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ShopRite Coupons & Deals for the week of 11/11/12

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  • Betty D.

    Thank you for the match ups. flyer says 3 Gen Mills cereal= free milk.

    • Jennifer

      mine too.

    • kabby

      Same here buy 3(in northern nj)

    • jasmin

      me too in orange county ny.

    • Liz v

      Yes, Westchester ny also has buy 3 get milk free!

    • Laura D.

      Mine too! Northern NJ!

    • Melinda

      Oh whoops! Yes, thanks everyone…it was an error, it is Buy 3, Get a Free Gallon of Milk Catalina. I updated the post. Makes for an even better deal!

  • Amanda

    Where can you find the Making Life Better Unilever Booklet? Thanks!

  • Mark


  • Janelle S

    Thank you for the match-ups…I will be buying the Mrs. Smith pies, Chinet cups, and Solo plates….I can’t wait

  • MamaBates

    Mrs. Smith pies are $1.77 in MD! Woohoo!

  • kabby

    Some coupons are not listed that I am aware of:
    Cracker barrel cheese 1.99 use $1/2 in SS 11/11
    Breakstone sour cream .99 use $1/2 in SS 11/11
    Nabisco crackers $2.00 MY2 use $1/2 in SS 11/11

    Thank you for the match ups!!

    • kabby

      Also Suave body wash .75/3 only good for tomorrow…expires 11/11/12 …found in RP 10/14.

      • Melinda

        Thanks, Kabby. The Nabisco coupon I have in the matchups is $0.75/2 from the 11/11 inserts. I added the Cracker Barrel. Some will actually receive $1/1 Cracker Barrel. I added the Breakstones too. Thanks!

        • Amy

          I did not get either Cracker Barrel coupon in my Smart Source! Did this happen to anyone else?

  • Bridget

    Thanks for all the work!! p.s There is a .50 cent coupon for the stonyfield organic milk on

    • Melinda

      Thanks Bridget, I’ll add that in.

  • Jennifer

    None of the coupons listed under the Planters Peanuts will work, since none of them include peanuts.

    • Laura D.

      The $1/2 “Any Planters Nuts Product 4oz – 21.5 oz” should work! It’s from the 11/11 Smart Source. 🙂

      • Jennifer

        yeah, she just deleted the old ones and put that one in now.

  • Gina

    For the Chips Ahoy coupon, you need to buy All You magazine – does shoprite sell that? I thought they were only sold in Walmart?

    • kabby

      Correct only sold at Walmart…I get the home delivery subscription.

      • michelle

        price match it at walmart 🙂

    • Melinda

      Forgot it’s only sold at Walmart, I’ll take that out. Thanks Gina!

  • Pam A from CT

    Do you think the $.50 coupon which states off “indulgence spread” will work on the regular bars of Philadelphia cream cheese?

    • Melinda

      Hi Pam! No, the indulgence spreads are a different product and would no work on the bars of Philadelphia cream cheese. Hope this helps.

    • Lisa

      If the barcode is “old” then usually it would work, also depends on where you shop. I live in CT as well and Shoprite goes though your coupons with a fine tooth comb.

      I have also bought the indulgence spread for my kids and they said it was delicious – so you might want to try it anyway if its a good deal with the coupon.

  • Laura D.

    If you don’t have the $0.75/1 Ricola in this weeks inserts, there is one for $0.75/1 in the 10/14 inserts it is for the “Sugar Free Menthol Fresh”.

  • Lori

    where are all the deals, at this time last year I was stocking up on a ton of free stuff or really cheap. Not this year.

  • Joe

    There are tear pads for Stove Top Buy 4 Get 1 free. It would make them $0.40 each with (2) $1/2 coupons and the tear pad coupon

  • chris

    Thank you!

  • Darlene

    Can’t seem to find the Stove Top coupon….is there a specific zip code to enter? Any help is appreciated 🙂

    • Cuzzie

      I think it may be gone 🙁

  • rebecca

    Hi everyone! last week a few shoprites in lower westchester had triple coupons. anyone know of triples this week anywhere?? thanks!

    • kabby

      I called Scardale,NY Shoprite…customer service said not this week…too bad…was hoping to head back this week.

  • Debbie

    I have a coupon for any command product for .75 cents off doubled 1.50 command hooks are 1.24 but it expires 11/11/12 it was in one of the smart source or red plum inserts, not sure when since i clipped it already 🙂 makes some free hooks.

    • Laura D.

      It’s from the Smart Source 10/07/12. I was only able to find it in the Newark Star Ledger, very regional. Thanks Debbie!

    • Melissa

      Thank You!

  • Suzanne

    I can’t find the Stovetop stuffing coupon. What zip code is it under?

