How & Where to Use Competitor Coupons

How and where to use competitor coupons

How & Where to Use Competitor Coupons

How many of you have actually called your local ShopRite or gone to customer service to find out if they honor competitor’s coupons?  ShopRite stores are franchised and individually owned therefore many stores have different coupon policies when it comes to accepting competitor’s coupons.  Don’t just assume your store doesn’t participate if they don’t advertise it.  Make it a point to ask next time you’re at you’re store.  You never know they make say yes!

Reader Brittany reminded me that ShopRite in Brooklawn, NJ accepts competitor’s coupons for percent and money off your bill such as $10 off a $50 Kmart purchase found in the Clipper Magazine, $5 off a $50 purchase Acme Coupon from the Entertainment book (as well as the Pathmark ones, etc.).  Did you know that the Brooklawn ShopRite also accepts Family Dollar Store Coupons on specific products?  Well they do and right now Family Dollar has some high value store coupons such as $3.50 off any Dove Men’s Deodorant making it only $0.49 at ShopRite!  I know we all don’t have the luxury of this generous coupon policy at all our ShopRite stores however definitely do some research and find out if your store honors any type of competitor’s coupons and if not your store, attempt to locate a store that does that is a reasonable distance from your location.

Outside of ShopRite many other stores accept competitor’s coupons!  Below is a list of some of the stores I’m aware of that accept competitor’s coupons.  Be sure to check with each store first for a details on this policy.  Feel free to add in the comments any I might have missed!

Stores that accept competitor’s coupons:

How many of you use competitor’s coupons while shopping and where do you use them?

If you are new to couponing, you may want to check out the Couponing for Beginners section where you will find a lot of answers to your questions.

How & Where to Use Competitor Coupons

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  • Marley

    Thanks for that tip! I’m going to inquire at my local Shop Rite! Please add that Petsmart takes competitor’s q’s, too! Petsco has q’s on their website for free catfood, and I’ve redeemed them at Petsmart. I used 4 different Petsco q’s at one time and the cashier asked if I was an “extreme” couponer! No, just a smart shopper…

  • kabby

    Modell’s Sporting store has taken Sports Authority coupons from me…as long as the coupon is not expired.



  • Sherry

    Home Depot takes Lowes coupons.

  • christina

    The walmart where i live will not honor competor coupons. They also will only take printed coupons that have yellow notes in the box with the date. I have had many issues with them and coupons.

    • SG

      I suggest printing the coupon policy and having it with you, when the manager comes over there’s not much they can do but honor them.

  • chrissybozz

    Thanks for the tips!! I shop exclusively at the Brooklawn shoprite beacuse of their coupon allowances! I did not know they would take the Kmart coupons. Has anyone used them at this location?

    • Brittany

      hi chrissybizz,

      I’m the Brittany who sent Cindy the tip about brooklawn so yes I can confirm they take them- it’s great!!! also don’t forget to order the $10/$100 coupon from recyclebank!


    • Christine R.

      Hi girls! I shop at Brooklawn also! I have the Kmart coupon from the magazine and wondered if they would take it. Good to know. They will also take your $10/$50 coupons from CVS (the ones that print out on your receipt) and your CVS ExtraCare Bucks, and Dollar General puts out a $5/$25 or $5/$30 weekly that must be used on a specific date (either Friday or Saturday). I print 2 and go twice since they won’t let me split my transactions for coupon purposes anymore). They also take Bottom Dollar coupons (recently got one in pdf format in my email for $10/$25). I hit Shoprite almost every day that week! LOL They will also accept Walgreen’s coupons…the ones you can print online and the ones from their monthly coupon books that you can get in the store. I usually grab 3 or 4 books. My husband only uses Prell shampoo so when Walgreen’s had a $3/1 Prell shampoo coupon I used one every time I stopped in Shoprite that month. He is now completely stocked up on his shampoo for $0.29 a bottle! They also had an Energizer coupon for $3/1, which I used with the manufacturer coupon for $1/1 and got a 4 pack of batteries free each time I shopped that month!

      Use all the competitor coupons you can and stack them with manufacturer coupons and ecoupons for some awesome deals! Hey, our store may not do a true double but the competitor coupons more than makes up for it!

      • Kim

        You Rock!!!!! I am sitting here feeling motivated, I came across your comment when I was searching for NJ Shoprite coupon policies..

      • Christine R.

        FYI to those that use Family Dollar competitor coupons:

        Some of them say “SALE” and a dollar amount and some of them say “SAVE” and a dollar amount. The coupon mentioned by Melinda above for $3.50 off men’s Dove deodorant is incorrect. It is a SALE for $3.50 (meaning: with that coupon you can buy the product for $3.50); it’s not a dollars off coupon.

        From what I’ve seen on the competitor websites, Family Dollar is the only store that does this.

    • Anonymous

      Is there any other Shoprite in NJ that accepts competitor’s coupons?? Also does any ShopRite accept expired manufacturer coupons?? thanks.

  • Jodi

    Our Shoprite in Levittown, Pa also accepts all competitors coupons! Great Perk!

