How to Use Coupons at Rite Aid

How to use coupons at Rite Aid

How to Use Coupons at Rite Aid

Rite Aid is a great place to save money using coupons. They have a lot of great rewards programs and there are always great Rite Aid Coupons available.

1. Sign Up for Rite Aid Wellness + Plenti Card


Signing up for the Rite Aid Wellness Card enables you to earn points for different levels of savings as follows:

With wellness+ with Plenti, you can enjoy the benefits of Rite Aid’s wellness+ program with a whole lot more.

  • Member-only sale pricing and discounts throughout the store. Just check the weekly ad
  • Boost your Plenti points balance with special weekly offers
  • Earn Plenti points on things you buy every day at Plenti partners and hundreds of online retailers
  • Use Plenti points for savings at checkout with Rite Aid and certain Plenti partners
  • Chat live with a pharmacist! Members have 24/7 access to professional support
  • Load and redeem valuable eCoupons on your favorite brands like P&G eSavers using your Plenti card for instant in-store savings when you scan with Load2Card

You still earn points on your Wellness card as follows:

  • Silver Level (500 points) gives you 10% off your purchases (certain restrictions apply) for an entire year.
  • Gold Level (1000 points) gives you 20% off your purchases (certain restrictions apply) for an entire year

2. Learn How Plenti Points Work


The Rite Aid Weekly Ad will advertise the Plenti Points Deals for the week.  There are 2 kinds of deals you will see. The deals will be as follows:

Threshold Deals: These are deals that are Buy $XX worth of products or a group of products and get XX Plenti points back. An example is Buy $20 worth of Dove or Caress Products and earn 500 points.

Individual Deals: These are deals are are Buy a certain number of products and get XX Plenti points back. An example is Buy 2 Dove or Caress Products and earn 200 points.

If you haven’t already checked it out, you can also get bonus Plenti Household Offers to score even more points in addition to the regular points you’ll earn.  These Plenti Household offers run on the same platform as SavingStar offers. You do not earn money back like SavingStar but instead earn Plenti points.

Important Note: If you have already saved a SavingStar offer on the main SavingStar page you will not see the offer available on the Plenti page.  And, once you save it to your Plenti page, you can not save it to SavingStar.  So another words, if you make a purchase of an item at Rite Aid that is located on both SavingStar and the Plenti Household offers, you will only be able to save and earn from one source.

Here are some important points about the Plenti Program:

  • 100 Points is equivalent to $1.00.  You must have at least 200 Plenti Points in order to redeem points.
  • Points will be available to use at Rite Aid beginning 6 am the day after they are earned and will be good for at least 2 years.
  • Purchases towards Plenti points promotions will track on your receipt so you do not have to buy the items all in one transaction.
  • If you have enough Plenti points to cover your entire transaction, your points will also pay for tax.
  • If you have enough Plenti points to cover your entire transaction, be sure to have the cashier scan your coupons BEFORE you present your Plenti Card.
  • Rite Aid customers will continue to earn wellness+ points towards gold, silver and bronze status.

3. Stack Rite Aid In-Ad Coupons with Manufacturer Coupons


Rite Aid in-ad coupons are found in the Rite Aid Weekly Ad.  The coupons are store coupons even though they say manufacturer coupon on them.  The barcode starts with RC49 and these can be stacked with manufacturer coupons as per the Rite Aid Coupon Policy.

Also, be sure to check the Rite Aid Facebook Page for even more Rite Aid coupons.

4. Tips on using the match ups



Using the Living Rich With Coupons Rite Aid Match Ups save you tons of time.  All the work is already done for you.

First be sure to Sign up for a FREE LRWC Plus account. When you sign up for a LRWC Plus account, you can save multiple shopping lists making it even easier for you to stay organized.  Watch Cindy explain how the LRWC Plus accounts work

Our posting schedule for Rite Aid is as follows:

  • Tuesday: Preview Deals Posted
  • Saturday: Complete Match Ups are ready

Some things to keep in mind when reading the match ups:

  • Coupon Variations: Keep in mind that coupons may vary from regions or even newspapers. Other areas may have additional or different value coupons. All coupons, from all regions are shown in the match ups

5. Additional Ways to Save


Besides coupons and digital coupons, there are also rebate apps that can save you even more.  Here are some of the apps available for Rite Aid:

Ibotta eCoupons – Ibotta is an app for your smartphone. You earn money by taking a quick poll, watch a short video or even just looking at a recipe. Each action will earn you more money once you purchase that item. Purchase the product as you normally would. Using coupons will not have any effect on your ibotta offers. If you like, you can even scan the products barcode through the Ibotta app to be sure you are purchasing the correct product. Once you have made your purchase, you simply take a photo of your receipt through the app. The amount of the coupon will be deposited into your Ibotta account.

BerryCart is a rebate app geared towards organic, healthy, GMO Free Foods. Each week a variety of foods are added.  To get the rebate you need to upload your receipt to the app and your rebate amount is added to your Berry Cart account.

Checkout51 is another rebate app.  You make a purchase of any of the products from the list of current offers, upload your receipt to the app and receive money back into your Checkout51 account.

MobiSave is currently available for Apple based devices ONLY.  Much like their predecessors, MobiSave offers you rebates on items that  you can choose to purchase.  Just take a picture of your itemized receipt and submit.   Rebates are posted to your account normally within 24 hours.  Cash out your account at any time, NO MINIMUMS to meet.  Visit the Apple ITunes Store and download MobiSave for free!


6. New to Couponing?

How to Use Coupons

We have four sections below to help you get started using coupons and saving money on your groceries.  Click the links below to bring you to the section you are interested in reading about.

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