    • Cuzzie

      Looks like it is NLA

  • Anonymous

    Are the cream cheese spread coupons working on the bricks? Thanks

    • Bree

      For me, they have not, at any store. They say on “any spread” which all tubs are labeled as such. But technically, isn’t all cream cheese a spread?! That’s the point I tried to make a few times, but alas the coupon kept beeping and I wasn’t allowed to use it! 🙁

    • adriene

      I used the $0.50/1 this morning on the brick and it went through fine.

      • Bree

        Wow … Ok I’ll try again 🙂

    • Jennifer

      Worked for me in Mullica Hill this morning!

  • brittany

    Does anyone know if the Stroudsburg Shoprite fully doubles? I just moved so I want to find out if they are difficult with coupons

    • Naomi

      They do not fully double. The most a coupon will double to is .99 so a .75q will double up to .99. So disappointing.

      And the store is a nightmare to navigate. At least it used to be. I haven’t been there in a few years.

  • Sarah

    Did anyone try the Suave deal? I am wondering if I can buy 4 body washes in one transaction and receive 2 cats and if the deal is rolling.

    • kabby

      I purchased 3 using .75/3 coupon from RP 10/14…the shoprite ecoupon came off as well…paid OOP $2.50 for the 3 and received the $2 cat…REMINDER that coupon expires TODAY!!!

    • Nancy

      I wondered the same thing. I had three coupons and was going to buy all 9 at once. I posted a question here, as well, and someone advised me to do them separately, as it might not work if they were all in one transaction. So, that’s what I did. Turned out well, though, because I saw the e-coupons this morning, and I purchased three on my husband’s card. We ended up with an extra .50 off.

      • Laura D.

        In the past I have read that if the cat prints directly after the products are scanned, in this case the second one, then the cats should print in one transaction. I’ve never tested this theory myself, I usually wait until it is posted here and confirmed. Nancy, did you notice when the cat printed by chance? Was it after the second body wash? TIA!

        • Nancy

          I didn’t happen to notice this time. I bought a lot and was bagging everything. In the past, however, I guess I was jumping the gun and asked why the cat didn’t print. The cashier told me that after my credit card was approved, it would print. Sure enough it did. The same has happened in A&P last week – after I officially paid.
          I’m going back later in the week to get the Ricola. I’m going see what happens on that one.

          • Laura D.

            I know that when the deal is Buy $X.XX Get $X the cat will print at the very end. With the Buy # Get $ the cats have printed during the transaction. I can’t get there until later today but I have a bunch of coupons and may give it a try. I don’t use the product but would like to donate them. I figured I’d buy 9 and hope to get 3/$2 cats, it would make it a $2 MM. I could do it more than once 😉 fingers crossed! Thanks for the reply!

            • Nancy

              Hmmm. OK. Interesting. I’m going to pay attention to that and see what I find. In this case it may have then cost me $2 in Cats. That’s why I had questioned it. For the coupon, you had to buy 3, and I had 3 coupons. If I bought all 9 together, I would have received $8 cats. Doing it separately only gave me $6. Oh well, I guess it all balances out in the end. I’ve had mistakes work out in my favor, too. Thank you!

              • Laura D.

                I just got back from Shoprite and it worked!!! I bought 6 Suave Body washes, used 2 – $0.75/3 coupons the $0.50/1 eCoiupon, paid $5.50 and got $6 in cats! Each $2 cat prints after every two items. YAY!!!

                • Sarah

                  Thanks for all the replies! I just did the same deal as Laura. Woohoo!!

                • Nancy

                  Great! Good to know. I’ll remember that for future reference. Between Cindy, her team, and everyone who contributes, this site is such a great resource for smarter shopping.
                  Also, FYI…If you haven’t seen already, I just found another coupon on Recycle Bank – .75 off of 2 Suave Body Washes.

                  • Laura D.

                    Totally agree with you! Thanks for the heads up on the Recycle Bank coupon, I didn’t know about that one.

  • Matthiew

    So little comments this week….slooow. Such a shame. This time last year it was hopping with deals! Oh well.

    • Bree

      Agreed 🙁

  • Diane

    If anyone gets the Real Simple Magaine, there is a $1/1 Cracker Barrel coupon.

    • lupnk

      Which issue of real simple is that?

  • Linda

    There’s a $1 off of one Hellmans coupon in the Red Plum. I found it in the Pottstown Mercury, Lansdale Morning Call and the Reporter.

  • lillian

    can anyone please print me the mrs smith or does anyone have the coupon? Please let me know what you need and ill print it to trade with you

  • Michaela

    There’s a $1/2 Ragu shoprite ecoupon that makes the Ragu deal even better.

