6 Easy Ways to Save on Craft Supplies

If you love making homemade crafts and projects as much as I do, then this list of Easy Ways to Save on Craft Supplies will be a hit! There are so many ways to save money on everyday purchases. The frugal maven inside me had to include specifics for those crafting items we love using. Check out my favorite ideas and some of our favorite projects below.

Easy Ways to Save on Craft Supplies

I love creating fun items at home instead of spending a bunch of money in decor stores. Crafting is a wonderful hobby that can be fun, frugal, and a great way to build your own at home business. As I have created tons of things in the past like my homemade bridal shower favors and DIY wedding favors, I know what it’s like to create on a budget. Below are some of my top tips for saving while still enjoying your hobby.

1. Upcycle items you already own

By far, the easiest and most popular of ways to save on craft supplies is to upcycle something you already own. I’ve done this in the past by making rag rugs out of old stained t-shirts or using upcycled coffee cans to create potted plant holders. There are thousands of amazing upcycle crafting ideas out there, and almost all use simple to grab items you have on hand already.

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2. Sign up for the coupons from specific stores

Two of the largest hobby and craft stores offer amazing coupons. Go online to Hobby Lobby and Michael’s to sign up for their in-store coupon offers. You’ll save up to 40% off at Michael’s on a regular basis. Hobby Lobby also routinely emails printable coupons for specific departments that when coupled with deals makes a huge difference. That leads to our next point.

3. Combine sales and clearance with coupons

Shopping the sales is one of my favorite things to do at both Michael’s, and Hobby Lobby. Often, there are coupons available that also allow you to add your coupons to the sale or clearance price for even bigger savings. Definitely read the terms on the coupons as not all are an option for this, but when they are, it is a great way to easily save a ton of money on supplies for your next project.

3. Shop at the dollar store

In recent years, Dollar Tree has become one of my favorite places to shop for craft supplies. In fact, one of my favorite ways to save on craft supplies is to order in bulk from Dollar Tree’s website. Cases of crafting options come right to my door, and make it easy to do bulk projects (like those wedding favors linked above).

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4. Buy in bulk when it makes sense

There are a lot of times when the larger package of ribbon, buttons, needles, or paint is a large upfront investment, but the per unit price makes it large savings. Invest in bulk items you use regularly or need for a large product when it makes financial sense.

If you can get a yard of ribbon for $1, but you need 50 yards that would be only $25 in bulk, that’s a 50% savings. However, if you really will only ever use 3 yards of that ribbon, buying in bulk would be wasteful and not a good budget tip.

5. Shop online retailers

This is one tip that can be iffy depending on what you are purchasing. However, I find that shopping some of the overseas wholesale options on Amazon can be really beneficial when I need a lot of a specific crafting supply. It will take a few weeks to get the item, but the low price for similar quality (always check reviews), is well worth it for my budget.

6. Swap with friends and family

Have a craft swap party with your friends! We often buy something for a project but have extra leftover that we won’t use. Instead of throwing things away, arrange a swap with your other crafting friends. You can shop from each others stash, and end up with tons of new to you supplies that cost nothing!

More Easy Ways to Save Money

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