New ShopRite eCoupons including Honey Nut Cheerios, Idahoan & More!

ShopRite Coupon

New ShopRite e-Coupons

New ShopRite eCoupons are available today.  Be sure to clip them to your card before they are gone!

Here are the eCoupons you can find:

Note:  If you are having trouble loading coupons to your card, head over to the Cellfire page and try there.

I’ll be updating the ShopRite additional deals later.  Make sure to check out the rest of the Shoprite Deals for this week.

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  • Candys

    I can never tell if these coupons that i clip to my shoprite card actually come off of the total, is there a specific place on the reciept where it would show? When I total up what I think the final cost should be it never seems like they deduct these coupons for me.

  • MamaBates

    When (or I should say IF) the ecoupons come off, it will usually print directly under the item on the receipt.

  • Anon

    Can you use ecoupons along with manufacturers coupons?

  • Caity

    Oooh! The e-coupons will print with TC in front of the discount. Unlike mc for manufacturers coupons and sc for shoprite coupons. You can check your receipt and if they don’t come off you can go to customer service and they should refund you. They can look up your ecoupons and see that it should have come off and then give you the refund. I have had to do this numerous times.

    • MamaBates

      The ecoupon for the Dove men’s body wash did not come off last week and customer service would not refund my money even though I showed them on my Shoprite app that it was on my card. They made me call customer service and now I am waiting for them to send me store coupons in the mail. Be sure to check your receipt.

  • Bill

    When I did the Diamond Crystal ecoupons yesterday they all printed right before the subtotal.

  • Kris

    you can find out by asking the cashier to subtotal the items before you give him/her the coupons, that way you will see them come off if they didn’t already (cellfire usually comes off then) – K

  • Anonymous

    A little off topic, but since this is a recent post I wanted to ask if anyone tried using the $10/1 Hot wheels coupons that came out couple of days ago at shoprite? My shoprite refused to take them, I was told because they are frafulent, the manager told me she checked a website for fraudulent coupons and this $10 coupon was listed….anyone know how I can prove to them that they are legit coupons? Thanks

  • Dessa

    I saved all the SR Q’s but some of them are no longer there- they printed on my “shopping List” yesterday, but today are gone….
    Florida crystals, domino, loreal, and more.
    plus older ones that were expiring 12/29 and 12/22 suddenly disappeared…..
    What happened? Did SR decide to pull them?
    Now there are SR Brand -coupons to save