Zero to Stockpile Challenge #2 – Getting Ready For Your Coupons {or not?!}

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Coupon Binder

Coupon Binder – Zero to Stockpile Challenge #2

What I’m about to say may surprise you! I mean really surprise you. But, I’m going to say it anyway. Because, it needs to be said.

You Don’t Have to Use Coupons

There I said it!

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love coupons. Like really love coupons. I use them ALL.THE.TIME! I use insert coupons, printable coupons, digital coupons and rebate app coupons. I stack them with store coupons and store promotions whenever I can. But, I get it. Some of you are super duper busy and just AIN’T.GOT.NO.TIME.FOR.THAT!

I understand! Which is why I’m saying it again…. You don’t have to use coupons to save money on your groceries.

Let Your Stockpile Work for You

If you buy your items at their lowest sale prices, and stock up, even without using a coupon, that stockpile is going to do the work for you. It’s going to allow your price point to drop as you purchase items at lower prices. Allowing you to dictate how much YOU want to pay for the items instead of the stores.

Now, if you are like me, you’ll want to save every penny you can. So, that’s where the coupons come in. And lots of them.

As I mentioned above, I get insert coupons (4 papers each week for an average family of 4) (here is the 2021 coupon insert schedule), I print coupons from any and all sites available, I use digital coupons from all the different stores and I use Rebate Apps for even more savings.

So, my savings (and hopefully yours) will be greater then those of you that don’t use coupons, however, if you are okay with not using coupons and not saving as much, well then so am I. Just do me a favor…make sure you are buying items at their lowest sale price. K? Thanks! 😉

How to Organize Your Insert Coupons

If you made it this far in the article, then I’m guessing, you are into coupons like me. So, lets address how to organize them because, the worst thing, is to have coupons all over the place and not know what you have or where they are. Let me tell you something, I’d quit if mine where like that.

There are so many ways you can organize them which I’ve addressed in some older videos here and here (warning they are old and yes it is me).  They are using the old fashioned binder method which is clipping all your coupons and placing them in a binder which you can carry around the store. If you like this method, more power to you. Me….like I said before…I.AIN’T.GOT.NO.TIME.FOR.THAT!

We like to keep things simple here at LRWC so we suggest the whole insert method of organizing your coupons. It’s quick and easy! You can view a short view about it right here.

To make things easy on you, I listed some of the supplies that would make it extra nice. However, please note, these are not necessary. You can come up with your own file system.

How to Organize Your Printable Coupons

I get asked this question a lot. I have used various methods and loved them all. However, I rarely print coupons before I’m actually going to use them. When I’m preparing my shopping list, which is usually done a few days before the sales actually start, I start printing.

Then I simply put them into my expandable file envelope (shown in the list above), under the store I plan on using it.

Once again, I go for simple, quick and easy!

How to Save on Printing Costs

We address how to save money on printing coupons here so be sure to take a peek.

Also, important note, you can NOT copy coupons are print multiple coupons from the same print sessions. Printed coupons have security codes embedded in them and require unique prints for each coupon. You can usually print 2 like coupons by going back to that coupons (after you printed it once) and printing it again. Then you will have reached your limit.

Note that it is a federal offense to duplicate coupons and stores do not get reimbursed for the use of coupons with the same security codes. They will know. (ok, I’ll get off my soap box now…thanks for listening)!

Find Yourself a Small Space to Work

Next up is to find a small space to work and store your goodies. Using the items listed above means you can tuck the coupons away in a closet or corner until you are ready to prepare your shopping trip.

Maybe store your couponing supplies (insert box, scissors, expandable envelope,etc) in a rolling cart that you can store in a closet or in the corner of a room where it’s out of the way until you need it.

Remember, being organized is the key!

How Will I Know What Coupons I Have If I Don’t Clip Them?

That is a great questions and another one we get asked often. Meet your new best friend! The LRWC Coupon Database.

The LRWC Coupon Database has every coupon you could image in it. Find a deal on some Kraft Cheese, just search it and you’ll find every coupon, store coupon, digital coupon and/or rebate available for that product.

See, your new best friend. You’re welcome 😉

Things to Keep In Mind:

  1. If you miss a printable coupons, it’s not the end of the world. There will be more coupons and more deals to take advantage of. Don’t stress
  2. I subscribe to 4 newspaper each week. My family consists of 2 adults, but I feed more people all the time!
  3. Some areas have a Dollar Tree that sell your local papers for, yep, just a buck. Check them out.
  4. All areas and all newspaper do not have the same coupons in their inserts. I get 2 different papers delivered. One is more expensive and has better coupons and one is less expensive but the selection of coupons isn’t as great.
  5. Depending on your area, delivered papers may have different coupons then the ones you pick up at the store.
  6. Remember, you can usually print 2 like coupons and you can NOT copy coupons….EVER!

So that’s your second assignment. Now go get your coupons ready. You wouldn’t throw money around your house would you? So, give your coupons the same respect! 😉

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