DD Perks Rewards: Dunkin Donuts’ New Customer Loyalty Program

DD Perks Rewards

Dunkin’ Donuts now has a new customer loyalty program called DD Perks Rewards.  So, all you Dunkin Donuts junkies can gets some rewards for your addiction 🙂

Register your Rechargeable Dunkin’ Donuts Card and you will receive the following benefits:

  • $1 Dunkin’ Dollar for every $20 you spend on your DD Card in a calendar month
  • $2 Dunkin’ Dollars for every $20 you spend on your DD Card if your Card Auto-Recharges once within the calendar month.

DD Perks Rewards

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  • George Townsend

    the DD perks rewards program has a serious flaw in it. The earned rewards are sent to the customers via post cards in the US mail. The post card has the dollar amount of the rewards printed on it. There is no customer identification required to redeem them, and no requirements as to what state they can be redeemed in by the customer for which they were intended. Therefore, these reward cards are not always getting to the customer. the high dollar rewards are disappearing somewhere between the rewards program outgoing mail facility or the US mail department. on numerous occasions I have received e-mail notification that I have earned rewards , and will receive them before the end of that particular month. I have earned $1 – $2 – $4 – $12 – $20 – and $30 rewards. I always receive the $1 – $2 – and sometime $4 – rewards, but never have received my $12 – $20 – $30 – rewards. I have talked to Supervisors in the Rewards distribution program about the issue several times, but have never received any results. The only response I get is that “we will check into the issue.
    I am sure that I am not the only one tha has experienced this problem. My first thoughts were that it was happening in the US mail department. But, after further thought, it is easier for someone to aquire them at the rewards program facility.
    I have to pay a considerable amount of money on DD auto-recharge cards to earn 20 & 30 d0llar rewards that someone else is reaping the benefits from. The rewards should be sent out in envelopes that do not reveal their contents. I am going to conduct my own investigation to find out how often this is happening to others before proceeding to a higher level of investigation.

    • Melissa

      I have experienced the same problem. We have the automatic replenishment for both our cards, we should be earning upwards of $25 on both cards each month, we only get $6 in rewards. I wonder if our rewards are getting “lost” in the mail. They seriously need to put the coupons in an envelope to be discret.

  • Michael

    Someone needs to fix the mobile text alerts. I just signed up via facebook, and kept getting repeated requests to sign up for text alerts. It asked to type yes to sign up for alerts, when I did, it said I had signed up and promptly sent me another text telling me to type yes to sign up. Finally I had to type stop to end the texts but then got another text saying that I had just opted out and asked me if I wanted to sign up again. Sounds like this program better go back to beta testing since this version is having so many problems

  • same problem!!!!!!!!!!!
    why not just apply the rewarde on to our cards and notify us by e-mail/

  • E.Hernandez

    Actually, it would probably be better if instead of mailing, DD just generated a printable voucher/coupon & emailed it to customers. That’s the way Best Buy’s reward zone handles it & it works well. They would also save money on postage that way.