How I Took Newborn Photos with my iPhone | Tips & Tricks to Saving a Ton

March 25, 2020 – my daughter was born. I had a photographer booked for her newborn photos and I was VERY excited about it. Que the pandemic. Newborn photos cancelled and I was a very upset new mama.

Instead of sulking I realized it wasn’t a big deal! I could try to do the photos myself – and it would be WAY cheaper 🙌 Now Que – DIY Newborn Photos with my iPhone! I even used everything I had in my house already! I didn’t need to buy anything!

I did some research and got some inspiration from pinterest and I learned a lot along the way and I thought I’d share! You can have professional looking photos taken by you with your phone!

Before we get into the steps I wanted to share some tips:

  • Keep it SIMPLE – the less you move the baby the better
  • Pick out a color scheme and blankets and bows/outfits beforehand and have a plan – you don’t want to make decisions while your taking photos
  • Find a basket – it makes the photos look more put together.
  • just keep clicking and taking pictures – you can go through and delete the ones you don’t like
  • keep the room really warm so baby stays sleepy and comfy!
  • do your photos after baby has eaten – he/she will be nice and sleepy
  • put on a sound machine
  • use natural light – you don’t need any fancy lights
  • you DO NOT need a fancy camera!
  • Take the photos before your baby is 10 days old.

Steps to Taking your own Newborn Photos

  1. Get your supplies together: Blanket, boppy, Basket, Bows, Outfits etc
  2. Choose What types of shots you want to take of the baby (use pinterest for inspiration)

  3. Find a window with great light and set up before you bring baby over
    NOTE: Lay a blanket on the floor if you want a different color scheme
  4. I use a baby lounger wrapped in a sheet and I basket filled with blankets and a white blanket on top.
    Baby Lounger Photo: I use this to lay her on her tummy like shown in the picture
    Basket: A lot of my favorite photos were taken in the basket
  5. I chose to wrap her in a blanket and have a cute bow to keep it simple.
    NOTE: I did not try to do any fancy swaddle. I draped the blanket over her and kept adjusting it. it kept in natural and pretty. We aren’t’ professionals – they are very good at what they do. I felt if I tried to do it exactly like they do it, with the perfect swaddle etc –  I would get frustrated.
  6. Take a TON of photos and go through them after you’re done. You can never have to many

  7. Take the photos from overhead and go closer and take some close ups of feet, hands, nose, eyelashes etc.
  8. Download LIGHTROOM APP – Edit your photos you choose to keep in there! There are a lot of free presets you can use!

All of this can be applied to your older kids too!

  • Find a location and be prepared
  • Shoot in good light – before the sun goes down is best
  • Get the color scheme together
  • Let them be natural and shoot some pictures

I hope you found this helpful – If you have any questions feel free to ask them below!