  • Rejane

    The closest Shop Rite I have is in East Windsor-NJ. I was there last night and CS said they don’t accept competitor’s coupon. Does anyone know if any of the other SR in this area that takes it? Maybe:
    – Hamilton – on Rt 33
    – Hamilton – at Marketplace Rd
    – Lawrenceville-NJ (Mercer Mall)
    – Freehold
    – New Brunswick

    Thanks for any help.

    • A.R

      I’d love to know too.. thank you!

    • Pcouponer

      I live in West Windsor…Lawrenceville doesn’t take competetors coupon…

  • Steph

    Wow, great job all and thanks for the tips!

  • Anonymous

    toysrus an buybuy baby also accepts CCs

  • Joe S

    Price Chopper in CT accepts competitor’s coupons. THis works AWESOME for me. I get the flyers from Stop & sShop and at least 4 different SR’s in CT. Since PC is much closer to me than SR, and cheaper than SS, I use the competitor’s coupons all the time. Recently, I think SR & SS has been trying to hose on PC because when PC has had a number of BOGO sales SS & SR has had awesome store coupons for the same item. I’ve gotten 2ea Klondike packages for $0.99, 2ea packs of Oscar Meyer hot dogs for under a buck, and this week I’m getting 2ea boxes of Luigi’s Italian Ices for under a buck!

  • andrea

    Does SR in warminster take Competitor’s coupons?

    • Stephanie

      ShopRite in Warminster will accept Giant coupons, but not other local stores.

  • Jennies

    Hello I would like some opinions please. I have a small fabric store in my little town. A large chain fabric store just moved in very close to me. They always have coupons every week. I don’t sell all the small craft items like them. Really they have 3/4 stuff 1/4 fabric. I need to compete, but I’m not sure it can be profitable for me to take their coupons. However my business has slowed down some. What to do?

    • John

      I’m NOT a marketing person, but instead of selling at ther coupon price, how about if you bundle similar times. This way they are buying (2) of your items at a slightly lower price than normal. I’m just guessing, Buy a Pattern, get Fabric 30% off. Something like that….

    • Rocky

      I like John’s idea. I would also suggest the following: Immediately get profiles set up on various social networks (but, keep in mind, for, say, Facebook, you don’t want to use/set up a personal profile, you need a ‘Page’, which is for businesses). Do you have a website for your store? If not, you NEED one (but, you have to keep it relevant, and, you have to keep it fresh/updated!). If you are not computer/social network savvy, either start learning (harsh, I know, sorry!), or, get the help of a relative or friend who is. Your goal is to distinguish your store and services from theirs. They can compete on the ‘stuff’, maybe, but, not on the personalization. Can you offer a free class on sewing? Maybe a free, quick class on making some sewn pillows or something holiday-like, for which they would buy your fabric, but you then teach them how to use it, for free? Talk up the class on the social network sites, in addition to your website. ALWAYS give away free ‘stuff’, though, in your case, it may be different from their stuff! You need to offer free information and knowledge (even a weekly blog page through your website), they can offer the free/cheap stuff. Teach them about certain types of fabric, how to care for fabrics, what type of fabrics are better in different seasons. You can even go so far as to which color fabrics are better for, I don’t know, different hair colors, etc., etc. Use pictures to entice them (think, Pinterest). Even if you have a small fabric store, I bet you have a large amount of knowledge. So, give people a reason to come to you for the fabrics, let them go elsewhere for the…’stuff’!

  • Cagera

    My husband and I are going to check out Shoprite in Brooklawn because of this information. Just so we know ahead of time, what is considered a competitor when it comes to grocery stores? Would a department / clothing / shoe / hardware / toy stores be considered competitors for Shoprite? Also, does Shoprite limit how many competitor coupons you can use in one transaction? Thanks in advance.

  • llbmusic

    My local CVS just told me last week that they accept competitor’s coupons!

  • Sue

    Not a store, but some Wendy’s (or mcds) restaurants have signs posted that they accept competitor coupons on equivalent items.

  • Christine R.

    The last time I shopped at Brooklawn they told me that they stopped taking from stores like Dollar General and only take them from actual grocery stores like ACME. But the last time I CALLED them for an update on their policy about a month ago I was told that they would take Kmart and Target q’s but only the ones for food products. They use to take the CVS 30% off coupons but I think they were robbed blind with those! One lady pulled me aside in the parking lot and told me she paid $300 for $500 worth of groceries using the CVS 30% plus her coupons! They stopped taking the ECB’s too because people were going in and getting $5 and $10 worth of stuff for free by paying with the ECB’s!

    • Linda

      Christine – I’ll have to check my Shoprite, but as far as my Walmart is concerned they are super strict with coupons, they won’t even take printed out qs they told me they must be clipped from the paper…..also I did the whole song and dance thing with the mgr and the coupon policy and she stuck to her guns. Walmart always gave me a hard time with coupons so I only go there occasionally.

  • Chris

    Anyone know if the Shoprite in Commack takes competitor coupons?

  • Carol

    Shop-Rite Warminster PA accepts Giant Supermarket coupons

  • Sanchez Renee

    Wheres do i get competitor coupons and what are they?