12 of the Most Adorable Easter Cupcake Recipes Ideas

Easter Cupcakes –

You are going to “almost” feel bad about having to eat these, but I know you will get over it.  How adorable are these cupcakes?  No one will be able to resist them and they will for sure be a hit wherever you bring them!

Take a look at these 12 Adorable Easter Cupcake Recipe Ideas

1. Bunny Butt Cupcakes

That’s not actual grass but edible grass. I would eat my greens this way! Details!

 2. Easter Chicks Cupcakes


You will need shredded coconut and gum drops to assemble these. Details.

3. Bunny Tail Cupcakes


This is the perfect example that sometimes the simplest look is the classiest look. Check it out!

4. Carrot Cupcakes


You get to make the carrots with candy melts, so easy!  Details.

5.  Little Lamb Cupcakes


These look so fluffy! Check it out!

6. Honey Bee Cupcakes


You won’t believe the delicious surprise inside these cupcakes!.  Details!

7. Spring Butterfly Cupcakes


I love how inventive this idea is!  Check it out!

8. Birds Nest Cupcakes


Cadbury Mini Eggs and shaved chocolate is what you will need to put these together.   Learn how to make them!

9. Carrot Cupcake


 It doesn’t get any easier than decorating with M&Ms.  Check it out!

10. Chick Cupcake


Get the step by step on how to pull these ones off> Here

11. Bunny Cupcakes


Melted white chocolate is what you will use to shape the ears. Check it out!

12. Bunny Print Easter Cupcakes


These are very cute and all you need is pink M&Ms and pink candy melts.! See details!


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