it came off (7.05) with no problems. To top it all off, I got the $2 Cat from Glade! Yippee!

    • LRWC

      Great finds Michelle!

  • kabby

    In this weekends SmartSource 9/23 there is an advertisement for Stop and Shop “Save $3 when you purchase any 4 SC Johnson & Kimberly- Clark Products”…in the picture is Windex, Fantastic, Pledge, Ziploc, and Scott products
    Yet in the weeks matchups it is Buy 6 get $3 instantly.
    Anyone know which one works??? Remember to add the great coupons in SS 9/23.
    Thanks for you help.

  • Laina

    I just got a $3 CAT, purchased 3 Coke 8pk mini cans. Anyone know the Catalina info on this?

  • Kate

    Hunts Snack Packs are on sale 10/$10 so the deal will be even better. I believe Hunts Canned Tomatoes are on sale also.

  • Sebsa

    Does anyone know what zip code the Red Baron coupon is under? I’ve tried 34655, 08031, 07039, and 84123.

    • LRWC

      34655 but I think it’s NLA

  • Kaycee

    Ore Ida easy fries are on sale for $1 each. When you buy 3 and use no coupons, the register subtracts $2.97. So you end up paying 1 cent per box!!! You must buy in multiples of 3…so 3, 6, 9…etc.

  • Jasmin

    any one try the oreida deal in Monroe ny