How & Where to Use Competitor Coupons

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How and where to use competitor coupons

How & Where to Use Competitor Coupons

How many of you have actually called your local ShopRite or gone to customer service to find out if they honor competitor’s coupons?  ShopRite stores are franchised and individually owned therefore many stores have different coupon policies when it comes to accepting competitor’s coupons.  Don’t just assume your store doesn’t participate if they don’t advertise it.  Make it a point to ask next time you’re at you’re store.  You never know they make say yes!

Reader Brittany reminded me that ShopRite in Brooklawn, NJ accepts competitor’s coupons for percent and money off your bill such as $10 off a $50 Kmart purchase found in the Clipper Magazine, $5 off a $50 purchase Acme Coupon from the Entertainment book (as well as the Pathmark ones, etc.).  Did you know that the Brooklawn ShopRite also accepts Family Dollar Store Coupons on specific products?  Well they do and right now Family Dollar has some high value store coupons such as $3.50 off any Dove Men’s Deodorant making it only $0.49 at ShopRite!  I know we all don’t have the luxury of this generous coupon policy at all our ShopRite stores however definitely do some research and find out if your store honors any type of competitor’s coupons and if not your store, attempt to locate a store that does that is a reasonable distance from your location.

Outside of ShopRite many other stores accept competitor’s coupons!  Below is a list of some of the stores I’m aware of that accept competitor’s coupons.  Be sure to check with each store first for a details on this policy.  Feel free to add in the comments any I might have missed!

Stores that accept competitor’s coupons:

How many of you use competitor’s coupons while shopping and where do you use them?

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How & Where to Use Competitor Coupons