  • Lisa

    Thanks for all your hard work this week – glad to hear your power is back up and running 🙂

  • Mat

    Scottie’s $1/2 is back again to print for me.

    • Sandy

      States coupon program has ended 🙁

  • Linda

    The ACT mouthwash wasn’t listed as being on sale at my Shoprite in Delaware County, PA is this a regional sale?

  • Jennifer

    Don’t know if it’s a targeted deal, but I bought 2 Yoplait Greek yogurts and got a CAT for a free Yoplait frozen yogurt up to $3.99. Yay!

    • Cheri

      I bought 2 greek today and got the cat too ! awesome

    • Betsy

      I bought 6 Yoplait Light and got the cat, too!

  • amanda

    Just so everyone knows..they made a mistake in the circulars and the Marie Callender’s Pies are 2 for $10.So they are $5 each.I was very disappointed by this today.

    • Cheri

      The smaller reg pies ( apple , peach , cherry etc. ) are $1.99 the deep dish and cream pies were $5.

      • Melissa

        I think amanda was referring to the Buy 2 MC Pies, Get Reddi Whip free deal. There is a misprint in the ad that says the pies are 2 for $5, but they are $5 each.

    • Leigh

      I am looking at my receipt – i was charged $5 for one MC pie, $7.99 for the second, and they didn’t take off the free RediWhip that is in the ad. Grr. How do I fix this – go back to the store’s customer service desk?

      • Laura D.

        You can call first, tell them you didn’t realize it until you got home. They should help you out, if not, return everything.

  • Jessica

    Next to the glade candle coupon it says printable. Is there a link or is it NLA?

  • Brian

    I had three $0.75/1 multi-grain cheerios coupons (expire tomorrow 11/12/12)… so it cost me only $1.47 for 3 cereals (9 oz boxes) and the free gallon of milk catalina.

  • Angela

    Anyone else have a problem with using one or more $1.50 off Mrs. Smith’s pies? I was in Wallingford CT and my first one scanned fine but the 2nd one needed an over ride. I only bought two – both different varities. I just hate that awful beep and looks when you are in the express lane no less.

    • kabby

      I only purchased one and my coupon beeped as well and needed a manager key…not sure why

    • Mark

      I used mine at Pathmark and Shoprite and they beeped at both places. Might be the way the coupon is coded. That is my guess.

    • Laura D.

      I bought 2 pies last night at Shoprite and no beeps. It may be a coupon from a particular insert. I bought the Barilla pasta last week and one set of coupons didn’t beep while another set did and had to be put through manually. I thought that was really strange last week.

      The coupons that did not beep were from Suburban Trends.

    • Linda

      Same issue, I bought 4 pies but only the first coupon went through (marked as pumpkin, don’t know if that matters). They were nice enough to key in the rest. Hatfield, PA

  • linda

    I got four at shoprite and had no beeps. Plan on donating them to local charity for thanksgiving.

  • Christie

    Can anyone find the $1/1 Lipton Tea coupon on Recycle bank?

    • Arielle

      Don’t know where you can get it from Recycle bank, but I got my $1/1 Lipton Tea coupons from the special November holiday booklet in Stop & Shop (sorry, don’t recall the name of it right now!) There are always stacks of this booklet at the front of my S&S, and there are a number of manufacturer coupons in them. The November one has a $1/1 off any Lipton tea or mix. The coupon has the Stop & Shop logo but it is a manu. q and I used it in Target last week.

  • kp

    Hi All

    Has anyone tried to do the GM cereal using Fiber One deal posted? I sent DH last night and he came back paying $9 oop because Fiber One wasn’t on sale for $2.49…went through the shoprite ad and couldn ‘t find it in the ad either…was it regional? (we did get the milk catalina though)

    • Gio

      I was wondering the same thing, I went yesterday and the Fiber One was not on sale, so I did not purchase.

    • Cindy

      My apologizes. The Fiber One Cereal is not included in the sale but is included in the Free Milk Catalina Offer. I’ve corrected the post.

  • Anonymous

    Oh NO!! I get my fiber one coupons tomorrow. You’re telling me they’re not on sale?!?!!! Match ups are wrong then??

    • chris

      But there’s no sale price for those cereals in the picture… it just says Buy 3 get a free milk.

      • kp

        Yep. The sale price is for the chex cereals listed – there was no sale price i could find for the Fiber One or any of the other ones listed or shown in the ad…

        • Cindy

          You are correct, the Fiber One is not included in the sale put is included in the catalina offer. I’ve corrected the post. Sorry about that.

    • Melissa

      It happens… we’re all human.

