Extreme Couponing Tip: Start Couponing at One Store

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Extreme Couponing Tip: Start Couponing at One Store

If you’re just starting to explore the world of couponing, here’s a tip to help you get the hang of it: start couponing at one store.  Once you feel you’ve gotten comfortable with using coupons at one store, then move on to using coupons at other stores.

Using coupons is different at each store…no two stores are exactly alike in their coupon policies and in how coupon friendly they are.  For a beginner, it can be overwhelming to try and tackle couponing at several stores, as it is easy to get confused, overwhelmed and wanting to give up. It takes time to really understand everything there is to know, such as drugstore money back programs such as Register Rewards at Walgreens, Extra Care Bucks at CVS and UP Rewards at Rite Aid…and that’s just drugstores!  There’s much more about couponing at grocery stores to learn, such as understanding Catalinas, knowing Coupon Policies, making sense of Coupon Lingo and much more!

CVS is a great place to start couponing if you’re just getting started.  CVS enforces limits on sale items, which most of the time ensures that you will be able to take advantage of a good deal because shelves won’t be cleared.  Stores like CVS and other drugstores are much smaller than grocery stores, so you’re less likely to be intimidated by starting at a smaller store.  Begin by starting a small stockpile with Health & Beauty items at CVS and then consider even picking up some grocery items at CVS, where you can score some great deals.  Once you feel you’ve got the hang of things and you’ve built up some confidence, take on another store gradually.  You’ll be a coupon pro in no time! 😉 Don’t forget to make use of the Beginners section too!

Where did you first start out using coupons?

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