Grocery Rebates – Mail in Rebates – Beer Rebates

Grocery Rebates - Mail in Rebates - Beer Rebates  2013Grocery Rebates – Mail in Rebates – Beer Rebates

Here is a list of the current Grocery Rebates & Beer Rebates that are available.

Mail in Rebates

Beer Rebates

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grocery rebates

  • Lori Powell Ramos

    Where is the link for the Quaker form? The hotlink is only for the UPCs of participating products.

  • Harry

    have not done beer rebates myself, but have heard of them…anyone know if the specified amount is before or after coupons? thanks in advance.

  • Sandy

    There is also a Windex Rebate avail out there to sweeten the deal at SR

  • Andrea

    The Jolly Time one comes up as page not found. 🙁

    • Oh shoot. Thanks I’ll fix that.

      • Andrea

        Awesome thanks.

  • Guest

    Hello, on the new castle beer coupon.. what is considered salty snacks apart from chips, peanuts, pretzels, etc? For example, I bought chips and salsa. Is the salsa considered a salty snack?

    • MisterBill

      It should be fine. I find that they’re very liberal about this stuff, many times you can’t even tell from the wording on the receipt. I’m going to have to look for that form.. I have a $4 back on $10 of salty snacks from Sam Adams that I was planning to use with my receipt for Wonderful Pistachios from Rite Aid last week. This one would be even better!

  • alex

    how do you print the beer rebates?

    • Jessa

      I’m not sure for these but usually I’ve been rebates for alcohol products on the packaging itself like a tag around a wine bottle so maybe these are available only in store when you buy the item?

    • MisterBill

      You don’t.. you need to find them attached to beer packages at the store. Sometimes there will be a pad of them, sometimes attached to the package.

  • MisterBill

    There is a separate Delsym rebate form for purchases from warehouse clubs (Costco, Sam’s, BJ’s). I bought the double pack at BJ’s for $18.99 less $10 coupon less $5 instant savings and got the full $18.99 back!

  • Blammm

    Free after MIR: 20 ct Advil Fast Acting (www advil com / rebate)

    • Denise Uzunis

      Thanks for sharing!

  • Sandy

    Free bag (5 or 6 lb- up to $18.99) of Purina Pro Plan Bright Mind dog food: proplan dot com/myplan exp. April 30, 2015

    • Christina Fowler Clement

      where can I find this rebate?

  • sandrak321

    Watch out for the Delsym rebate. It says void in RI and CT right after it says its “available to legal residents of the 50 US states and District of Columbia.” Missed that until after I bought it.

    • Kat Mar

      Some of them require the request within 14 days of purchase.

  • Tara

    If anyone had the beer rebates, I would be interested. We never get them here in NJ. 🙁

    • Lori Powell Ramos

      Since you live in NJ Tara, no beer purchase is required, only the grocery party. Lucky you!

      • Tara

        Yep, if I could get the forms it would be great! LOL!

        • tara

          Ditto, and I’m another Tara in NJ 🙂

  • michelle

    Is popcorn considered a “salty snack” on the Newcastle beer rebate?

    • Denise Uzunis

      I don’t see why it wouldn’t be

  • erin

    Hi, is the current Kimberly Clark MIR after coupons or before? Thanks!

    • Denise Uzunis

      After coupons

  • Regina

    That is no the right P&G rebate form. Form still says “must be postmarked by 1/30/15”. Is there a new rebate going on or no? Is there a new form?

  • Angela

    Please update your list….Thank you

    • The list is updated. We update weekly. I’m not sure why you think it’s not updated.

      • Pat German

        Your website is great.

        Loreal Gold Rewards is no longer active. It looks like they will be starting a new program. It was a good one sorry to see it go.

        • Linda

          Oh, bummer! Thanks, I’ll update our list.

  • Deb

    Where are the forms for the beer rebates?

    • Denise Uzunis

      They can be found in stores, usually they are attached to the beer boxes or on a tearpad near where the beer is sold

  • GuestSmirnoffIce

    How do you print those beer rebates? I wanted to print a Smirnoff Ice rebate but could not figure it out.

    • Denise Uzunis

      They are not printable, you would have to locate one in a store

    • MisterBill

      You may be able to find people selling them on ebay. I don’t really like doing this, since you know they got them by taking the entire pad from their local supermarket, but if it’s a good rebate it could be worth buying. Just ignore the fact that you’re rewarding bad behavior.