      • Christi

        If this was Facebook, I’d hit the “Like” button on this 🙂

  • Dawn Holgersen

    Check your catalina coupons. I don’t remember when, but I got coupons for $1.25/1 Post Alpha-Bits, $1.25/1 Post Fruity Pebbles, and $1/1 Post Honeycomb Cereal.

  • Allie W

    I just found a cracker barrel coupon on for .75cents for one 6oz bar or larger. I found it at zip code 77477.

  • kp

    Thanks Cindy….I seriously thought i was going crazy 🙂 Thanks for all you do!!

    • Cindy

      After all things going on this past month, I seriously know I am going crazy LOL 😀

  • Dana

    That is so nice of you to do Cindy!

  • lillian

    does anyone have any extra mrs.smith coupon

    • Laura D.

      I do lillian, if you email me your address I can have them in the mail tomorrow am. You should have them by
      Friday. email me at ldanielson28 (at) yahoo (dot) com You know how it goes together, lol, trying to avoid moderation!

  • Anyone know the zip code for Tetra BettaMIn Food? Thanks in advance!

  • Anyone know the zip code for the Tetra fish food? Thanks in advance.

  • Anyone know the zip code for the Tetra fish food? Thanks in advance.

  • Lori

    There is an issue printing the shopping list. After choosing select all, and then print, the list has an error message which says, nothing has been chosen. The list is empty

  • Alexandra


    If I have a “Free Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser refill when you buy any Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser starter kit” coupon, could I use that with a $3 off Starter Kit coupon?

    I would plan to purchase both the starter kit and refill. Thanks!

  • Jill

    I just bought the Diamond Kosher Salt, the big box is $1.19, making it free after the printable coupon and the Saving Star!

  • Leigh

    Thank you Cindy for all your work! We have been living off our stockpile the last 3 months after my husband was laid off in August – he was just hired at a new place, so I went shopping today to restock. I spent $160 for $400 worth of food (lots of meat to restock the freezer!) including 2 turkeys – one free, the other for $6.68 (there was a shoprite turkey $0.39/lb coupon in the Redplum mailer last week) – we can now host Thanksgiving after all, so a sincere thank you for putting us in the position to make it through in one piece the last 3 months, and making it possible to host our family this Thanksgiving, I learned how to do it here 🙂

  • Trina

    Does anyone know for the kleenex handtowels, can I buy 4 in one transaction and get (2) $1.50 cats? Or does it have to be separate?

    The same also for the ricola?


  • visurg

    Hi, I was wondering about the coupons tagged – “redeemable @ Walmart”. will shoprite accept these ??


  • Cassy

    Where can I find the unilever coupon booklet?

  • SR Employee

    Minute maid OJ IP coupon not valid on match-up item. Matching product is quite higher in price.

  • Heidi

    So I just picked up some things at my Shop Rite. They wouldn’t double my Muir Glen coupon because that would make the item free. How does that make sense? It was on sale for $0.88 and the doubled $0.60 coupon would have made it free. They told me that I at least saved that much. Even though I wanted to fight it, I am donating it so just paid the few cents to get it. It is so difficult to save money when cashiers don’t always know what they are doing. At the same time this older man started sighing and rolling his eyes at me. Well I am the one saving the money!!

    • Janet

      Wow, that is too bad. My ShopRite (Paramus, NJ) fully doubles up to $0.99. They had the Ricola Cough Drops on sale for $1.33, I used the $0.75/1 from the 11/11/12 RP and bought 4. They did not double to 1.50 because they do not give overage, but it doubled up to $0.58, making them free.

  • Janet

    I just went yesterday (Northern NJ).

    My RP 11/11 was $0.50/2 Knorr Recipe, Sauce or Gravy Mix Product, not $0.50/1. Still, it’s a great deal. Plus our Hellmann’s Mayonnaise was $2.88 and it was packaged with a Knorr Vegetable Soup Mix! YAY!

    Thanks for all the work you do! It has helped me so much and cut my prep time tremendously!


    • Karen

      Yeah but then the $.25 e-cpn didn’t come off probably cause of the different upc due to the bonus pack of the Knorr mix 🙁

  • jennifer

    I have a question… Ifyou load shoprite ecoups and cellfire do they both come off or only one? If anyone knows please reply. Im new at this electronic coupons….thanx

    • Mary

      For me it’s always been one or the other, I’ve never had both come off at the same time.


    My cell fire and shoprite digital coupons did not come off of today order. What can I do about this? It totaled about $7.00 dollars that was suppose to come off the bill.

  • Melissa

    Ellio’s is even cheaper using the $.75/1 coupon from the 10/28 Smart Source. The coupon is for the Five Cheese Variety only, but I was able to use it on the regular cheese variety this week at the Hatfield ShopRite for a $1.00 box of pizza!