      • GuestSmirnoffIce

        I just bought 4 of those certificates from someone on EBay. The seller mentioned that multiple submissions are OK but the form says ‘One per household’.
        I am selling the remaining 3 on EBay for $1.50/Free shipping.
        Still think it is a great deal.

  • MisterBill

    So does anyone understand why most beer rebates do not require a beer purchase in certain states, but some do? I always thought it was some state law but I have found a few rebates that DO require a beer purchase, specifically a book of rebates from Corona that I found at CVS and a pizza rebate (also Corona, I think) that I found recently. Very disappointing to find the forms only to read the fine print and notice that there is no NBPR wording!

  • JJ

    Heineken has $6/24 (equivalent or larger) mail in rebate offer. I am trying it with 12 bottles each of Heineken and Heineken Light. Hopefully it works.

    • IK

      Are those peelies on the boxes?

      • JJ

        Yes, I found it on a 18-bottle box (not all).

  • MisterBill

    Are the Energizer “Back-to-School Bucks Rewards” SMP available at Shoprite? Interesting that you show so many current Physician’s Formula rebates. I haven’t seen a package with a rebate tag in a long time, and you need the tag to get the rebate.

  • Molly

    Does anyone know what “front end items” refers to exactly?

  • cher0676

    Does anyone know where I can find the P&G rebate for Shoprite that’s on the matchups for this past week? Spend $30 get $10 MIR? I can’t find it anywhere

    • Rocky

      Are you talking about the $10 Visa card rebate? It prints out from the Catalina machine separately from your receipt when you make the purchase, from what I’ve heard.

  • dawn

    Has anyone tried to print out the physician formula makeup rebate ? Every time I try it says Web page not available! Tia for the help

    • Linda

      Give it another try. I updated the links. Not sure what happened to the original ones!

      • dawn

        Thanks Linda. It worked

  • Natalie Duffy

    After searching for quite some time for the rebate form & coming up empty handed, I learned that the P&G offer needs to be updated to include the following, you can only get the mail-in rebate form from a participating store & ALL items need to be purchased @ the same time on the same receipt.. I guess I am losing out on this one.

    • alicia9938

      The rebate form says receipt(s), so it’s very misleading if it all must be on one.

      • Natalie Duffy

        Yes, it is misleading. I also found out when I read they rebate requirements that you must to spend $50 after all discounts and coupons on the products. So it’s not really a great deal

  • MisterBill

    Did anyone do the SAM ADAMS $4/$10 of Wings or Hot Sauce? First, while the limit is 3, they have to be mailed separately. I’m wondering if the purchase can be from a restaurant. The form doesn’t seem to say that it cannot. I’ve got receipts from 3 places with $10+ wing purchases during the required period, I’m going to submit them and hope for the best.

    • You don’t have to MAIL them separately, you just need multiple forms. I’ve put all forms (with receipts attached) all in the same envelope and got the amount I expected.

      • MisterBill

        This form specifically said that they had to be mailed separately. I’ve done similar offers in the past and mailed them together and they were all processed.

        I ended up not submitting this because I called the rebate center and asked if they would take receipts from restaurants and they told me that they would not.

        • Aw man. Annoying. Good thing you found out. I hate getting reject rebates because of stupid picky things…

  • susan

    Are there any really good printables out? There used to be a lot of TMF.

  • lazy1608

    wish we could find these beer rebates….. I live in a NBPR state and they would be wonderful!!!! Alas, I can’t submit them without the form. 🙁

    • Jennifer

      Buy them on ebay

  • Yolanda

    New to nprb rebate and love in Texas, where can I print rebate from from? TIA.

    • MisterBill

      They’re rarely printable, need to find them in your local grocery store.

  • Yolanda


  • Guess

    There is a yuengling rebate and you have to buy the beer plus prepared food What do they consider prepared food?

  • BruceB

    Anyone find the Coors rebate for 2017 ? ? ? Usually done around Memorial Day and I have yet to see any forms in any of the stores (checked at Harris Teeter and also at Lowes Foods here in North Carolina) .. Last year we just needed the rebate Offer Number, Receipt and Proof of Purchase UPC and then it was submitted on line. .. Thanks

  • Mary

    Bruce B- I live in NC and have been looking and can not find yet either 🙁

  • MisterBill

    It seems like NBPR rebates have dried up in NY. I’ve seen some rebates lately but they reqiure a beer purchase. I wonder if some law was changed.

    • Amber

      I live in NY and I’m wondering the same thing! Does anyone know if there was a law change recently? T.I.A.